Travel Tales

 Came across this website A boy who travels which I enjoyed very much and so of course had to share here. Do check it out. It has nice tips , stories of traveling without any plan and how things fall in place. It has very nice pictures too. 

Other thing  I came across is kheer Ganga trek which looks so good. 

Kheer Ganga Trek

Now in India also, lot of places to go hike , trek over the weekend and I see people doing it. I even saw girls only trek. It was nice to see all girls actually going on treks. So many opportunities now a days and so many options .If you still haven’t started venturing out , time to start looking . 

I don’t know abt you all, but I do get inspired. 

Enjoy ! (Come back and share your story)

Belur Р Halebidu РShravanabelagola Tour

Have been wanting to share this 1 day trip my friend and I did which was mesmerizing to me. I loved all temples and trip was from karanataka government which was on time and very convenient. It starts from badami house, Bangalore and bus stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food was alright and important I didn’t get sick eating it. Unless you are expecting 5 star meal, you will be fine. 

First stop was Shravanabelagola. Have too many beautiful pictures but I will share few.You have to climb 700+ steps to reach temple. 

After that we visited Belur and Halebidu temples. Temples are all carved and not a single place where it’s not carved. It has all Mahabharata and other stories from scriptures. 10 avatars of Vishnu . Made me very happy that I got to be there and so wanted to share with you all. It took 3 generations to complete temples. You can google and read more abt history if interested.

Lord Bahubali – World’s largest monolithic statue. 58.8 feet

View from top

Mirror lady

Amazing temple carving

Hoysala symbol

Arjuna taking aim – Mahabharata story

Dubai Experience 

Burj Khalifa

Riding a bike in desert

Desert sun set

Balancing in sand is little difficult.

Burj Khalifa at night show.

Gulf of Persia

Sun set at kite beach

Dubai view at night

Sharing some pictures from my Dubai trip. I enjoyed desert safari very much. Most of the women didn’t ride a bike but I would like to encourage everyone to try. It was fun and there won’t be a second chance to that so why not try it? Middle eastern food was good too. I was able to recognize lot of it thanks to Arabic mehfil I had arranged earlier this year.

 My thought are scattered right now and I wasn’t even sure abt this post but I hear a lot from ppl that they are inspired from my posts, my experiences so this post is for all of you who have inspired me in turn to keep writing and sharing my experiences.
Try new things, explore your horizon and remember to comment.

Enjoy Dubai pictures!

Expanding Horizon

How is everyone doing ? I can’t stay away from this space too long and have to update , share my experiences. I have been traveling and having a gala time. Amazing how and where all am ending up. Right ppl, right time at right places as long as I don’t put my 2 cents and just listen , observe which I learned through yoga and meditation.

Picture is from desert safari of Dubai. Isn’t desert pretty? Looking at my steps in sand which disappeares in no time…

Enjoy !

Dandi , Gandhi & Fast

When it comes to fasting, Gandhi seems synonym to fast as most of us are aware how he used fast as a tool in his nonviolent movement to free India. Am not sure if I ever shared the pictures from my trip to “Dandi” , place where Gandhi walked and broke salt rule.

House where Gandhi was confined , some pictures from inside the house and dandi beach.

Being from Gujarat, I learned abt Gandhi as a kid and his life stories were part of school curriculum. I was very impressed with him even at that early age and had even tried to practice some of the things from his life. No stealing , speak truth always, Ramnam to be fearless, how he studied all religions , fasting …. etc.Not that I succeeded all the time. 

My very 1st fast was at the age of 8 for 5 days and that became everyear for next 6- 7years. Then fasting almost became impossible until few years back when it all started again.When you get impressed with something , you have to try it yourself. Isn’t it?

Gandhi still inspires me and always like to share the things I learned from him.

Will end with his quote “There’s no prayer without fasting “.

Enjoy !