Coconut Water With Meat

If you keep eyes, ears open you find treasures. Today while driving saw Mexican kind of farmer market and so I stopped.

Saw a guy with fresh green coconuts and he was removing meat and giving it too . Was all clean and he had process set up very well. Bought 1 and it was only $5. Water was very good and so much meat . I froze some and will use in coconut chutney.

I do stop by road side market or fresh vegetables, fruits stand whenever possible. Have found many good extra ordinary produce over the years.

Do you stop by to check local stuff ?


Selenium Rich Brazil Nut

Selenium is a trace mineral needed for immunity, thyroid to function properly. Brazil nut is a very good source of selenium and 1-2 nut provides daily need . Other good vegetarian sources are sunflower seeds, spinach, brown rice etc.

Do research selenium and it’s benefits and check if you are getting enough. If not , just eat Brazil nuts once in a while. So simple.


Grandma’s cast iron pots & pans

Cast iron pot and pans have come back and many ppl are using it now since they are safer. You get little iron in your cooked food which is extra benefit. I also got few and use now and then .

Have you tried them ? Lodge cast iron is good. Price is affordable to everyone and it will last life time.

New cast iron kadai in picture . Friend recommended it and I had to get it . Perfect size for me. Made my favorite potato poha in it.

Oh and it will give some arm work out too since they are heavy. Be careful touching it since it gets hot .