Bitter Gourd Subji

Last time I went to Indian store, bought Bitter gourds. Have been eating every day little bit. Little bitter every day.

Ppl remove bitterness from bitter gourd but than it’s no good. Don’t add any sweetener either.

Now I ran out of bitter gourds so finding other things.

  • Methi seeds. Boil in water and make tea.
  • Roast methi seeds and make powder. Take tsp of powder every day.
  • I have dry neem leaves. Can make tea from it.
  • Have fun !
  • Roasted Cauliflower With Hummus

    If you never had home roasted cauliflower, try it. It taste so good. Idea for party appetizers which is healthy and tasty. You can make for yourself too for salad or side dish with Indian meal. It taste great without hummus too.

    Cauliflower I added little olive oil, sprinkled some kosher salt and chili powder . Roasted in toaster oven at 350F for 30 minutes. I started before meeting and so voila, after meeting I had yummy cauliflower waiting for me .


    Maggi in Vegetable Stock

    Maggi noodles is very popular in India and I had my share of maggi during college days . Once in a while I still eat it when there’s nothing else to eat. But now I add vegetables to my maggi.

    Today I made maggi in vegetable stock and it tasted good. Good way to use the vegetable stock and good for kids and adults too.

    What’s your quick meal idea and have you modified it to suit today’s need ?


    Green Enchilada Sauce

    Friend gave me enchilada sauce recipes that she got from Mexican friend and so it’s authentic. Made green sauce and turned out good.

    Since it needs tomatillos, summer will be good time when tomatillos are in season. I found them at Walmart and so had to try . Here’s how I made it;

    • Roast 4-5 tomatillos for 20 mins. Recipe didn’t say roast it but they are so sour so decided to roast it. Add jalapeño to roast with it too.
    • Sauté white onion with garlic.
    • Blend all together with vegetables stock if you have it or add water. Also add half bunch cilantro. I used water.
    • Add cumin powder, salt.
    • If you added water , boil sauce else it will taste watery.

    You can use it on enchiladas, in taco or whatever way you like. If you have never tried tomatillos, this is a good way to use it. Tomatillo is a vegetable and it has different nutrition than tomatoes.

    • Enjoy !

    Alfalfa Sprouts @Home

    Alfalfa sprouts has been on my to do list for a long time. Recently yoga friend brought them for 1 of our outing and I had to try too. Bought seeds on amazon. Soak and let it sprout . So easy and as simple as it can get. It does take 4-5 days and I will leave mine until tomorrow so it can grow little more greens.

    You can add them to hummus sandwich (yum), top on soup or salad. They taste good.

    They cost so much at store and top of it , you will have to worry abt mold. Why bother when you can make at home so easily and eat it fresh without any worry?

    Have you tried them yet? Give it a shot .