Zinc Rich Food

Pumpkin Seeds

Are you getting enough zinc from your food ? Pumpkin seeds are very good source . Sesame seeds, nuts , beans , oatmeal also good source . Our body need zinc to fight infection. I like to get from my food for everyday need. Right now is a good time to include zinc rich food.

Enjoy zinc rich pumpkin seeds !!!

Small Organizing Tip

Have been decluttering , organizing kitchen lately using you tube videos . This small thing I came up on my own I think.

If you have lot of serving spoons that you use for party , potluck, picnic then get a box from dollar tree and put them all together . Now it will be easy to find and they are not coming in the way everyday .


Sprinkle Pomegranate

Pomegranate season is here. Am sure everyone knows how good rich in antioxidants pomegranate is.

You can remove seeds and store in fridge for a week. That way easy to sprinkle whenever you want .

On salad , oatmeal , pav bhaji, poha , Upma etc etc so many options . Find your way. They make dish look pretty and taste good too .