Undhiyu- a delicious dish from Surat , gujarat . It is made on 14th Jan celebrated as Makar Sankrati and kids , adults fly kites. Also popular dish in weddings.

It does take time but if you have time and enjoy the whole process of making then it’s fun.

Happy Uttrayan!!!

Good Luck New Year Meal

Corn bread

Black eye peas with collard greens and corn bread is considered to bring good luck , health and wealth in upcoming year in southern USA. So decided I try too. Meal is fun anyways.

Made corn bread from scratch and finally got to use my iron pan. It’s very simple. And You can use less sugar or skip it too. Corn bread turned out very good.

Soup I made little Indian style .

Don’t feel you missed out. You can make this any day.

Happy 2022 !

Almond & coconut flour gravy

Coconut , almonds and other nuts are used in curries so why not use flours if you have it ? Wonder it can be called keto.

First cooked cauliflower in tomato I puréed with some ginger , garlic . If course using Indian seasoning and spices .

Take a spoonful of almond flour and a spoonful of coconut flour and add water to it.

Once cauliflower is cooked , add flour mixture and bring it to 1 boil. Coconut flour absorbs water so it will thicken curry.

Garnish with cilantro.

You can use flour mixed with water to thicken your Chinese curry or any curry.


Asparagus Indian Way

If you have asparagus that needs to be used and out of vegetables, try asparagus Indian way. I am not used to eating this Indian way so found it ok. May be will have to try few more times to find perfect spice combination.

It’s very easy to make . Sauté some sliced onion for a minute, add asparagus chopped and some spices like turmeric, red chili , cumin , ginger , garlic powders and salt . Add tomatoes and cook for few minutes depending on asparagus size.


Happy Halloween

Halloween is all abt creativity , isn’t it ? In today’s world you find plenty of ideas on net easily.

Stuffed orange bell pepper with quinoa , black bean , corn etc mixture and baked for few minutes . Tongue made with carrot and put some ketchup on it.

Happy Halloween!