Back to Basics

When in doubt , go back to basics. Right ? We learn as a kid what’s imp to live. Air, water and food. In that order.

There’s so much around food, some abt water. Air or breath without which we can hardly survive 5 mins. Not much focus there. Isn’t it ?

Spend some time knowing your breath. To begin, just sit quietly and watch /observe your breath .


YouTube Channel

Soma Temple, NC

Had set up YouTube channel few years back but never did much with it. Now am thinking to post some clips from future trips , hikes etc. No, not planning to do recipe videos. Had posted few videos and will post more from what I have . Will see half it goes. Here’s the link:


What To Exercise

Do we ever think what to exercise ? Of course if you exercise . We all use only certain muscles , movement through out the day. It’s like in a home certain part never gets used and eventually will rot or gather dirt. We need to tickle the Muscles , circuits that doesn’t get used.

For example , Most of us sit in front of computer or TV most of the day. So all forward , backward , side bending are good . Then eye exercise since we are always staring at some screen.

If you are on the go all time , then need to ground yourself . Do yoga where you stay in pose for few seconds . Like that.. just giving examples to think abt .

Picture is of split where inner leg muscles get stretched and works on liver channel. In our day to day life , these muscles never get stretched.

Same for brain , if you are all logic then add some creativity . If your work is all creativity , add some logic exercise .

Let me go do some exercise now .


Must Be Spring

Everything is flowering so must be Spring. I love spring in spring . What’s the point in loving fall in spring or spring in fall?

Many times we love what we don’t have and forget to enjoy what we have right now . When this is gone then we remember , miss it . Immigrants many times keep talking abt how great things are back home and then go back home and talk abt what great things are in other country.

Point is enjoy what you have , where you are right now. This way you won’t miss out anything and better chance to be happy.

Does that make sense ?


Angel @Work

Lake Norman state park

This is a true story and not adding any spices to it .

Few weeks back on Saturday morning, I got ready to leave for hike and last moment wore Tanzanite earrings I had bought from Africa. After coming back from hike, took shower and realized 1 earring is missing . Oops…must have lost in shower and gone down the drain. I looked around on the floor , clothes etc. After few rounds, found patch. More disappointment, wish had found stone since I can use some other patch. Look around again but no luck.

Checked you tube videos hoping may be there’s a way. And yes there is . Got my tools ok just screw drivers but could not open the drain . It was too tight . Too much trouble and may be it’s gone down who knows where . I try to let it go and make peace with it. Well, forget abt money but I got from Africa and it’s not a place I go every few years.

Frustrated, I say oh Jesus save my earring. Come on my angel, my hand can not go down the drain but you can . So grab it and put it somewhere I can pick it up from.

Week goes by as I remember it now and then.

Next Saturday morning I get ready for hike . My head is in phone trying to look at google map and putting 1 leg in car , my eyes fell on the car mat and my heart skip a beat, there my earring shining . I just stared it for a minute before picking it up.

Thank you angle and Jesus for saving my earring.

Isn’t it a miracle ?

Lesson learned . Put angel at work.