Tasty Bean Water

In india, when someone is sick and digestion becomes weak, they are given Dal water with rice. Easy to digest , simple and provides nutrition.

Dal water is water in which dal was boiled . It’s even given to kids.

You can use water from any bean , lentil you boiled and you don’t need to be sick to enjoy it .

I used water from pinto beans boiled . Add salt , lemon juice and that’s it. Very tasty. You can add ginger , Cumin powder if you like.

Use water from home boiled beans . Not canned one .


Cascade Fall Hike , VA

One of the friend from my college days has daughter studying in Virginia. She called saying she is coming to college town and there are hikes around area that we can do. It is not too far from my place so I said yes.

We both took off from work and synched up amazingly that we ended up 5 mins apart at our meet up destination.

We went for hike and had lot of fun.

So if you also have kid studying in area with fun things to do , explore area and invite your interested friends like me.


Favorite Herb In Garden

Cilantro is my favorite and my gujju dishes are incomplete without it.

Cilantro is so easy to grow . If you keep designated area for it, it will produce seeds that will fall in the ground and will produce more cilantro. I love to pick it fresh from garden.

Garlic is also so easy. Store bought garlic , just plant in garden and it will also help keeping pest out.

Used fresh cilantro and green garlic in mung soup.

What’s your favorite herb that you use regularly? Try to play in garden or pot.

Spend time with Mother Nature .

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

Veggie Pancake

Am still making Korean inspired pancakes and love them. Quick to make and use up all the veggies .

Using grater , julienne cut zucchini, carrot and raddish. Add chopped green onion.

Add salt and spices you like like ginger, garlic powder , chili flakes etc

Add chickpea flour and little rice flour. Just to bring veggies together .

Make pancakes usual way.

I eat with sauce made of sesame oil, soya sauce and vinegar.

Fun to cut it in slices using pizza cutter and eat with chopsticks dipping in sauce . Yummy and fun !