Light Meal

The day or night you want to have light meal and don’t want to cook. Just an idea . Had left over dal and little quinoa in fridge. Warmed that up and with a side of salad made with spring mix, beetroot, Radish, strawberries. Isn’t it simple?

You can use any soup, beans curry you have to add quinoa.

Be creative and use what you have. Also buy , keep some good stuff so easier to make good meals out of it .



Dhokla – Easy Breezy After School/Work

Anyone who has gone, going to school, work knows that you are hungry when u get home. Dhokla is so easy to make if you have prepared batter in advance . It’s steamed and you can eat plain with little food quality oil or with chutney or season it. It is also light on tummy.

I make with rice , Urad dal and 1 tbsp Chana dal which gives good taste .

Surprise 1 day your family with nice hot snack.


Steam Broccoli Over Rice

Are you 1 of those ppl whose excuse is always family doesn’t eat it? Well, you can make your dinner good , nutritious very easily. Here’s 1 trick. I love steamed broccoli. Most of the ppl cook rice so when rice is done , throw some broccoli florets on top and cover it. Let it stand for 5 mins and it will get steamed.

Take it out , sprinkle some salt , fresh lemon juice and you have a filling , nutritious side dish for yourself .

Isn’t it so easy and simple ?


Samosa Chat – Make life easy

Too many things on your plate ??? And you are exhausted? Time to simplify things. Stop the obsession of …. fill in the gap for yourself . Few days back , a friend asked me on fb , when do you go to work and actually do the work? Ha .. Ha . Reason am always posting the fun things I do.

Well, I spend time doing things that’s fun for me. There are things we have to do but then there are things you can let go, hire ppl to do , spend little extra money. And most imp simplify things.

Samosa chat is simplified here. We all Indians know how chat needs so many things. Well, I had left over Chana masala. Went to Indian store in lunch time for grocery. So picked up freshly made samosas. They came with green and sweet chutney. You got the point , didn’t you?

Come home , assemble everything together . Put some yogurt, chopped onion, tomatoes , cilantro. And voila fun lunch for Friday ready in 5 mins.

That’s how you simplify life. Now I have time to go back to my work and even post this .


Pineapple With Aloe Vera

When you want to do something in life , you start with “how do I do this ?” Most of the time ppl start I can’t b/c …. people don’t take vacation assuming boss won’t allow but did you ask ? Life doesn’t come with a map and as we go we have to figure things out . If we just learn how to navigate then things become easy. Alright , Enough of nonsense.

If you like to include aloe Vera in your diet , this is a fun way and you won’t notice aloe Vera taste . Just blend aloe Vera gel with pineapple. Simple and yummy. You can strain and do fancy things if you like.