Malay Potato Curry

Have you been to Malaysian restaurant and tried Roti Canai ? It comes with delicious curry. Tried to recreate at home easy way.

Got Kawan Paratha from Indian store which are kind of roti canai.

Made potato curry from scratch . Even made coconut milk at home .

There are few recipes for it on you tube . I took some inspiration from them and did my own way. Just an idea if you are roti canai lover .


Time To Eat Sprouts

Mung Sprouts
Yummy Spring Meal

Spring is a good time to eat sprouts. You can Sprouts at home and it’s very cheap and easy.

Made mung Sprouts . I kept them 36 hrs to sprout and they sprouted nice and big. Made Indian dry curry which is also so easy. One of my American colleague also have learned to sprout mung and makes this mung curry perfect.

Do you sprout?


Undhiyu For Uttarayan

14th January is when sun enters Capricorn and day starts getting long from here onwards. This day is celebrated in India and different states have different celebrations. In Gujarat where I grew up, people fly kites, eat sesame/peanut brittles , Undhiyu.

I like to bake and so I make baked Undhiyu. Tarla Dalal who was and is popular Gujarati chef has nice Undhiyu recipe on you tube. It’s using pressure cooker.

Happy Uttarayan!


Navratan Korma

When you get cauliflower, save few florets and voila you can make navratan korma. It is mixed vegetables and generally cauliflower,potatoes,carrots,green beans , peas , paneer is used. Besides cauliflower, generally everything else you will have. If you don’t have or don’t like paneer like me, then skip it.

Add some roasted cashews, raisins and if you have fresh pineapple add it. Or I think apple will go well too. Will make it more restaurant like.

Just an idea as usual.