Purple Yam Puri

Purple yam also known as ratalu, kand and it’s not sweet potato. Considering it’s purple color , rich in antioxidants. It has bland but creamy taste . You will need fresh one to make this puri or Bhajiya .

Slice fresh yam and dip in chickpea flour batter. What is unique here now is add some crushed black pepper and coriander seeds. Then deep fry.

If you make zucchini or any other kind of fritters then just use that batter and most of the ppl will have black peppers.


Green Tomato Chutney With Nuts

Have lot of end of season green tomatoes from garden? Make chutney. That’s how I used my green tomatoes. There’s still some more .

Sauté and cook chopped green tomatoes in coconut or olive oil.

Add ginger , garlic , green chili whatever spices you like . Wonder how Italian seasoning will taste. You can add cilantro leaves , curry leaves too.

Add roasted or soaked in water nuts of your choice and grind to a smooth paste adding little water .

I used peanuts and toasted in some oil before adding tomatoes to cook.

You can do Indian seasoning using cumin seeds, mustard seeds , urad dal . It’s optional .

Found chutney little spicy after all done. So added little coconut flour and that fixed it. Adjust salt.

You can also add almond flour to chutney. Be creative. You might come up with billion dollar idea.

Chutney tasted good with quinoa , oat dosa.


Baked Acorn Squash

What’s the fall without eating all squashes ? They are not just for decoration.

At least have all kind of squash once in a fall. They are loaded with vitamins. But skip sugar and other sweeteners. Make a savory dish from it or just roasted plain with salt and pepper taste good too.


Boiled Edamame

First time I made it at home. Every time I think of making at home and go to store, I forget to buy or if I remember that store won’t have it.

Last weekend my friend brought on hike and it got my attention again. Today I made special visit to Walmart just to buy this. It’s available frozen here .

Added to instant pot with some water and Himalayan pink salt. Boiled for 4 mins and I let pressure release naturally. They came out nice soft . Adjust boiling time as per your liking .

Drain. Sprinkle some salt , fresh lemon or lime juice . Lemon juice is for my Indian taste bud.

Tasted so good and creamy.

Makes a good snack , appetizer.


Is it Fall ?

Depending on where you live it may , may not be Fall. Pumpkins , winter squashes are here. Weather is changing and morning , evenings are little cooler .

Brussel Sprouts also are fall Vegetable I think. I saw nice fresh looking . Roasted some and added to greens. Made a good side dish for my Indian pav bhaji meal.

It’s time to start including fall vegetables in our meal now . What fall Vegetable you ate or ready to start includingin your meal ? Am I hearing pumpkin pie, muffin ?

Orange zinnias are growing in my yard . So pretty and chirpy . Hummingbird comes to eat seeds.