Mung Dal With Methi

Mung dal with methi bhaji is a very good combination. You can use spinach leaves also instead but methi bhaji gives this dish unique flavor .

I added pickle masala also known as methya masala to it and that also gives very good taste . Oh and add some chopped onion too.

And made in instant pot. Turned out good.

Since this is dry Shaak , you can spread on bread for sandwich. Add onion , tomato and whatever else you like in your sandwich.


Ridge Gourd in Coconut Oil

There’s a home remedy for grey hair where dried ridge gourd is boiled in coconut oil and then you massage it in hair , scalp. I have not tried it. Coconut oil and ridge gourd both are cooling . So am thinking if hair prematurely turned gray due to heat then this might help.

If you are trying it out , why not eat also ? That will help from inside . So I cooked ridge gourd in coconut oil. Added some frozen Lima beans into it .


Garlic Topping On Pizza

Home made pizza with lots of veggie toppings.

Star here is garlic. Have you ever tried garlic cloves as topping on pizza ? Garlic gets roasted and taste very good . You don’t see in picture but it’s there like hidden treasure .

Try it out . Use fresh garlic and just add whole clove after peeling.


Almond Flour Upma

Do you like to use Almond flour ? This upma turned our pretty tasty. Make it just the way you make rava upma.

From my last almond Halwa experiment I learned this flour can give little too smooth texture. So what I did was , added 1 tsp of rava to get grainy texture . Even if you skip rava it will be ok if you add urad dal in tadka. It will give crunch.

Try it out. Like me try small quantity first time and see how you like it . Gets done in no time . Roast almond flour for like 2 mins .


What To Exercise

Do we ever think what to exercise ? Of course if you exercise . We all use only certain muscles , movement through out the day. It’s like in a home certain part never gets used and eventually will rot or gather dirt. We need to tickle the Muscles , circuits that doesn’t get used.

For example , Most of us sit in front of computer or TV most of the day. So all forward , backward , side bending are good . Then eye exercise since we are always staring at some screen.

If you are on the go all time , then need to ground yourself . Do yoga where you stay in pose for few seconds . Like that.. just giving examples to think abt .

Picture is of split where inner leg muscles get stretched and works on liver channel. In our day to day life , these muscles never get stretched.

Same for brain , if you are all logic then add some creativity . If your work is all creativity , add some logic exercise .

Let me go do some exercise now .