Selenium Rich Brazil Nut

Selenium is a trace mineral needed for immunity, thyroid to function properly. Brazil nut is a very good source of selenium and 1-2 nut provides daily need . Other good vegetarian sources are sunflower seeds, spinach, brown rice etc.

Do research selenium and it’s benefits and check if you are getting enough. If not , just eat Brazil nuts once in a while. So simple.


Grandma’s cast iron pots & pans

Cast iron pot and pans have come back and many ppl are using it now since they are safer. You get little iron in your cooked food which is extra benefit. I also got few and use now and then .

Have you tried them ? Lodge cast iron is good. Price is affordable to everyone and it will last life time.

New cast iron kadai in picture . Friend recommended it and I had to get it . Perfect size for me. Made my favorite potato poha in it.

Oh and it will give some arm work out too since they are heavy. Be careful touching it since it gets hot .


Therapeutic Art

  • You tube or technology in general knows what we like. Isn’t it ? You tube recommended art video and I had to try it. Art is good for kids and adults too . No age bar.
  • There’s one place I messed it up. Can you find it ?
  • Enjoy!
  • Ayurveda – Winter Food

    Dhebra , cranberry – ginger pickle

    Date Paak

    Winter is here . It’s been pretty cold here and so calls for winter food to keep warm. In India , there are certain foods available during winter and some special things are made to enjoy in winter but you need to workout to really enjoy those food. Here’s example of few everyday meals.

    • Methi / fenugreek bhaji. We use to make curry or dhebra, thepla.
    • Papdi
    • Pearl Millet/ Bajra is warm and so generally eaten for winter dinner.
    • Root vegetables . Carrot , yam, winter squashes
    • All kind of spices are good in winter.
    • Yogurt, Rice are very cooling so eat less of it. Quinoa will be better. Kadhi is ok.
    • Date with nuts. 2nd picture. Sauté chopped dates in ghee or coconut oil just for few minutes. Add nuts , cardamom powder. This is my favorite to eat in winter.
    • All kind of nuts are good in winter. Of course in moderation.
    • More protein so we generally eat more of beans. Urad dal, masoor , kidney beans are high in protein and so good in winter .
    • I like to hike in winter since it warms you up in few minutes.

    What do you eat and what are your winter activities?