Waiting For Perfect Time???

Do you wait for perfect time for every thing ? We all do but if that’s all the time and you are not growing in life and “you want to grow in life ” , start questioning yourself . If you don’t want to do anything, then that’s fine . Skip reading further.

I bought this nice new pot and have been wanting to make poha in it but I kept saying not now few times . Today I got pissed off at myself only and just made it . Come on , it’s just poha and I don’t need good “Muhurat ” for it. Whenever the opportunity comes, it’s perfect time. You may , may not get opportunity again. Stop overthinking and just do it. That yoga class , hike , art class , gym , music whatever you have been eyeing just try it out for a day , 1 class , 1 hr , 1 day or just 1 breath at a time.

“Now” is the perfect time to start living .


Insta Pot Pav Bhaji

Tada… made bhaji in Insta pot. Like any other tool, i had to figure out how to use this ultra insta pot. It has knob to set which is new to me and first I forgot to push start button. Duh. Well, If you like to cook, entertain ppl then this is handy. I don’t know abt other countries but in USA this is a rage and seems everyone has it and everyone loves it. You will have only 1 pot to clean .

If you don’t have one , I would recommend getting one. Electric pressure cooks are good just to cook beans since there won’t be any mess . Indian pressure cook with whistle works but then you will have to stuck around house and sometimes things boil over and make a mess around stove . Electric pressure cooker will go to warm when done so you can start and go for a walk and finish your 5 miles , 10k steps whatever you are doing .

Pav Bhaji With side of some spring greens, pineapple.

Tip: Do you know 20-20-20 rule for eyes ? Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 ft away for 20 seconds.


Do you steps?

Title sounds funny , isn’t it ? Do you take steps or try to include steps in daily routine? Steps are everywhere and it’s a good workout I feel. It raises your heartbeat quickly. It’s harder than walking. My workplace has 135 steps and i have been doing it. If your home has steps like mine you can use them too. I have 15 steps at home and if I do that 10 times at once …. phew.

If you have high cholesterol and trying to reduce , include steps. I think it helps to lower cholesterol.

Picture is of home steps and crowders mountain hike steps.

Enjoy steps !

Body The Temple

Body is called our first temple and you should keep it clean inside, out and healthy, make changes as we age . That includes mental faculties too. As we age body will have different needs. Why do you want to stay healthy? You can answer that for yourself .

Not to generalize ppl but I have noticed when I find something good and tell ppl at work or my yoga friends they will go to store or will buy it on amazon right away. But some ppl will just try what I gave them but will never buy and will just make some excuses. May be they don’t want to spend money or not interested in health. Well, each to their own. Some ppl have no time, money for life giving things but have everything for nonsense.

There are things we can do as young and won’t be able to do in old age . But then old age will have things to do too. Everyone seems to be planning things to do after retirement, after this and that… but remember by that time you will be old. So what we can do now, we should just do it. Like hiking I won’t be doing that at old age but I will have stories to tell young ppl and suggestions like drink beetroot juice , Eat some protein.

Are you keeping your temple in a good shape ? Is it maintained well? It’s spring time and so start cleaning it and then rebuild .