Bitter Tea

There are 6 flavors and we should have all 6 everyday according to Ayurveda.

Here’s one way to make bitter tea.

Roast methi seeds called fenugreek seeds in English on low medium heat. Just 4-5 mins else it will burn . Powder it and you can store it.

Add a tea spoonful of powder to hot water.

Enjoy nice bitter flavor just the way you enjoy dessert. Yes, you will have to work on it.


Bitter gourd Juice

Bitter gourd or Karela is available in Asian stores . Chinese variety is less bitter . Indian variety is nice good bitter .

Remove the seeds if they are hard and leave them if tender. Chop and blend with some water . Strain and juice is ready.

Bitter is opposite to sweet. kind of , right ? We eat too much sweet and no bitter. If it appeals to you and want to know benefits, try for a month everyday and you will know what it does to you.

Anything that we get curious abt , we have to try and do our own experiment and have our own experience.

Remember all 6 flavors everyday says Ayurveda.