Navratri 2019 Dinner

Today is 5th day of fast and so far so good. I posted this potato banana cutlet recipe long back and forgot abt it . Made yesterday and today again. It is so tasty and you don’t need to fast to enjoy it . Sabudana I feel is the worst thing to eat during fast and so I stay away from it . Deep fried food kills the purpose of fasting. You want to eat simple meal with less ingredients. If you find yourself spending too much time making meals then you are feasting.

I also made Kheer with Samo rice. Kheer would have been better with Amaranth seeds/Rajgira but I forgot to cook it in advance. Rajgira has more protein I think.

Oh and I have to tell this to you readers. In India, they say god takes your test and today I was tested on my fasting. There was a lunch plan for colleague retiring and I wasn’t sure abt going since I can’t eat. But good friend that my colleague is, convinced me to just come and enjoy everyone’s company. So I went and enjoyed and all the food, smell didn’t bother me at all. I was perfectly fine sipping water. God never test you before you are ready I guess.

Alright , enough of drama. Try cutlet fasting or not fasting.

It would be nice to hear if you tried some ideas from justlunchideas .

Here’s the simple cutlet link;


Emotional Cleanse

Do you know we store emotions too in the body? When you go through emotional experiences, they get stored. Like you were in hospital taking care of someone, some personal experiences that made you upset , fears etc etc. When you fast , it helps to cleanse those emotions too. And you can start fresh again .

If you health conditions do not allow fasting then you can try mono meals, give up alcohol, dairy . Eat simple food. We all have wisdom within us and will tell us exactly what we need to do so follow your own wisdom.

Navratri started and it’s time to fast.

Picture is from Mt Mitchell, NC hike we did this weekend. Everyone can hike if they want too.


Chaitra Navratri Recipe

This is the first time am doing Chaitra Navratri fasting. Chaitra Navratri comes in spring time and good time to fast as we all know. If you look at what we can eat, same recommendations which didn’t make sense to me. We are coming out of cold winter days and getting ready for summer . I was thinking food needs to be different. If you read this space , you know spring time is when we see lots of greens , sprouts . Earth is warming up and so good to eat those tender greens and sprouts. Fast or no fast.

Finally realization happens that We should eat greens instead of root vegetables that we eat during fall navratri. So I made samo rice with spinach and it tasted so good. Even if you are not fasting, you can make this. Good to pack in lunch. Easy breezy to make . Here’s the recipe:

  • Heat coconut oil. Crack cumin seeds and add few whole peppercorns. Add raw peanuts and sauté for a min so peanuts turn crunchy.
  • Add samo rice with water. Add sindhov salt. Cover and cook until half done.
  • Add chopped spinach. Cover and cook again until done .
  • Yummy. Don’t believe me . Try yourself.
  • You can also add green peas which are also in season during spring.
  • Enjoy!

Navratri ideas for non-fasters

Navratri is starting from thursday 25th. Not everyone fasts but you can do different things. It’s a good time to break old habits.

Here’s some of my ideas.

  • You can be vegetarian for 9 days.
  • Give up your vices for 9 days.
  • If you are already vegetarian, try gluten free diet .
  • Try to stay oil free and use only nuts or natural fat.
  • Dairy free if dairy is your weakness.
  • Give up white sugar, white flour, white rice.
  • Give up morning tea, coffee.
  • Eat only vegetables and no dry beans.

Find something new or different thing to do depending on your situation, circumstances and have fun with it.

Happy Navratri !