Udon Noodles

Left over from Chinese restaurant makes another good meal. This restaurant I went to has huge portion and I tend to finish all vegetables from dish. Left over noodles I brought home.

  • Sauté fresh veggies like zucchini , colored peppers , carrot, snow peas, tofu whatever you have and you like.
  • Add left over veggies and another good Chinese meal in no time.
  • I had added some of the chili oil, hot sauce from restaurant in left over so no need to look for sauces either .
  • Do you know how to eat with chopsticks? If not , learn it. It’s fun and learning new things is good for brain at any age.
  • When I was going to China , I learned it and i was so thankful because very first night we went out to eat in Beijing they had only chopsticks.
  • Enjoy!

Chinese Dinner

Got this idea from One of the Chinese restaurant I like. They have more vegetables than noodles and all vegetables have a nice crunch to it. Also lot of different kind of vegetables. I tried to recreate it and it came out very well.

Use 3/4th veggies and 1/4 portion noodles. I added zucchini, carrots , Broccoli ,Tofu, Mushroom, red onion, green onion. Snow peas , water chestnuts, baby corns will be good addition.

I buy Raw peanuts and roast them in oven for 15-20 mins. It will add a nice crunch and taste so much better and fresh. I am not giving any recipe because I just add what I have. I am not too picky.

Serve with a slice of orange. When you use good , fresh, quality ingredients , everything taste good .

Try it out . No need to eat same food everyday and no need to feed same food every day. Meal times should be fun for everyone.


Packing Work Lunch-idea-2

  • Cuban inspired rice with few chips. Yes you got to make meal fun and it should scream fun , yummy.
  • Apple for snacking at some point .
  • I had a bar which I ate in the morning.
  • I don’t eat anything at home before leaving for work so I pack breakfast too.
  • I laugh with my colleagues in the evening that all food is gone so now I will go home . One day I said I can’t leave yet because I have yet to eat orange .😀
  • Make everything fun in life.


Packing Work Lunch – Idea 1

Am gonna start posting the picture of what I packed for work. Hope it will help ppl and me too since this way we will come up with new ideas.

  • Pav bhaji – bhaji is mix of vegetables with some special spices. Pav is bun that goes with it.
  • Salad of cucumber, tomatoes and avocado. I did before shower so rubbed some avocado on face while at it . 😀
  • Home made blueberry muffin to snack on.