4 Stages of Life

Today’s post idea came from a cousin who has his own tailoring business and today was 28th anniversary. I was telling him to start teaching once a week at a community place and earn good karma.

Vedas has laid down 4 stages also know as ashrams of life which is relevant even in today’s world and tells us how to live life .

  • Brahamcharyashram – 0 to 24 age. This time is the student life where you learn and learn and learn.
  • Grihsthashram – 24 to 48 . This time you start earning , start family , raise kids.
  • Vanaprasthashram – 48 to 72. This time you start second career in today’s term. Like you can start teaching what you worked on in 2nd stage . If you were housewife then you start showing , advising like cooking to next generation. Or something that was your dream, start working on it. Slowly let go of 2nd stage work.
  • Sannyasa- 72 to end – continue 3rd stage and live simple life .

As ppl reach near to 50, start questioning what’s next ? Start planning your next career , inning that you can count on for another 20-30 years . You may make less money but something you enjoy and have fun with it . I have been thinking too.

Hope this helps !


Moth Sprouts Usal

Moth Sprouts have a unique test and so if you are open minded with food and like to try new things , you would like it. Sprouts are good to eat. Soak beans for 8-9 hrs and then let it sprout for 12 -24 hrs. In a hot climate they will sprout fast and also depends on quality of beans. I left for 24 hrs.

Made this Maharashtrian style usal with it . I didn’t had goda masala so not authentic but it still makes a nice fun meal.


Cauliflower Manchurian

Manchurian is Indo Chinese and can be made with cauliflower, mushroom, paneer etc etc . It’s deep fried , and too many steps, so I never made it home before .

Finally made it at home and it came out good. What I liked best was the sauce. It is sweet, sour , spicy. If you never had it before or want to try , do try . All ingredients are easily available and don’t need special trip to Indian store . Plenty of recipes online so I won’t repeat.

  • You can serve it on bed of greens and put some cucumber , tomatoes , onions etc slices around to make a meal out of it .
  • If you make more sauce then you can have it over rice or quinoa.
  • Makes a good appetizer.
  • If you have air fryer , this will be a good dish to make. I am considering buying one.
  • Or like me just have some mangoes on the side and call it a nice dinner .
  • Enjoy!