Sautéed Vegetables – Maangchi Inspired

Do you know abt Maangchi ? She has YouTube channel and shares Korean recipes . Her videos are so much fun. There are few vegetarian recipes there.

Most of the recipes I watched has onion, green onion , garlic, soy sauce, Korean chili powder, roasted sesame oil. Besides Korean chili powder I went and bought other things and sautéed vegetables. Simple recipe and takes few minutes only. No left over.


Eggplant With Onion

Eggplant with onion makes a quick, simple side dish. Eggplant is everywhere in summer so try it out. I make it with Indian spices but you can make with spices you like.

  • Use olive oil and add some chopped garlic.
    Add sliced onion and sauté for a minute.
    Add sliced egg plant and add spices, salt. Cover and cook.
    It cooks quickly in few minutes.
    You can use cumin powder , crushed pepper.
    If you like potato , add thinly sliced potato and cook until potato is done. Add little water if needed.
    You can top with roasted peanuts too.
    Eat as a side dish or find your own way.
  • Here’s recent observation through social media. When we praise anything or anyone , it’s more abt glorifying ourselves only. Isn’t it ? Next time observe yourself and think abt it. We need to learn to take backstage when needed and let others shine. Things , ppl whatever it is .
  • Enjoy!
  • Moth Sprouts Usal

    Moth Sprouts have a unique test and so if you are open minded with food and like to try new things , you would like it. Sprouts are good to eat. Soak beans for 8-9 hrs and then let it sprout for 12 -24 hrs. In a hot climate they will sprout fast and also depends on quality of beans. I left for 24 hrs.

    Made this Maharashtrian style usal with it . I didn’t had goda masala so not authentic but it still makes a nice fun meal.


    Cauliflower Manchurian

    Manchurian is Indo Chinese and can be made with cauliflower, mushroom, paneer etc etc . It’s deep fried , and too many steps, so I never made it home before .

    Finally made it at home and it came out good. What I liked best was the sauce. It is sweet, sour , spicy. If you never had it before or want to try , do try . All ingredients are easily available and don’t need special trip to Indian store . Plenty of recipes online so I won’t repeat.

    • You can serve it on bed of greens and put some cucumber , tomatoes , onions etc slices around to make a meal out of it .
    • If you make more sauce then you can have it over rice or quinoa.
    • Makes a good appetizer.
    • If you have air fryer , this will be a good dish to make. I am considering buying one.
    • Or like me just have some mangoes on the side and call it a nice dinner .
    • Enjoy!