Support What Matters To You

Everyone works hard to earn money. And you want your hard earned money to spend in right things, right ? At the same time ,If you don’t use your money , someone else will waste it . These are just my ideas and what I do so if anything clicks to you.

I like to spend , donate where it’s a win win situation. Of course not all the time but I don’t give money to freebies who will just waste money. On travel, some ppl at hotel and places will show up just to collect money. Yeah, no money to them but yes tip the ones who did things. Anytime I receive good service , I will tip extra. People who help out on regular basis , make sure they are happy and give them whatever they like.

Local community place where I have been learning yoga from so many years , I support whatever way I can. When I joined yoga , I was very impressed with teacher who took us on yoga camp and all free for everyone including food for 30-40 ppl. Even though I was very young at that time , I tried to support whatever way I could . Sometimes that means just don’t cause any trouble. Ha .. Ha Yoga teacher mentioned today that he donates every year on his birthday to community place since they let him conduct yoga classes there and he is just volunteering from probably last 25 years.

1st picture is of Kashmiri embroidery dress which had come all the way from Kashmir and I had bought it online. People who want to support Kashmir should try to do something to support economy and help make it safe and peaceful. But what we see is stupid posts circulating on social media.

Other dress I bought in Amritsar on recent trip. It’s popular for its Phulkari work. Next time when you like something, want to support think for a minute and try to come up with some good ideas and stop nonsense .

Spend on the things that gives you life . Go learn something, buy that musical instrument, eat quality food, feed quality food , travel ….whatever you enjoy. There’s a saying in India that Money/wealth should keep circulating.

Whatever you do , don’t start bugging other ppl to do same too.



Man vs Wild With India’s PM Modi

Not all my readers are Indian and so I like to share this link which is a sneak peak to the episode . I told 1 of my friend at work to let her dad know . He was very excited and is busy searching episode. So thought may be some of you will enjoy too. I couldn’t find one with English subtitles but if you have discovery channel , try it out.


Conversation With Guru

Sometimes my guru comes up with wonderful one liners . Like when we went to Africa , if anyone wishes something different or complains , he would say “stay home”. Snippet from our recent conversation which I thought was hilarious and still full of wisdom.

Me: Is this a walk to straight heaven or what? (Complaining abt so many hikes)

Guruji: Fall into heaven.

Me: or fall into hell

Guruji: For that no need to go anywhere.

Me: yes, stay home.

Guruji: and eat khakhra.

Me : with chai and watch YouTube video.

Guruji: Amen

Learning to hike

Like everything else, you learn how to hike too. It’s good to teach kids too, but for that adults will have to do too. Most of the times adults, parents are behind kids that they have to learn this and that. But they themselves are not learning anything new.

Today we had 7 year old with mom. Few falls, cries, some rocks were scary for her. At the end of hike she said she likes to hike with yoga ppl because it’s so much fun. And she will come again. Isn’t that a good experience for little one?