Black bean burger – indian flavoured

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  • Fresh home-made burgers are really good and you can control what goes inside. First rule, soak and cook your own beans.Do not use canned one.
  • Drain cooked beans and reserve water and use it in your soup or something. I will post some recipe with it later. Mash black beans, add some whole wheat or whole grain bread, shredded zucchini, chopped  jalapeno or green pepper, chopped green onion, chopped cilantro. You can also add chopped red onion but do cook it little bit else it might be too strong.I didn’t use potato or carrot because i didn’t want to use any starch.
  • For spices, i added shredded ginger and little bit garam masala. You can use roasted cumin powder too. I think it will taste good. Don’t forget salt.
  • Let it sit in a fridge for sometime so all the flavors will mingle.
  • Pan fry your burger with little oil. When it was almost done, i added cheese on top of it so it will melt and also red onion slices to cook a little.
  • Assemble your burger with onion, tomatoes and whatever else you like. Use whole wheat bun.
  • Last moment i realised my buns had gone bad so had to use bread.
  • You can enjoy just with ketchup too.