Nepali Buckwheat Roti

If you are regular readers of this space then you know I like to take a break from wheat and rice which is so heavily used in Indian cooking . That doesn’t mean use all purpose flour or other wheat and rice products .  Recently I purchased kuttu or Buckwheat flour. Never had it before but it seems some places in India uses it during navratri.

I made roti one day just the way we make wheat roti. You can roll it and not as hard as amaranth/rajgira. But you will have to keep little thick. Oh and it’s gluten free if you are trying to go gluten free.

I liked Nepali way of making it. Had no clue Nepal use Buckwheat to make roti and Buckwheat is grown there in cold climate. And it’s warming , heating in nature so it’s good to eat in cold winter here too.

Roti is so easy to make it. Mix Buckwheat flour with water while stirring continuously. Should be like pancake batter. Heat non stick pan, spread a little oil and pour batter. Turn your skillet around so that batter spread. You won’t be able to spread with spoon.  Cook both side. 

You can add some spices , cilantro if you like in batter. Eat with some nice spicy curry. 

What does it taste like? It taste like Buckwheat. Don’t try to compare and save yourself from some troubles. Anything new we need to try at least 4-5 times before we start liking it.

If you never had Buckwheat before , try it out at least as an experiment. May be it will lead you to Nepal travel. Now that sounds exciting, isn’t it?



Diwali Dhamaka

Is everyone in Diwali mode ? Diwali is a Festival of Lights so we should lighten ourselves. Turn the light on. Right ? Hosted a Diwali dhamaka last night with my yoga friends. Theme was explore another state , culture different from your home state. In India we have so many cultural varieties. Each state has difficulty dresses, food etc. Unity in diversity.

Dhamaka turned out real Dhamaka . We had Kashmir, Marathi , Punjabi, Gujarati, angel also descended. We danced on “bumro bumro ” song , did Bhangra , garba what not. Everyone had fun.

I did Bengal and wore Bengali style saree. Made shukto, cholar dal, bhap doi. We did hula huli.

We had fun while learning new things , explored new unknown territory . It was a thought that everyone picked up on and made into  fun filled evening.

Also I did yoga demo for aches and pain at my company’s Diwali festival. So that was good karma along with my own learning. Few ppl from audience tried movements since they were so simple. Anything we do is first our own learning. Am learning to go on stage , do a demo , speak while am doing it. For me , it’s an opportunity that came my way and so I just do it . Many times I see ppl don’t grab opportunities that comes their way and let it go saying not now, or too busy what not. Anyone who wants to do things, live life there’s so much happening everywhere. 

Happy Diwali !

New age dudh poha – Sharad Purnima 

Did you like title ? We all want to celebrate festivals that we grew up with because they are fun. Adds little fun to season , routin life. But we have to see what works in today’s life. Lot of things are according to season and it had some reason behind it . Depending on where we live now, it may/may not make sense. We can still have fun but can improvise things.

Today I did it for dudh poha. Dairy is another food people are having allergies. Now a days there are so many different kind of milk available that we should try I feel. Why get stuck on dairy? Almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk what not.

Made dudh poha with almond milk. Used unsweetened almond milk and added some grated jaggery. Turned out yummy and I actually liked it better.

Enjoy your dudh poha new way and more important go out side and look at the moon. How many times you have looked up to sky on full moon ? It’s very pretty. 


Navratri 2017 – Fasting Experience 

Navratri ended and so thought of sharing this year’s experience. On I think 7th day of fast, in the afternoon my tummy was rumbling, grumbling and I felt something will come out. But nothing happened all day. At night , after spending good 15-20 mins in loo, things came out which was dark in color. You just know that it’s some old junk. Things most ppl don’t want to talk abt. Next day afternoon , I felt truely hungry and it was wise to break the fast that evening. I made some mung soup , and steamed broccoli. And food tasted so divine . Taste buds opens up. So that was the end of fast and my digestion has improved and am still reaping benefits of fast. Until it’s all messed up again…

So today is dusserah celebration. And if you have read my earlier post, you know how I was caught off guard on starting of navratri. Today morning I was surprised again when bunch of my yoga friends showed up in the morning at my door. I really enjoyed their unexpected visit and it was so much fun. 

Enjoy all turn and twist life sends our way !

PS: By the way, picture is of rava halwa I made last night. 

Rajgira Vada

Rajgira or also called Amranth is very nutritious and I feel we should include in our diet more often. Lot of people are ending up with wheat allergy now a days. Why wait until then ? If your diet is so heavy on wheat , rice then it’s a good idea to start trying other things . You don’t need to fast to eat rajgira goodies. 

I had hardly anything today and was really hungry so I decided to make this few vadas to eat with samo khichadi. It’s very easy to make. 

  • Grate bottle gourd and remove water and keep it aside.
  • Add rajgira flour , cumin seeds, cilantro and sindhov salt.
  • Knead and if u need water , add that bottle gourd water you kept aside . Use remaining water to cook samo rice.
  • Fry in peanut or coconut oil.
  • They were tasty and made my dinner bearable. Eat in moderation. I just made few so no question of eating too many.
  • Enjoy!