Gluten Free Vegan Ragda Pattice

Everyone or should I say health conscious ppl are trying to be gluten free and vegan. Have been realizing lot of Indian recipes can be vegan and gluten free with just few changes.

  • Ragda is made of dry white peas. Insta pot here will do the job.
  • Pattice is made of potatoes.
  • We top with date, tamarind sauce and coriander chutney, onion, tomatoes.
  • Skip sev and yogurt on top. Sev is made of besan so gluten free but unless you make at home , you don’t know what all it is made if. Without it, it still taste good and very feeling because of peas.
    We have to make things work for us instead of complaining. Isn’t it?

Insta Pot Rajasthani Dal Dhokli

Dal dhokli is another good candidate for Insta pot. You can make in just 1 pot and it’s easy. There are many videos and recipes for this online. I used 1 cup mung dal with skin , 1 tbsp Chana dal. Both soaked for 15 minutes. And it cooked in 12 minutes with natural release. Looks like you can use any dal combination but if your dal is gonna take longer to cook then first cook dal and then add dhokli. Dhokli will cook just in few minutes. Here’s few ideas for open minded ppl.

  • If you are not Indian, and want to try this recipe but don’t want to make dhokli…take lasagna sheet, break it in 1 inch pieces and cook it in dal. Very innovative, isn’t it?
    You can use any other pasta but not cheese filled. You can but I don’t know how that would taste.
    Dals are rich in protein , fiber and with insta pot they are so easy to cook. You don’t need to be Indian or have to follow Indian recipes, come up with your own.
    Generally we add ginger ,garlic , tomatoes or lemon juice in dals to make it easy to digest.
    Also this will be good for ppl with sugar problem since no extra sugar and more fiber.

Insta Pot Pav Bhaji

Tada… made bhaji in Insta pot. Like any other tool, i had to figure out how to use this ultra insta pot. It has knob to set which is new to me and first I forgot to push start button. Duh. Well, If you like to cook, entertain ppl then this is handy. I don’t know abt other countries but in USA this is a rage and seems everyone has it and everyone loves it. You will have only 1 pot to clean .

If you don’t have one , I would recommend getting one. Electric pressure cooks are good just to cook beans since there won’t be any mess . Indian pressure cook with whistle works but then you will have to stuck around house and sometimes things boil over and make a mess around stove . Electric pressure cooker will go to warm when done so you can start and go for a walk and finish your 5 miles , 10k steps whatever you are doing .

Pav Bhaji With side of some spring greens, pineapple.

Tip: Do you know 20-20-20 rule for eyes ? Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 ft away for 20 seconds.