Haridwar & Rishikesh

Ganga ghat

Ganga Aarati


Laxman joola

Both places are close by and around 15 km away from each other . Let me be honest and tell you that they are very dirty and very very crowded as you can see in pictures. Ganga ghat is clean and ppl constantly cleaning but roads to take there where you will have to walk were bad .

If this places are on your list to visit , by all means just go. Rishikesh is very famous for yoga classes but we yoga ppl didn’t care for it . You can learn yoga wherever you are but yes being in India if you never been , is in itself is a huge accomplishment. I grew up in India but still it’s hard now since am used to of all comfort. So I had to brave it out too .

There’s a saying in India that if you take dip in river Ganga , all your sins will be washed away. What it really means is being able to do what you want to do in life . You will see lot of ppl taking dip in Ganga @ Haridwar

I have lot of pictures from trip but not possible to share all pictures, experiences. I will share them here and there may be in small pieces.



Golden Temple & Taj Mahal

Golden temple is in Amritsar and we even went to eat langar at night which was an experience.

Taj Mahal as everyone know is 1 of 7 wonder and it’s really a beauty. Pictures come out very nice there .

One can visit both places from Delhi.


Chardham Trip

Chardham meaning four religious places. It’s a popular, hard religious trip of India. Places are in Uttarakhand, India and involves hikes, long journeys on roads and being Himalayan region , everything is unpredictable. Chardhams are Yamunotri , Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badarinath.

With the god’s grace we 5 ppl took this journey and completed successfully and had so much fun . Hikes are very hard and one needs strong will power. One just needs to keep walking. Here’s few pictures for you all to enjoy. Stay tuned for other places I visited on the trip.

Yamunotri hike

Gaumukh hike

Gaumukh yoga pose at Gaumukh

Dip in hot springs of Ganga

Kedarnath hike

Badrinath- no hike


Spiritual Trip Preparations

  • What are your thoughts on preparations ? It depends on where you are going and what all you have signed up for . Mine gonna involve hiking and lot of hiking so here’s what I have done. Weather changes places to places so you always prepare for all kind of weather.
    • Have been hiking for last few years but since we started planning trip , have hiked religiously every weekend .
      Bought proper shoes way in advance as shown in pic. Have been hiking in them for a while.
      Everyday walk, take steps whatever exercise I can get in a day.
      Got beet root powder and tried before hike to see it helps. And it does So packing that. And chia seeds.
      I like reflexology foot massage so got that done. Feet takes you everywhere so treat them . And with all hiking am doing and will be doing massage felt good.
      Did a quick fast to cleanse , change energy.
      Got Camara ready.

    Point is you prepare yourself before board exam. And then remain flexible and take things as they come , change. Everything always workout and so relax and have fun. I will have stories to tell and experiences to share .

    Hope this helps who wants to go on spiritual trips. Remember Jesus Saves.

    Stay tuned as I will share what I learned and some pictures, videos from trip. And send your wishes and you will earn some good karmas too.


    Fast Before Journey

    Every religion I know has some kind of fasting , pilgrimage , chanting, doing good karma is prescribed. Before going on any big trip, Yatra , jatra , journey whatever you call it’s a good idea to fast or take laxative.

    One can read a big book on fasting and discuss , argue over it or just fast for a day and you will know what fast is. Same rule applies to lot of other things. If anything appeals to you, experiment with it be it yoga , meditation, pilgrimage or whatever it is. Theory without experiment is useless.