Navratri 2017  – Day 2

First let me tell you what happened on Day 1 of navratri. I had no clue navratri was starting on Thursday. For whatever reason I was thinking it was starting Monday. So Thursday morning when I saw happy navratri everywhere on fb , I thought people just can’t wait. My day went as usual at work and then we went out from work to celebrate coworker’s upcoming wedding and I had crab dip thinking it’s cheese dip. Friend saw me eating and she came running , hey what r u eating ? Oops. I had only 1 chip. But it’s ok. Then come home and at night I was watching KBC 9 on tv and there too Amitabh talked abt women , mother etc . Then in 1 long shot, I saw big decorations which looked like navratri decor. I suspected myself and googled. Oh no… it started today. 

Now late at night , I had to come up with my plan of action immediately. There’s good food I had cooked in fridge. Do I have any fruits ? Anything I can eat next day? I quickly freezed what I could and threw away some. I gobbled some sweet. Ha.. ha. 

But next morning which was yday I started my fast and today I felt my skin looking radiant so I am posting my picture. You won’t know what it looked before but it’s  what I see , how I feel.

Life sometimes catches you off guard and you have to come up with action plan in no time. There’s a saying in my language which means “whenever you wake up, it’s morning.” So no excuses and start your life whenever you realize . First sutra  of Patanjali’s yoga is “and now the systamatic study of yoga starts.” Now is imp here . Not old age , not young age , not tomorrow, not yday it’s “NOW”.

Happy fasting , feasting, garba !!!


Fig Jam Goat Cheese Sandwich 

Made this sandwich as I was hurrying up to go to work so picture is not good. I saw fig goat cheese rolls at Walmart recently and I was tempted to buy then realized I have both at home and should make my own. I never got around making roll but ended up making sandwich .

Name tells it all. Spread my home made sugarless fig jam and threw some goat cheese on top. Yum. Quick snack to take it to work.

I did YouTube channel Tailor Ayurved yday and there’s 1 video now on navratri fast.I will have to learn how to do good videos. Here’s the link:


Preparing For Adversity 

Is hurricane Irma coming your way ? Or it’s already there? It will reach our area Monday and it’s gonna be windy and rain here. Of course we need to prepare. Removing  all things from deck so nothing will fly off and hit anything , anyone. What abt food in case we lose power? Here’s my ideas if you want to think outside the box. 

  • First , think do you need things from store or you are just panicking for no reason? Answer will be different for everyone .
  • Breads are generally gone from store. So why not make your own bread before hand of course ? Think of other things. For Indians, we can just make paratha, thepla , puri that stays good for longer time outside . You can use them to make sandwich , spread some jam or peanut butter, almond butter on it. And this are not times to picky but just surviving.  
  • All deep fried food stays good for longer period.
  • If you don’t find milk, use some other milk, milk powder or make your own nut milk at home .

Hope you got ideas. Thing is think outside the box.

Do I need to say anything abt picture ? Staying balanced /centered is the key.

Stay safe ! 

Sugarless Spiced Fig Jam

If you have a fig tree and don’t know what to do with them and you don’t want to make sugary jams then you will love this idea. My fig tree is in full bloom and I was running out of ideas. I don’t like to make things with so much sugar so I made jam once and that was all. 

One fine day which is today, I realized figs are naturally so sweet and once all water is gone, they are more sweet and then why the hell am I adding more sugar? Duh…and no, I don’t want to preserve jam for years. I dehydrated figs to eat in winter. Ok so visited fig tree and it gave me so many nice ripe figs. I also saw some animal poop and wonder who is visiting and eating figs. May be deer. I don’t mind them eating figs. There’s plenty for everyone and no reason to be greedy. So this is what I did and result I liked.

  • Chop figs roughly after washing.
  • Put it in a pot. Throw few cloves, a piece of cinnamon stick and 1 torn red chili. Teaspoon of fresh lime juice.
  • Stir now and then .
  • Cook until Most of the water is gone on medium heat.
  • Taste it. Mine is little sweet, sour and hint of spice. 
  • You can add a teaspoon of chia seeds after it cools down and you want it to be thicker.
  • You can eat this fig jam or whatever you want to call it with thepla, bread, cracker , vanilla icecream, or throw some on yogurt .
  • How long will it stay good? I don’t know. I will eat it up and will share with friends.
  • Enjoy!

Mix Dal Dosa

Had this dosa at my friend’s place who is from south India and i really liked it. I had never seen this kind of dosa before so I took a picture and got recipe from her. Basically it’s mix of rice and different dals. Here’s my version with the picture:oops I already took a bite .

  • Soak rice and mix dals together for few 5-6 hrs. Ratio is half rice and half mix dals. I used brown rice and mix of mung , Chana and Tuver dal. I  added more of mung dal than other 2 dals. You can use any mix of dals you like but every combo will taste different.
  • Grind mixture and keep it little thicker than dosa . This dosa needs to spread little thicker. Add salt.
  • Keep finely chopped red onion ,shredded carrots , chopped green chilies handy.
  • Heat tava, spread batter and then sprinkle veggies.
  • Let it cook well and then carefully turn.
  • To remove from tava, take a plate and cover tava with plate and then quickly invert. Be careful.
  • Fold like dosa and server with peanut chutney.
  • If you want to put cheese, do at the end. I did 1 with cheese and it tasted good though am not much into cheese.
  • Enjoy!

PS: I deleted fb page just lunch ideas but fb will delete after 14 days.