Left Over Restaurant Rice

If you are in restaurant business, you should know how to serve food . At Indian restaurants, they give pile of white rice and if it’s take out, curry portion is so small. How do you expect ppl to eat plain white rice ? Is that how they eat at home ? And then ppl end up throwing away rice. Why waste all that rice ?

I generally tell servers to give me little rice and no rice if I am not gonna eat it . Y’day I ordered take out and then to my horror so much white rice . I decided to keep it and then made vegetable fried rice .

I don’t like throwing away the food but if it’s not good , throw it away . Use your own judgement. I throw rotten vegetables in garden for worms . They are no good for my stomach.

What steps you take to not waste food ?



Get A Life

After work, I stopped by at a grocery store and this store was on the way to home so I always went there and so knew owner . He told me something very interesting that day . He said “he puts out vegetables that’s going bad on sale on a certain day and all this ppl who come to buy , come in luxury cars. Why don’t they spend money on buying fresh vegetables? ” Well, he had a point .

People invest in things , not in life. Invest in life , what is important. Good food is investing in health. If you invest in health then you will be able to do things you enjoy in life . Aging cannot be stopped but we can still work on maintenance.

Picture is from Chinese New Year Celebration where I did India table .


Fun Calendar

Now a days we all use calendar to keep up with all meeting , appointments etc right ? Check your calendar and see if you have something fun on calendar. Nothing ? Bummer. Go ahead and plan something fun. It can be something small like coffee break with friend or a walk with colleagues or lunch, breakfast with friends , colleagues .

I like to have fun things planned and actually I enjoy planning fun things too since my head is always full of ideas . For example this week is so warm so I planned y’day a trail walk at work with colleagues and we all enjoyed walking today. We all were tired afterwards b/c since it’s winter ppl are not walking. It was a good wake up call. Then I plan Indian or new restaurant lunches , pot lucks . I am part of diversity team so there are always events there too. We are celebrating Chinese New Year this week.

Point is have fun in weekdays too and try new things . You will stay active mentally, physically and will do better in whatever you do. Life will be fun and you will worry less abt those wrinkles, age that we all are so worked up now a days. If you feel good , then that’s all matters.

Enjoy !

Frozen Pizza ?

At Harris Teeter , I saw a woman and a little girl checking out pizza and curious me also checked .Pizza looked good to me. It was veggie , no artificial flavor and only 7 ingredients. It came home. Another one was beet and goat cheese that I will buy next time . Pizza turned out good. I added crushed pepper on top.

Ok so this post is not abt how good the pizza was . We all want to eat pizza and everything else that we desire. Sometime we don’t want to cook or hungry and no time to cook. Whatever the reason is … I like to be realistic and try , eat everything I like .

So how do you turn frozen pizza to a good , balanced dinner ? Simple , add some soup on the side . I had left over Ayurvedic veggie soup so while pizza is warming up in oven , start with soup appetizer. Make sure it’s soup and has plenty of vegetables. Then you can eat your pizza slices and you got best of both world.

Isn’t it so simple ?


Recycle, Reuse

Don’t we all know now that plastic takes forever to decompose ? It’s so easy to take your reusable bag to grocery store . You can stuff so much in a bag and it’s easy to carry too. Keep few in a car and it will be handy. Also all companies now a days give bags and they are freely distributed at festivals and what not. Use them people. That’s not something to be stored away.

I don’t like to get obsessed with anything and I still use plastic when needed . But if we all take a moderate approach then we can make a difference.

Here’s the few green things that I do.

  • Of course , I take my own grocery bags .
  • Other stores , if I have only few things that I can carry in my hand , I tell cashier not to bag.
  • Carry my own bottle . I keep 1 at work too so no need to carry everyday.
  • Hardly uses paper products at home or work. Only when on the road or for party.
  • Plastic bags whatever I end up, will take to recycle .
  • When I use Garbage bags , I fill them up totally before throwing away. That way I use less bags.
  • Take snacks in a reusable container when appropriate.

Find your own ways to reuse , recycle things. Everyone has to pinch in to make a difference. When you make a positive change , you will feel good. Isn’t that a huge bonus ?

Enjoy reusing , recycling !