Side Dishes Of Life

Side dishes makes meal fun, isn’t it ? Same way in life also you need side activities , skills or anything fun for you is imp.

Cabbage muthiya is very simple to make . Some chopped/shredded cabbage , few flours , spices and it’s steamed .

What are your fun side dishes in life ?


Selenium Rich Brazil Nut

Selenium is a trace mineral needed for immunity, thyroid to function properly. Brazil nut is a very good source of selenium and 1-2 nut provides daily need . Other good vegetarian sources are sunflower seeds, spinach, brown rice etc.

Do research selenium and it’s benefits and check if you are getting enough. If not , just eat Brazil nuts once in a while. So simple.


Butternut Squash Fries

Butternut squash fries are easy to make if you can peel and cut it . If you have sharp big knife , good peeler then it’s not hard to cut , peel butternut squash.

Add salt, pepper and olive oil. Bake at 400 F for 25-30 minutes or until done .

Good snack rich in Vitamin A . In today’s world, one would think everyone knows abt basic nutrition and are aware but I see lot of ppl are still not aware or not interested. Good nutrition is Imp every stage of life.

You can also make for super bowl .


Mini Idlis

Mini idlis are popular from a while and I may be late in the game . Well, found mini Idli stand in Indian grocery store and so finally I tried . Until now I only ate when friends made them.

Mini Idli makes fun appetizer for a party too.

You can have plain with chutney or season it . So many options .

Do you make mini Idli ? Do you spend money on getting some fun kitchen stuff ?


Almond Flour Banana Bread

Almond flour is easily available now and wonderful , talented chefs around the world have figured out good recipes . Made banana bread with it since overripe bananas were on the counter and I think it came out well. Tried a small piece .

There are plenty of recipes so check it out . It has some flax meal and chocolate chips also in it.

Happy 2021 to Gregorian calendar.

FYI: Number 21 is a very suspicious number in Indian culture.


Update: Took it to hike and Hikers loved it.