Ripe Jackfruit

Have you ever had a ripe jackfruit? It has a unique taste . Friend just gave me some and I ate after probably 25 years and had even forgotten taste .

If you get opportunity to try, grab it.


Instant Fig Jam

Got few figs y’day. It was a surprise and few were more than few I could eat. For breakfast, made instant fig jam. Few still left.

Chop figs roughly. Start cooking and add little fresh lemon juice. Throw 1-2 cloves and small stick of cinnamon.

Now if you have orange , add little zest of it . Gives a very good flavor.

When water is almost gone from figs, remove from heat. Add some chia seeds to thicken jam.

Voila , jam ready. I am having it on a toast with goat cheese .


Wild Blackberries

Saw Black berries on my walk and I was tempted to try it out. But was not sure it they are edible so googled and turned out they are edible .

Picked few and brought home on return. Washed and ate it. They are sweet, sour and little bitter. Now next time will have to go with a container. Just kidding …

Just wanted to share with you all in case you come across them and wonder . How did ancient ppl know what’s edible and what not ? We just have lost that sense which tells what’s good for us in general.


Avocado With Sprouts

Avocado and sprouts together taste very good . If you are like me , then when you have avocado, sprouts are not ready and by the time sprouts are ready , avocado is eaten up. This time I had half avocado and alfalfa sprouts.

When you are busy, this is a good filling combination. Use on toast or Indian thepla or Paratha. Simple yet delicious, nutritious.


Cajun Spice Boiled Peanuts

Made Cajun spice mix at home . It’s very easy. Blend of spices and you can make as much spicy as you want . Peanuts are high in Protein and it’s fun to peel and eat them . Keeps you full for a long time .

I use dry raw peanuts and cook in instant pot . First I cook just with water for 45 minutes and then add spices . Cook again for 15 minutes and let it cool down naturally. Let peanuts absorb all spices, salt.