Nankhatai – Indian Cookie

Ready to go in oven

Do you like to make cookies ? Then try this popular Indian cookies. They are easy to make .

Plenty of recipes are out there and I still made mistake. it’s ok I made it on my own first time and I recognize, accept the mistake . So next time it will be better . Mistake was on the top I made cut little too deep. Few I just made dent on top and should have done that only.

1 cup purpose flour

0.5 cup chickpea flour (gives good flavor)

2.5 tbsp sooji/rava

Pinch of baking powder

1 stick butter melted room temp

0.5 cup powdered or fine sugar

Cardamom powder

Almond finely chopped to put on top

Mix dry ingredients, wet ingredients and make dough.

Don’t knead too much. If needed add little oil or more butter.

Make a dent on top and add some almond powder.

Bake at 350 F for around 20 minutes .

Do check you tube videos to understand recipe better .

Tasted good and I enjoyed it.

To make life better , first step is we need to accept our mistake , weaknesses and then we can make change . Many time you see ppl blaming others for everything. If dish doesn’t come out good , recipe or ingredient was no good . What the fluff ?


Side Dishes Of Life

Side dishes makes meal fun, isn’t it ? Same way in life also you need side activities , skills or anything fun for you is imp.

Cabbage muthiya is very simple to make . Some chopped/shredded cabbage , few flours , spices and it’s steamed .

What are your fun side dishes in life ?


Selenium Rich Brazil Nut

Selenium is a trace mineral needed for immunity, thyroid to function properly. Brazil nut is a very good source of selenium and 1-2 nut provides daily need . Other good vegetarian sources are sunflower seeds, spinach, brown rice etc.

Do research selenium and it’s benefits and check if you are getting enough. If not , just eat Brazil nuts once in a while. So simple.


Butternut Squash Fries

Butternut squash fries are easy to make if you can peel and cut it . If you have sharp big knife , good peeler then it’s not hard to cut , peel butternut squash.

Add salt, pepper and olive oil. Bake at 400 F for 25-30 minutes or until done .

Good snack rich in Vitamin A . In today’s world, one would think everyone knows abt basic nutrition and are aware but I see lot of ppl are still not aware or not interested. Good nutrition is Imp every stage of life.

You can also make for super bowl .


Mini Idlis

Mini idlis are popular from a while and I may be late in the game . Well, found mini Idli stand in Indian grocery store and so finally I tried . Until now I only ate when friends made them.

Mini Idli makes fun appetizer for a party too.

You can have plain with chutney or season it . So many options .

Do you make mini Idli ? Do you spend money on getting some fun kitchen stuff ?