Instant Fig Jam

Got few figs y’day. It was a surprise and few were more than few I could eat. For breakfast, made instant fig jam. Few still left.

Chop figs roughly. Start cooking and add little fresh lemon juice. Throw 1-2 cloves and small stick of cinnamon.

Now if you have orange , add little zest of it . Gives a very good flavor.

When water is almost gone from figs, remove from heat. Add some chia seeds to thicken jam.

Voila , jam ready. I am having it on a toast with goat cheese .


Quinoa Khichadi

Khichadi is such a wonderful simple 1 pot meal. I love to make it different way. First time I made with quinoa. So easy to make in instant pot . I start before going for shower so that if I spill things over clothes it’s fine .

I took half quinoa, half white rice and half mung dal. If you don’t know what mung dal is or don’t have it then use either dry split pea or split yellow lentil/pea available in regular American grocery store. Soak split yellow pea for 1 hr since they take a while to cook.

I cook traditional Khichadi way adding spices and seasoning. Find your favorite way of cooking this humble Khichadi.



Do you love to grow flowers ? I planted glads bulb last year and this year they are growing nice and red is new color . Last year it was orange only. Also more flowers this year.


Dinner Thali

Looks like lot of food , isn’t it ? Some good stuff in it.

Ridge gourd with Lima Beans curry.

Boiled beetroot, avocado both sprinkled with salt and lemon juice .

Beetroot leaves with chickpea flour curry.

Rotli is gujju bread .


Wild Blackberries

Saw Black berries on my walk and I was tempted to try it out. But was not sure it they are edible so googled and turned out they are edible .

Picked few and brought home on return. Washed and ate it. They are sweet, sour and little bitter. Now next time will have to go with a container. Just kidding …

Just wanted to share with you all in case you come across them and wonder . How did ancient ppl know what’s edible and what not ? We just have lost that sense which tells what’s good for us in general.