Just threw some seeds and 2 months later , this is what I get to see . Seeds are from dollar tree 25cents for a package and it produces plenty.

What seeds you have thrown ? Sometimes ppl wait for fruits , flowers in life and don’t realize they never threw any seeds for it.


4 Stages of Life

Today’s post idea came from a cousin who has his own tailoring business and today was 28th anniversary. I was telling him to start teaching once a week at a community place and earn good karma.

Vedas has laid down 4 stages also know as ashrams of life which is relevant even in today’s world and tells us how to live life .

  • Brahamcharyashram – 0 to 24 age. This time is the student life where you learn and learn and learn.
  • Grihsthashram – 24 to 48 . This time you start earning , start family , raise kids.
  • Vanaprasthashram – 48 to 72. This time you start second career in today’s term. Like you can start teaching what you worked on in 2nd stage . If you were housewife then you start showing , advising like cooking to next generation. Or something that was your dream, start working on it. Slowly let go of 2nd stage work.
  • Sannyasa- 72 to end – continue 3rd stage and live simple life .

As ppl reach near to 50, start questioning what’s next ? Start planning your next career , inning that you can count on for another 20-30 years . You may make less money but something you enjoy and have fun with it . I have been thinking too.

Hope this helps !


Pav Bhaji & Mango

If you are thinking I got this nice mango from Indian store , wrong . I don’t like to rush around stores looking for some nonsense . I had gone to near by store for milk and grocery last week . That’s when I saw mangoes that looked so good. Different than what I would generally see. Left it on counter to ripe and mango indeed turned out really good.

Be creative and use what you have at home . Keep your eyes open when finally you do go too the store. You might find some diamonds.