Spring Cleanse Your Home

Do you clean your home , drawer,attic etc upon arrival of spring? What about body which is our 1st home through out the stay on earth? In India, different season ,time has all different religious activities and part of it is fasting. Now a days we do celebrate but minus fasting. We need to relearn importance of fasting during season change.

We all ate lot of heavy food during winter and body needs to adjust to warm, hot weather so give it little rest and it will serve you better. Here’s few ideas :

  • Skip one meal a day that you are dependent on. It could be breakfast, lunch ,dinner whatever it is. That’s all.
  • Change the diet. If you are heavy on meal, become vegetarian for a week. If you are heavy on dairy, go vegan. If you eat nuts every day, go on vegetables. Whatever you do every day, change it.
  • Navratri starting today so good time to fast. Eat light meals , 1 time. Remember it’s fasting and not feasting.
  • Whatever you decide to do,keep it simple and don’t make a huge project out of it.
  • If you are a heavy coffee drinker , smoker or something like that, just skip coffee , cigarette, alcohol for a week or 9 days. You know yourself best and know what you need to do.

Happy Navratri !


What to eat for hike

Do you have fear of hike or just all kind of fears may be ? Fear not, hike. Hike is 1 of the way to get rid of few fears. Get few friends together and go hike a near by mountain. As I have been hiking for a while , few things I have learned . I have only done few miles long hikes and not those overnight ones or few days. So my suggestion is for few hrs /few miles hike.

  • Most imp, being a woman I don’t hike 4-7 days during cycle.
  • Right after cycle when I hiked , I was really really tired and I realized it’s b/c of low iron. Now I make sure I eat iron rich food during and right after cycle . That has helped big time. Cooked spinach, carrot juice , boiled beetroot, quinoa, avocado, chia seeds is what I eat.
  • I learned that eating protein before hike helps. I try to eat boiled Kala Chana, quinoa , or any beans with quinoa. Boiled egg also good option.
  • After hike, protein again. I take boiled peanuts and some acidic fruit for us to enjoy after hike.
  • Few pictures from today’s hike. Always respect signs everywhere. They are there for a reason and for our own good.
  • Enjoy!

Hot Water With Lemon

Most of the people have digestion issues now a days. Thanks to our life style. But we can do some simple things. Some of the restaurants offer hot water and lemon. Take advantage of it. Hot water with lemon helps digestion. It helps when you eat big meal at restaurant. Even at home when your digestion needs little help due to heavy meal , or cloudy rainy days when digestion is week.

It’s very simple to make . Heat water in a pot. Pour hot water in a mug and add a slice of lemon. Now sip it. Refrain from adding anything else. No honey either.

See how you feel .



Sprout Season

Found this tree in backyards already sprouting. Isn’t it amazing ? Like red threads are coming out. Spring will be here soon and so does allergy. We will need to change our eating habits too. I have done a post earlier on spring but we forget things and so good time to remind us and that includes myself too.

As everything is sprouting, waking up from long winter, we humans should follow same to stay in harmony with nature. 

  • Eat sprouts. Mung bean, Black Chana , moth beans all you can sprout at home easily.
  • Green is the color of spring and so eat all greens. They are so cheap in spring anyways. Spinach, kale,  chard, methi so many options. Buy fresh .
  • Brussel sprout has sprout in its name too.
  • Beetroot, radish.
  • Green onion , green garlic. You can plant some garlic in a pot now and it will be ready to eat in spring.
  • Add some bitter flavor in diet
  • Do a spring cleaning of your home. Am talking abt our body. 🙂 Yes, you can clean house too.
  • People with allergy should put a drop of good quality sesame oil in both nostrils. This is Ayurvedic remedy. 



What am I doing for flu season ?

Flu season is bad this year and it’s all over in the news. Besides usual advice everywhere we see, this is what I am including in diet. I am no authority if this measure works or not but it makes me feel better that am taking steps.

  • Include coconut butter in diet. Spread on bread or roti, rotla whatever you eat. 
  • Cook with coconut oil. Roasted sweet potatoe wedges with coconut oil as seen in the picture.Yummy ! Coconut oil, butter is anti bacterial, anti viral due to its Laurie acid content.
  • Add fresh garlic in cooking. I like to add raw garlic to chutneys. 
  • Drink enough water. 
  • Eat some vitamin c rich food everyday.
  • Limit or stop eating all sugar loaded stuff.

Stay warm and enjoy!