Yogi’s soup


  • Simple recipe from my yoga teacher Pradip. He made this soup for us when we did “Meditation in motion” all night long. I just love it b/c  i can be creative with it and it’s so simple yet filling and nutritious.
  • Boil water and  add chopped vegetables like carrot,parsnip, turnip, potato, soft tofu,tomatoes, peas, green beans,spinach or any greens you like (Try some new chinese greens), sprouted mung beans,chick peas or any beans you have,  tsp of boiled dal(lentil) if you have, whole wheat pasta etc. Open your fridge and add anything you have.
  • I also add dried seaweed that i buy at asian store. They are naturally salty so no need to add extra salt.  Last year in fall, i got dry cough that kept me awake at night and then my acupuncturist told me to use seaweed. That took care of my dry cough in no time.
  • Simmer it on medium or low for 20-30 mins depending on time and your wish. You are the boss here.
  • Now the fun part. Add 1 of your favorite spice like sambhar powder, rasam powder or pickle masala . List goes on…I like to add rasam powder but then i add whatever i have.
  • Enjoy by itself or with some sandwich or whole wheat bread.
  • Check out whole wheat jalapeno bread recipe in bread section to go with this soup.
  • What’s yogi’s soup? Yoga meaning unity so yogi’s soup is what unites. To do that, you use what you have and don’t get into fight with yourself that i don’t have this and that. 
  • Even in life, we got to use what we have and not keep complaining of what we don’t have or stop living life b/c you don’t have something.  
  • Be creative and most imp, have fun !