Insta Pot Dhanshak

Dhanshak and insta pot seems to be match made in heaven . It really cooks in 1 pot and 1 shot. Check my previous dhanshak post; Parsi Dhanshak

Today I made jasmin rice to go with it. Sprinkled some flax seed meal on top after plating .

Left over is good for work lunch with some boiled quinoa.



Packing Work Lunch-idea-2

  • Cuban inspired rice with few chips. Yes you got to make meal fun and it should scream fun , yummy.
  • Apple for snacking at some point .
  • I had a bar which I ate in the morning.
  • I don’t eat anything at home before leaving for work so I pack breakfast too.
  • I laugh with my colleagues in the evening that all food is gone so now I will go home . One day I said I can’t leave yet because I have yet to eat orange .😀
  • Make everything fun in life.


Packing Work Lunch – Idea 1

Am gonna start posting the picture of what I packed for work. Hope it will help ppl and me too since this way we will come up with new ideas.

  • Pav bhaji – bhaji is mix of vegetables with some special spices. Pav is bun that goes with it.
  • Salad of cucumber, tomatoes and avocado. I did before shower so rubbed some avocado on face while at it . 😀
  • Home made blueberry muffin to snack on.