Today’s Lunch & Tips

Saw Thai red sauce at the store which looked vegetarian and had nothing unusual as ingredient so it came home. It wasn’t creamy like Thai red curry but what I liked that I was able to throw all vegetables I like and they are lightly cooked unlike Indian curries. With good quality jasmin rice and lots of veggies in curry , it turned out all right.

Neighbor’s little boy who enjoys my baked goodies baked a vanilla cake and brought to me. How sweet. This is called karma. I made some blueberry sauce to go with it. Since I don’t keep corn starch at home , to thicken sauce I added some chia seeds after sauce cooked down little bit. Also added some coconut butter and used very little raw sugar.



a2 Milk

Do you know abt a2 milk ? It’s supposed to be easier to digest. I learned from yoga friend but never found until today. Google for more info if it appeals to u. I just bought it and have yet to use.


Dilute Juice

Most of the Juices are very sweet, aren’t they? I buy carrot juice from stores and it’s only carrot nothing else . Still very sweet.

So what I started doing is half carrot juice and half water. This is good now . I drink carrot juice because it helps me with the cycle.

Now I can keep enjoying carrot juice .


Watermelon Indian Way

Summer is here and so does watermelon. If you have never tried watermelon Indian way, then this is for you. Sprinkle some salt and roasted cumin powder on it. It’s good after hike or on a hot day when you sweat so much and so losing salt . Good way to hydrate yourself. People who work outside on hot days will also benefit from this.

Enjoy !

How To Start New Project

Looking to start a new project or trying to change life and all confused and don’t know where to begin, where to find support?Well, worry not. There’s help and starting within.

In India, everything starts with a fast. I know everyone has forgotten it. Any prayers, vrat , Pooja starts with fasting first. Even in marriage, bride groom, family has to fast. Doing Pooja at home, got to fast. Want to pacify a planet ? Fast.

Why fast? Because when there’s so much junk sitting in stomach , hard to have clear mind which is needed for new start. Fasting helps clear mind , change energy. You might want to undertake manta sadhana or see how mudras work. For that also, fast.

For quicker result, take a laxative night before and fast next day.

Now after fasting , next day in the morning sit down at your favorite relaxing spot which could me your temple room or study room or whatever it is. Pose your question, “how do I begin ….” and wait for answer.

Time to take action now.

Try it out.