Coloring For Adults

At my work, today our group got some crayons in mail from company and email with some pictures that we can print and color. It was called coloring for adults and it helps with depression, improves concentration. I totally agree.

It helps you to focus and when you are coloring you forget everything else including food , if you are going through challenges in life or too much going into your head, then it will help clear your head. If you are so much of a logic person, then it will help to activate artistic side. 

So if you looked at the picture, you might be wondering why am I coloring  giraffe blue? Think of it this way: I am given a picture and set of creyons to color. Now it’s upto me how I color it. Who said I have to color it brown only? Think of life the same way. You have a picture and set of colors . These are the only things you are given but you can play with them any way you like.Color your life the way you like. Open your mind . It doesn’t need to be like anyone else ‘s. Your life , your colors, your picture. 

If you have your kids’ color book , try it. Or get one for yourself . There are some yantra books to color too. 


Share Your Treasures 

When you find something good , what do you do? You want to share with ppl around you , right? It comes naturally. I went  on a trail to walk in lunch time at work, then it occurred to me that I should show this trail to whole team. So I took the picture of trail and as soon as I got back to my cube, I sent an invite to the team for the walk. Most of the team accepted immediately. 
Today was the day when we walked in lunch time for an hr. And most of the team showed up excited including mgr. Everyone had fun, liked trail and thought it was a wonderful idea.

If you enjoy taking a walk at work or know who goes for a walk , then join them or take others too .We sit all day long so it’s good to walk in lunch time. Little walks goes a long way. Am sure everyone has heard “walking is the best exercise “.

Enjoy  Walking , strolling around !

Om the Eternal Witness

A good human being means one who has learned how to integrate body, mind and heart: healthy body, a sound mind and a good heart. – excerpt from book. 

What can you do for others? If you do not create any barrier, any hindrance, any problem for others, let them grow. Let them unfold; let them tread the path of light. That is the greatest help that you can give . It’s called minding your own business. – from book.

I have to confess I loved “minding your own business ” part.  I find myself saying this now and then that I mind my own business. 

This book made sense to me and so wanted to share. It’s best to put theory in practice, experiment and then you truly learn. 


Energize With Prana Mudra

Do you know walking clears head and that’s when you get wonderful ideas , solution to problems? This post idea came while I was taking a walk.

After work when you are tired, energize yourself with prana mudra. If you take Bus or train then you can also do during that time. Relax, breath , if possible close your eyes and do prana mudra. Observe how you feel !

Enjoy !