Spring Roll

Walmart has lot of Asian stuff now . Found this brown rice spring roll wrap . They also have peanut sauce to dip your spring roll.

Does picture tell you what went in ? Tofu, cucumber , reddish, green pepper, herbs like cilantro, mint , Thai basil.

So easy and fun to make.

Try if you never tried . It’s a skill to soften the wrap and wrap it properly. Have fun with it.



Raita is yogurt side dish that goes with spicy Indian dishes . This is a variation of it. It’s nice cooling side dish for summer

Finely chopped cucumber, grape tomato and red onion. You can add green chili if you like spicy.

Add some boondi for crunchiness.

Add plain yogurt and mix well.

Add salt , roasted cumin powder . Again use red crushed pepper if you want spicy .

Garnish with cilantro or mint or dill leaves. Traditionally we use cilantro.

To make keto friendly, use Greek yogurt and add some crushed keto chips that is salty or plain flavor.

It taste really good and so simple and easy to make. You can eat as snack too.


Rainbow Salad

You probably have seen salad recipe. Seems keep showing up on my YouTube.

It has purple cabbage, lettuce, carrot, apple, tomatoes, green onion and red onion.

My question is why do you need dressing on this? It taste so good by itself. Just sprinkle some salt if you need. I never eat just salad. It’s a side dish and that way it’s more fun.


Banana Pepper Fry

Have extra banana pepper ? Or like me they look so nice and green so brought them home not knowing what to do. This quick dish taste very good.

Heat oil and crackle some mustard and/or cumin seeds.

Add chopped banana peppers. Remove seeds.

Add salt, turmeric powder and cumin powder. sauté for a minute .

If you have raw peanuts, crush and add powder so it gets cooked .

It will take 3-4 mins for banana pepper to soften. Sprinkle chickpea flour or any flour you have. I think it should be fine. Oat or coconut or almond flour .

Sprinkle some water , cover and cook for 2 – minutes depending on flour you used.

If you have roasted peanut, crush and add them now. Or any roasted nut powder of your choice .

Add pinch of sugar. That’s it.

Good little side dish.

Enjoy !

Methi Gota & Lemon Tea

Methi Gota is a deep fried snack enjoyed with Indian masala tea generally. You can make a meal out of it . Can do for any of your favorite snack. Instead of snacking on them on top of lunch , dinner .

Cut up some fruits or salad on side and make your tea that you like. It’s a very cold day here so made good lunch. Well, inside heater is running so not really cold . Just an excuse I gave to myself .