Undhiyu For Uttarayan

14th January is when sun enters Capricorn and day starts getting long from here onwards. This day is celebrated in India and different states have different celebrations. In Gujarat where I grew up, people fly kites, eat sesame/peanut brittles , Undhiyu.

I like to bake and so I make baked Undhiyu. Tarla Dalal who was and is popular Gujarati chef has nice Undhiyu recipe on you tube. It’s using pressure cooker.

Happy Uttarayan!


Navratan Korma

When you get cauliflower, save few florets and voila you can make navratan korma. It is mixed vegetables and generally cauliflower,potatoes,carrots,green beans , peas , paneer is used. Besides cauliflower, generally everything else you will have. If you don’t have or don’t like paneer like me, then skip it.

Add some roasted cashews, raisins and if you have fresh pineapple add it. Or I think apple will go well too. Will make it more restaurant like.

Just an idea as usual.


Navsari Special Ubadiyu

Navsari is where I grew up. Last time I visited in winter, I was told by family I can’t leave without eating Ubadiyu. So one day nephew and I went to get it. It’s generally made on highway. They make in earthen pot and open fire and what not. And it’s very very spicy. Served with green chutney and butter milk.

Tailored to my liking and with things available in this hometown. Basically, it’s roasted vegetables with spices. Here’s my version and you can make your version.

  • 4 vegetables are used in Ubadiyu. Papdi, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam. No papdi ? Use edamame, green beans .
  • Wash and marinate papdi in salt for 2-3 hrs.
  • Cut other vegetables in chunks. I left skin on potatoes.
  • Take a big vessel to mix everything. Take ginger, green chilli paste, ajmo (carom seeds), turmeric powder, red chili powder , coriander-cumin powder , sesame seeds. Add little peanut oil. Now add papdi and mix . Add other vegetables and mix everything. Add salt as needed.
  • If you have green garlic, add it.
  • Take a baking dish and oil it. Add prepared vegetables.
  • Roast it covered with foil paper at 375 for 1 hr.
  • Yum ! It’s cold here so I skipped buttermilk and I made way less spicy.
  • Makes a filling meal and no need of anything else .
  • It’s more fun to eat with friends and family. It’s an experience.
  • If you visit south gujarat , India in winter time, you know what to eat now.

Chinese Stir Fry

  • Easy breezy and done in 30 minutes. Am sure I have posted before but we should hear good things again and again because we forget .
  • Use all colorful vegetables and tofu . To make it look professional or restaurant like, garnish with green onion and sesame seeds.
  • I use soya sauce and chili garlic sauce. You can use extra garlic , ginger . Also I use toasted sesame oil for Chinese .
  • Good brand jasmine rice makes a difference.
  • Enjoy!

Sautéed Vegetables – Maangchi Inspired

Do you know abt Maangchi ? She has YouTube channel and shares Korean recipes . Her videos are so much fun. There are few vegetarian recipes there.

Most of the recipes I watched has onion, green onion , garlic, soy sauce, Korean chili powder, roasted sesame oil. Besides Korean chili powder I went and bought other things and sautéed vegetables. Simple recipe and takes few minutes only. No left over.