Support Good

Everyone does so called charity , support things now and then . Lot of times we don’t know where the money goes. I have learned to support the things that I actually use, immediate environment of friends and family. Companies whose ideas you agree with.

If you have been following this blog , you know I go hiking often. Something I learned few years back only. Crowders moisture is the closed mountain and I hike there usually so since last year I started donating , supporting park.

Bought mug which is handcrafted, made in USA , lead free. I love the mug and money goes to maintain park. Win win , isn’t it ?

Just sharing idea. Support your national parks whatever way you can .


Reviewing A Decade?

If you look around on social media or anywhere on net , everyone is reviewing a decade and posting pictures to glorify themselves. We all know life is a school and presents challenges, lessons to learn to all of us.

So if you have messed up life or any part of life , it’s ok. We all mess up things , make mistakes . Sit back, breathe , relax and ask God/universe to show you a way. There’s always a way to be happy, at peace. It might not be the way you like but who cares. Whatever works. Most imp is your willingness to make change.

My teacher always says birthday is your new year and not calendar new year. So Don’t let social media deceive you.

Have fun !

Picture is of “Dahi Puri chaat” I made . If you never had Indian chaat, you must try. It has all the flavors. You don’t need to go to India to have a taste of it in today’s world . So try it. If you like it, you can throw a chaat party. You can buy everything at Indian store and ppl will have fun putting it together, trying to put whole “puri” in a mouth.


Are you ready for 2020?

2020 sounds very good, isn’t it ? Sounds like it will be a good year. There will be bigger, better, new things. Think of new ideas , new things you would like to do in 2020 . Or also if something on your mind for a long time , work on it and finish it off or let go.

There’s still time so finish off old things, clean up whatever it means to you. A friend mentioned 2020 meaning clear vision so we should have clear vision for 2020. Sometimes it helps to put it down /write down on a paper. Like write down 3 things you would like to do in 2020. It could be you want to learn a new skill , take a trip to the place that’s been calling you for so long or you want to deal with some fear or the yoga class you have been wanting to join or you want to start meditating. Whatever it is , put it down on a paper and keep it where you can see everyday. Opportunity will come and so make sure you grab it.

Go in 2020 with a style .😀 And step up your game for 2020.


Bring Your Own Plate

Hike and picnic happens few times a year with my yoga group. Someone suggested we start bringing our own plates , spoons etc. and we have been doing that now . Of course the goal is to reduce paper products but some ppl will end up bringing paper products. It’s ok. I take steel plate so that won’t have to worry abt breaking it. We just started and ppl learn. As we start to improve , make changes it’s important not to kill ourself over it . Killing ourself over saving earth , climate won’t do any good either .

Be reasonable and enjoy the process. Do what you can, use when it’s needed . Like Mahatma Gandhi said “There’s enough on earth for everyone, but not for greed “. It applies to everything in life . Take what you need and everything will be ok.

Pictures are from Stone Mountain, NC hike we did. It was a cold day but we had planned it a month ago and we stuck to our plan and everything turned out fine and everyone enjoyed.



India Cultural Table

Last evening we had Diwali celebration in my company and I did India table. Sharing here what I did if anyone has something similar going and would like to present a country.

The way I thought is if someone comes to see table , what can they take back and what unique things India has to offer to world. Here’s presenting India the way I see it.

  • Yoga pictures frame I have at home that I took with me. People really don’t know what yoga is . So I added a card “Yoga meaning Unity”. People were surprised when they realized its me only in pictures.
  • I had yoga , mediation and mantra and Ayurveda books.
  • Made a collage poster from my recent India trip with pictures of Taj Mahal, Golden temple, Chardham walks, Beautiful temples . Kind of India tour if anyone likes to visit India. Few ppl told me they would like to go see Taj Mahal and I gave information on how easy to get there from Delhi and they can stop by Mathura , Vrindavan and visit temples too.
  • Few handicraft things I had at home. Jewelry, bangles , bindi.
  • Peacock with card that it’s India’s national bird and even some Indian ppl didn’t know that. (Plz buy peacock feathers only if you really need it because peacocks are hunted just For feathers)
  • Last but not the least Gandhi’s little statue with card Non-violence and Truth. That’s what Gandhi stood for and it’s relevant even today.
  • Over all ppl liked it and they even took the pictures.
  • Have you showcased your unique culture ?