How To Start New Project

Looking to start a new project or trying to change life and all confused and don’t know where to begin, where to find support?Well, worry not. There’s help and starting within.

In India, everything starts with a fast. I know everyone has forgotten it. Any prayers, vrat , Pooja starts with fasting first. Even in marriage, bride groom, family has to fast. Doing Pooja at home, got to fast. Want to pacify a planet ? Fast.

Why fast? Because when there’s so much junk sitting in stomach , hard to have clear mind which is needed for new start. Fasting helps clear mind , change energy. You might want to undertake manta sadhana or see how mudras work. For that also, fast.

For quicker result, take a laxative night before and fast next day.

Now after fasting , next day in the morning sit down at your favorite relaxing spot which could me your temple room or study room or whatever it is. Pose your question, “how do I begin ….” and wait for answer.

Time to take action now.

Try it out.



Try New Cuisine/Restaurants

Are you wondering what’s happening with navratri fast? I had planned to do for 3 days and on 4th day which was Wednesday, I had arranged a lunch at local new indo- Chinese restaurant a while back. Didn’t know navratri dates at that time. Well, everything always work out. I was able to do 3 days as that’s all I wanted to do. And lot of my colleagues, friends from work showed up for lunch. Everyone wanted to try indo- Chinese food.

Other thing that fell in place was I had planned Ayurvedic spring tips at work diversity event . Of course long back on March 20th not knowing that was 1st day of spring. 1 lady came to our location specially just to learn Ayurveda. People do make an effort when they want to learn something and others just keep finding excuses.

So what came out of navratri fast? Am trying new restaurants, new cuisines and planning to arrange more lunch for my coworkers. Everyone loves food and it’s easy to try in a group because we all drive each other to try something new.

Today I tried a new Mediterranean place. Falafel wrap I had before but lentil soup is 1st time and I liked it.


Spring Cleanse Your Home

Do you clean your home , drawer,attic etc upon arrival of spring? What about body which is our 1st home through out the stay on earth? In India, different season ,time has all different religious activities and part of it is fasting. Now a days we do celebrate but minus fasting. We need to relearn importance of fasting during season change.

We all ate lot of heavy food during winter and body needs to adjust to warm, hot weather so give it little rest and it will serve you better. Here’s few ideas :

  • Skip one meal a day that you are dependent on. It could be breakfast, lunch ,dinner whatever it is. That’s all.
  • Change the diet. If you are heavy on meal, become vegetarian for a week. If you are heavy on dairy, go vegan. If you eat nuts every day, go on vegetables. Whatever you do every day, change it.
  • Navratri starting today so good time to fast. Eat light meals , 1 time. Remember it’s fasting and not feasting.
  • Whatever you decide to do,keep it simple and don’t make a huge project out of it.
  • If you are a heavy coffee drinker , smoker or something like that, just skip coffee , cigarette, alcohol for a week or 9 days. You know yourself best and know what you need to do.

Happy Navratri !

What to eat for hike

Do you have fear of hike or just all kind of fears may be ? Fear not, hike. Hike is 1 of the way to get rid of few fears. Get few friends together and go hike a near by mountain. As I have been hiking for a while , few things I have learned . I have only done few miles long hikes and not those overnight ones or few days. So my suggestion is for few hrs /few miles hike.

  • Most imp, being a woman I don’t hike 4-7 days during cycle.
  • Right after cycle when I hiked , I was really really tired and I realized it’s b/c of low iron. Now I make sure I eat iron rich food during and right after cycle . That has helped big time. Cooked spinach, carrot juice , boiled beetroot, quinoa, avocado, chia seeds is what I eat.
  • I learned that eating protein before hike helps. I try to eat boiled Kala Chana, quinoa , or any beans with quinoa. Boiled egg also good option.
  • After hike, protein again. I take boiled peanuts and some acidic fruit for us to enjoy after hike.
  • Few pictures from today’s hike. Always respect signs everywhere. They are there for a reason and for our own good.
  • Enjoy!

Hot Water With Lemon

Most of the people have digestion issues now a days. Thanks to our life style. But we can do some simple things. Some of the restaurants offer hot water and lemon. Take advantage of it. Hot water with lemon helps digestion. It helps when you eat big meal at restaurant. Even at home when your digestion needs little help due to heavy meal , or cloudy rainy days when digestion is week.

It’s very simple to make . Heat water in a pot. Pour hot water in a mug and add a slice of lemon. Now sip it. Refrain from adding anything else. No honey either.

See how you feel .