Navratri Dinner 2020

Are you doing Navratri? Well, even if you are not, this Navratri thali was very tasty. I probably ate too much . Oops…

Rajgira roti – no potatoes in it. It’s gluten free.

Sweet potato cooked in coconut oil. Crackled some cumin seeds in it and fresh black pepper powder and Sindhov salt. Add some roasted cashews or any nuts you like.

Little yogurt.

Try to eat different or just skip 1 of your big meal this Navratri and observe changes.

Follow guidelines.

Grocery Shopping

How do you do grocery shopping? What’s the strategy? If you don’t have strategy, now is the time. Reduce your trip to grocery stores. Sharing some of my tips which I always do and I am still able to do same.

  • Buy fresh produce, fruits 1st . There are some vegetables, fruits which will stay good for longer on counter , fridge and some fruits need some ripening time.
  • Mix and match. Buy some vegetables like potatoes,sweet potatoes, pepper , carrots , winter squashes that will stay good after a week. Produce that goes bad quickly eat them first. Like spinach and other greens.
  • Oranges , apples etc will last for a while. Berries eat first.
  • Then buy some frozen vegetables. When no fresh produce , you can use them . You still have those root vegetables to eat.
  • Buy beans in a bag not the containers of cooked bins. Cans are for emergency. Raw Beans soaked and cooked makes a lot. Good protein. You don’t need to be vegetarian to eat beans.
  • If you have rice , quinoa, few different flour stored, then you will reduce grocery trips.
  • Try to make bread at home.
  • Shop your pantry . You might find good things that you can eat.
  • Start garden and see what you can grow.
  • These are just some of the ideas. Before heading to the store ,make a list and see you can last longer without going to store. Buy only when you ate up most of the things. We should try zero waste at least for now .
  • Navratri started from today and so I am fasting . It’s modified eating. Lunch was mango and some roasted salt less peanuts.
  • So, what’s your strategy? Think smart if you think you are smart.
  • Follow the guidelines.
  • Bitter Gourd Subji

    Last time I went to Indian store, bought Bitter gourds. Have been eating every day little bit. Little bitter every day.

    Ppl remove bitterness from bitter gourd but than it’s no good. Don’t add any sweetener either.

    Now I ran out of bitter gourds so finding other things.

    • Methi seeds. Boil in water and make tea.
    • Roast methi seeds and make powder. Take tsp of powder every day.
    • I have dry neem leaves. Can make tea from it.
  • Have fun !
  • Think Smart

    Made this tomato soup from 1 tomato . Why? Soup from 1 tomato will last for 2 meals. Will keep me full and anyways working from home we tend to eat more so soup is a better choice. Don’t believe me ? Get on scale.

    Soup you can freeze too if you are worried what to eat if you get sick.

    Make your favorite soup , make it extra watery and eat some , freeze some.

    Stay home if possible.