Dragon Boat Race

Have you ever participated in dragon boat race? Here lot of companies sponsor boats and employees can participate. This is the first time I participated. And it was fun. If you have never tried and your company sponsors it , take advantage or go check it out on race day. You will learn new things , meet new ppl and racing … oh boy you get all pumped up.

Life should be rich with experiences is what I believe. One stays in student mode and life stays fun.

I saw bamboo music instrument 1st time . So sharing picture.



Homegrown Potato

Gardening is such a joy . I had a potato that had eye growing so I planted it in garden. That was I think end of February. Today finally I lost patience and digged around to see if anything is growing or not . And what do I find ? I can’t describe the feeling when I saw potato . I was overjoyed. You see in the first picture? I found 2 and thought may be I should wait for some more time .

Can’t wait to eat them and dig more . I will have potato for breakfast. And potato dreams too. All this for free. Isn’t that awesome ?



Do you volunteer, participate in community or @ work events ? It’s ok if you don’t want to. But no time could be just excuse . Companies have so many programs for personal , professional development, volunteer opportunities, fun events. Find the things that interest you and just go for it. Doing some good karma always makes one feel good. You get to meet ppl who share your interests and you learn new things. It’s easy to do at work because you are doing in working hrs and companies give you those volunteer hrs. Learn to take advantage.

I represented Asian group at my work location for diversity fair . I made mango bread and it was nice to see people’s reaction as they taste it . Oh .. yum… this is good. Yes , I made a mess when I made it since butter in microwave spilled everywhere and it was so hard to clean it. But it was all fun. Here’s the good outcome.. I was asked to publish the recipe in our newsletter. Isn’t that awesome ?

I also learned some marketing skill from another lady who was next to me representing some organization. There were ppl who wanted to come learn yoga , Ayurveda . Overall it was fun and made me happy.


Ethiopian Vegetarian Feast

Have you ever had Ethiopian food? It won’t hurt to try. Some of us yoga friends went for dinner and everyone enjoyed. We live in a global world , 21st century. Is that right ? So many options, so many opportunities. Why get stuck ? Expand your horizon and try new cuisines if it’s available where you live .


Pupusas From Spanish Restaurant

Pupusas have been on my list to try from a while and finally I just had to go get it . It was first time that I went to Spanish restaurant where everyone was speaking Spanish and I saw mostly Spanish ppl. I was uncomfortable for a minute but then lady at counter spoke English. Yoga helps so I just sat there and breath. I was so happy coming out from there with pupusas in my hand .

Do you have any food or restaurant on your list ? Go ahead and try. Next I have arranged Ethiopian lunch with friends from work. I had Ethiopian food only once before and want to try again.

We got to have fun in life , don’t we ? Sometimes trying new cuisines can open new horizon. Who knows I may get to visit those countries and then I will know what to order .

By the way, this all is yoga too. Yoga meaning unity. Apply that to everything and everywhere. Some people mix all their food in a plant before eating . If you have seen someone doing it , you must have wondered and many times people doing it don’t know the reason either . It’s abt unity only. There’s only 1 stomach and everything gonna be mixed there anyway. Isn’t it?