White Bean Soup With Bruschetta

Fun lunch , isn’t it ? And so yummy, smells so good too. Fresh basil plucked from pot, home grown has very nice smell.

Have you tried this combination? At home ? By the way, I don’t add any pasta to soup since I have bread on the side .

Break the routine .


Garlic Bread with Dry Peas curry

If we wait for perfect time to be happy, it’s never gonna happen . Isn’t it ? Mine happens with food. I many times miss something in my meal plan. Thought will make white bean soup but forgot to soak and then was so busy with work meetings until lunch time . Oh well, I had Indian dry peas curry which is like soup.

Made garlic butter at home . Use grass fed cow butter of good quality and mixed some fresh chopped garlic, Italian seasoning. Spread on bread , add some mozzarella cheese and bake , broil.

Top with some red chili flakes . 15 minute and lunch was ready.


Sub Sandwich

If you get good sub roll, home made sandwich will taste so good. You can make it the way you like and can add lot of treasures in it . I know Sub picture is upside down.

Veg pho is restaurant left over . Soup and sandwich made a good lunch on foggy day and after yoga quick lunch.

Recently I learned that lot of ppl learned music during quarantine. Some ppl taught themselves new music instruments , or started playing /learning instrument they had for years. Good use of time. I also got back to my music last year and still continuing.


Peanut Yogurt Kadhi

Made peanut yogurt at home. There are you tube videos on it. Soak peanuts, make milk and add chili tops to make yogurt. Yogurt didn’t turn out as thick as in video but that’s ok. It tasted just like peanuts.

But when I made kadhi which is a Gujarati soup made with milk yogurt, no peanut taste. We add all kind of spices in it so peanut taste took back seat.

It’s a good option for ppl who can’t eat dairy or avoiding dairy. Peanuts are cheap and 1 cup of peanuts made lot of yogurt. If you are on budget, this will not break bank.

In picture, eggplant bharta and millet roti called Dhebra in Gujarati. This is a classic kathiyawadi meal.