How Life Works

Today I had not packed lunch to work. Lunch time I went for a walk and was contemplating going home early and eat. Didn’t feel like eating in cafeteria where lines are so long and it’s sandwich or pizza.

As I finished taking one round , I checked steps and decided to walk just little more and come back. As I walked few more steps, I heard someone saying “kaise ho” meaning how are you ? I look back. It’s our local Hindu center’s priest delivering lunch. You have to order early morning and they deliver . I stop to say hi to him and he says “take lunch”. I am like I don’t have money right now and he is like it’s ok. Give tomorrow. The only reason we know each other is because I go for Sunday yoga class at our Hindu center and so we see each other . As he gets me lunch , I find $10 in my cell phone wallet tucked in so I pay him.

And lunch box has 1 of my favorite sweet rava sheero.

Amazing how life works . If we just go with the flow. It’s a small incident but still it gives a picture of how life , universe works .



Mandala Dot Painting

One of my friend showed me her dot mandala painting and so I googled for it. There are so many YouTube videos on mandala painting . If it appeals to you, google it. I tried my hands on it. You don’t need to be painter for this . It’s just dots , dots and more dots. Be creative ! I used card board… yes those amazon boxes are useful for art work. Painted them black with acrylic color first. Make sure you do both sides . You want it to look professional.:-) I only have 3-4 acrylic colors so I just used them since this is the first time I was trying. To make dots , used pencil , ear buds etc .

Art is good for kids and adults as well.


Buddha Painting

This is my 1st attempt at acrylic painting. I was looking for a Buddha painting for a while to buy for home but never liked any. Suddenly one fine day I found this awesome video on YouTube and I knew I had to do this. Try it out . It’s fun, easy and low cost. Needed only 4 colors, canvas and paint brush. I already had canvas sitting at home, black color I had so bought 3 colors and paint brush set . So it was around 5 bucks I paid for supplies. Here’s the link.


How to learn/perform

Life is a school and it’s good to stay in learning mode . People say they don’t have time but you might be busy watching TV , movies or doing useless things. Other excuse is age but you can learn at any age. It might take longer but who cares. You are not trying to make career out of it.

Learning music , instrument or in general new things is good for brain. You make new connections. It needs concentration, practice. As you learn, other areas of your life will improve too.

I learned harmonium with singing few years back for abt a year locally with yoga friends. That’s been very useful . Once you learn basics, you can find YouTube videos and learn more.

After you learn , you go and perform wherever you get opportunity. Performing in front of audience is a whole new ball game . You make mistakes , mess up and learn from it. More you do , it gets better.

Recently my yoga teacher did hidden talent show and I played harmonium and sang a Bollywood song. And let me tell you singing is not my forte at all. I forgot lyrics , played few wrong notes but it’s ok.

Then I did yoga demo for my company’s Diwali festival. This was 3rd time and I have got better every year. May be next year I will play music instrument too there. Hey, I need practice to perform in front of audience and no one is volunteering so I grab opportunities.

It’s really fun to learn music and everyone can learn it . It’s just practice. Once you learn , you will become inspiration for others. If you are music lover , or trying to learn something new give it a shot. It’s money well spent. Now with holiday season coming, you can gift someone music instrument or buy them few classes to get started .


Sharad Purnima 2018

There are so many festivals around the world and so does India. Living out of India , don’t see all festivities around and also I like to understand real meaning behind those festivals. Sharad purnina appeals to me as I love to look up to beautiful moon on full moon all year. On Some of the full moon with clear sky, it looks so pretty. Camara could never catch the beauty.

Other reason I love sharad Purnima is I love bhajiya and they are so easy and quick to make . Whatever festival you like, celebrate them , have fun but be safe and tailor it to according your family needs. If there’s health concern , change things around . Stay open and main thing is to have fun, break the routine.

Menu for me is some onion, potato bhajiya and dudh poha with raw sugar. And most important go out and look at pretty sky lighted with moon.

Happy Sharad Purnima !