Green Beans With Pasta

Green beans with dhokri (pasta) is a Gujarati dish . Dhokri is made with wheat flour, spoonful of chickpea flour for flavor and spices. Make dough with water and press with fingers in a small round.

If you love green beans or have plenty from garden and want to try this recipe , you can use flat pasta or noodles. Cut them in 1 inch pieces. You can use lasagna sheet too .

Add Indian spices. You can check authentic recipes and just replace with flat pasta or noodles .

Sprinkle lemon juice and garnish with cilantro.

Update for keto: Realized green beans can be eaten on keto diet. And keto pasta also available . Try it using Indian spices like ginger, garlic , turmeric, chili. It will turn out tasty I think.

Yummy 1 pot meal.