Tofu Tikka

Paneer Tikka is a popular appetizer in Indian restaurant but you can use Tofu too . Use extra firm tofu. I had firm tofu and so you can see how it disintegrated.

Basically vegetables are marinated in yogurt sauce. We add some roasted chickpea flour but if you use greek yogurt it’s thick enough . Or you can use any flour you generally use to thicken your soup or sauce here.

Now add spices like red pepper, turmeric , cumin powder etc . Your choice, likes snd creativity into plain yogurt. If you have kasoori methi and mustard oil add that for Indian flavor. Or little olive is good too. We are flexible , right ?

Marinate vegetables like colored pepper , tofu, onion , mushrooms.

Put it on skewers and bake in oven for 30 -40 minutes turning them around few times in between . You can pour little butter when you turn it around .

This is no way authentic tikka recipe that you find in restaurants but at home for fun, healthy meal.

With little salad on side and cilantro chutney makes a good meal.

Appetizer for dinner . Why not ? Our minds are so conditioned that we get stuck on right and wrong and forget to be just happy.


Roasted Cauliflower

Have you ever had Roasted Cauliflower ? Other day I had roasted cauliflower burrito but it just was full of only roasted cauliflower. I like to have it as side dish and eat something fun with it. It’s so easy to make and now during fall , you will find good cauliflower in store everywhere.

I had with Upma on the side . Cauliflower will help eat other things less.


Dinner Thali

Looks like lot of food , isn’t it ? Some good stuff in it.

Ridge gourd with Lima Beans curry.

Boiled beetroot, avocado both sprinkled with salt and lemon juice .

Beetroot leaves with chickpea flour curry.

Rotli is gujju bread .


Thai Salad

Salad dressing is main here . Sweet , sour and spicy. You can use vegetables you like.

Red cabbage is full of antioxidants but I hardly buy it since I don’t cook much with it . In this salad , it goes perfect.

In addition to red cabbage , I added Napa cabbage , peppers , carrot , cucumber , mango, green onion, cilantro.

Salad dressing is based on Chef Kunal Kapoor‘s recipe. I used ginger , garlic , soya sauce, hot sauce, coconut sugar, manuka honey, almond butter, toasted sesame oil, lemon juice .

Add dressing when you are ready to eat.