Millet Dhokla

Dhokla is a steamed spicy cake. Our diet is heavy on white rice and wheat flour so It’s a good idea to include other millets , grains regularly.

Used Millet which is also known as Samo rice. There are plenty of recipes out there so pick the one you like. Samo rice is generally eaten during fast but you don’t need to fast to eat this or wait for those special days. You can make any time.

When you see a recipe or picture of item and if you like it, what do you do?

Keep the answer to yourself.

Here’s my observation..majority will do nothing , throw some nonsense.

Very few ppl will actually take the idea and will make it. If you are in this category, good job. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder.


Maggi in Vegetable Stock

Maggi noodles is very popular in India and I had my share of maggi during college days . Once in a while I still eat it when there’s nothing else to eat. But now I add vegetables to my maggi.

Today I made maggi in vegetable stock and it tasted good. Good way to use the vegetable stock and good for kids and adults too.

What’s your quick meal idea and have you modified it to suit today’s need ?


Shakarpara – Indian Travel Snack

India is a hot country in general and so there are snacks , food ppl invented that will stay good for weeks to eat during travel. Deep fried, fermented food generally stays good for a longer time and even today you will see ppl carrying it when they travel. Shakarpara is 1 of those good snacks and it doesn’t have any preservatives. It’s loved by all age group, very simple to make and needs few ingredients that most of the ppl will have it home.

This holiday season , try and make this sweet treat of India. It goes well with tea, coffee. You don’t need to travel to India to enjoy this. There’s a joy when you make it at home and you know what went in. So it needs wheat flour and/or all purpose flour , sugar , milk and oil. I know you have these ingredients at home. I skipped cardamom powder and followed this recipe:


Sharad Purnima 2019

Technically today is Sharad Purnima and it’s been raining all day . Of course no moon darshan today but last night it was beautiful and I even took picture.

Today since it’s already cold , skipped dudh poha but pakora, Bhajia is perfect on rainy day , isn’t it ?

As we practice our beliefs , whatever we enjoy it’s important to be practical and ponder over the real meaning of it. Blindly doing something years and years won’t get you anywhere, will it ?