Mung Dal Sandwich

Left over protein rich mung dal is use as spread just like you will use hummus.

Added tomatoes , onions , spring mix and goat cheese . Very yummy .

Be creative. Life throws all logic out of the window sometimes in a second. Being creative is always fun .


Wrap Sandwich

Have you seen this new kind of wrap sandwich that has become very popular now a days ? It could also be that I am late to know abt this.

You just put 1 cut in tortilla with pizza cutter until center .

Have 4 different things on 4 sides and fold/warp it.

Now just toast it on skillet.

Looks nice and something new.

I always go crazy with toppings and then it becomes so fat. But it tasted so good.

Kids will enjoy this new style.

You can choose your favorite fillings and can put few things together on 1 side if you have more than 4 things.


Sub Sandwich

If you get good sub roll, home made sandwich will taste so good. You can make it the way you like and can add lot of treasures in it . I know Sub picture is upside down.

Veg pho is restaurant left over . Soup and sandwich made a good lunch on foggy day and after yoga quick lunch.

Recently I learned that lot of ppl learned music during quarantine. Some ppl taught themselves new music instruments , or started playing /learning instrument they had for years. Good use of time. I also got back to my music last year and still continuing.


Avocado Omelette Sandwich

Simple,quick lunch idea.

  • Make omelette with spinach, onion etc.
  • Make guacamole quickly with fresh avocado, lime, cilantro and throw some salsa if you have. Salsa makes it tasty.
  • Toast bread, spread guacamole and omelette.
  • Serve/eat with chips, ketchup.
  • Did you notice few walnuts? Good for brain. I like it when there’s little surprise on the plate. Right now you find good quality nuts in market.
  • Enjoy!

Pepper Sandwich

Pepper sandwich is what I named but in Ahmedabad , Gujarat this sandwich seems to be very popular and it’s called Gughra sandwich. I never had it but you tube kept showing it and so I had to try. Actually, garden produced so many green peppers so I needed to use them.

And I forgot to take picture of filling. Oh well. Main ingredient is green pepper but then in gujarat colored peppers are not easily available. But here in my area plenty of colored peppers so I used it . This is my version :

  • Make cilantro , mint chutney first.
  • For filling chop red onion and green pepper finely. You can add some colored pepper too.
  • Add chopped cilantro leaves, salt and pepper, chat masala and crushed red pepper flakes or finely chopped green chili. Or both.
  • Take good quality bread and butter. Very imp.
  • Spread butter , chutney . Put filling and add cheese .
  • Spread butter and chutney on another slice too.
  • Grill, toast whatever in butter .
  • That’s it. What’s not to taste good here ?
  • Enjoy!