Kimchi Pancake

In South Korea, Seems ppl eat pancake on rainy day. Today it is raining here and I had kimchi . So made kimchi pancake.

You just add chopped kimchi , little Brine from kimchi , little chopped onion and green onion.

For flour I added wheat flour and besan(chickpea flour) . Add some water and make pancake.

You can use all purpose flour too or any pancake mix you have.

Kimchi has to be sour here. Or just add vinegar to give pancake some sourness.

Tasted good and so easy to make it .


Methi Gota & Lemon Tea

Methi Gota is a deep fried snack enjoyed with Indian masala tea generally. You can make a meal out of it . Can do for any of your favorite snack. Instead of snacking on them on top of lunch , dinner .

Cut up some fruits or salad on side and make your tea that you like. It’s a very cold day here so made good lunch. Well, inside heater is running so not really cold . Just an excuse I gave to myself .


Purple Yam Puri

Purple yam also known as ratalu, kand and it’s not sweet potato. Considering it’s purple color , rich in antioxidants. It has bland but creamy taste . You will need fresh one to make this puri or Bhajiya .

Slice fresh yam and dip in chickpea flour batter. What is unique here now is add some crushed black pepper and coriander seeds. Then deep fry.

If you make zucchini or any other kind of fritters then just use that batter and most of the ppl will have black peppers.


Almond Flour Pumpkin Bread

As usual I made using 1 cup almond flour . And in my dollar tree baking pan. Topped with pumpkin seeds . Turned out good .

Most of the recipes called for 3 or 4 eggs which seemed too much to me and then only little pumpkin.

So I added 1 egg for 1 cup flour , some flax meal and added more pumpkin purée. It turned out fine and I was able to make nice piece from it .


Cranberry Orange Bread

Classic combination, isn’t it ? And looks very festive.

I tried to do a smart thing here and added 1 spoonful of coconut flour and removed 1 spoonful of flour from 1 cup measurement . As I was pouring batter into pan, realizes coconut flour needs more liquid . Crap I thought … then realized I added all this cranberries which will burst and provide some moisture as it bakes.

And bread turned out ok. I already ate 2 pieces hot from oven . Try to add some almond flour instead if you have .

Pan is from dollar tree and I love it’s size . It fits into my toaster oven and so I don’t need to turn on oven for small baking. And I can experiment with baking just 1 cup. No need to bake big cakes and bread .