Pepper Sandwich

Pepper sandwich is what I named but in Ahmedabad , Gujarat this sandwich seems to be very popular and it’s called Gughra sandwich. I never had it but you tube kept showing it and so I had to try. Actually, garden produced so many green peppers so I needed to use them.

And I forgot to take picture of filling. Oh well. Main ingredient is green pepper but then in gujarat colored peppers are not easily available. But here in my area plenty of colored peppers so I used it . This is my version :

  • Make cilantro , mint chutney first.
  • For filling chop red onion and green pepper finely. You can add some colored pepper too.
  • Add chopped cilantro leaves, salt and pepper, chat masala and crushed red pepper flakes or finely chopped green chili. Or both.
  • Take good quality bread and butter. Very imp.
  • Spread butter , chutney . Put filling and add cheese .
  • Spread butter and chutney on another slice too.
  • Grill, toast whatever in butter .
  • That’s it. What’s not to taste good here ?
  • Enjoy!

Fig Goat Cheese Sandwich

Figs with goat cheese is a very good combo. Made fig jam with home grown figs. I just chop figs and add clove , cinnamon , little lemon juice , pinch of salt and boil the mixture until it looks little dry.

May be it’s not jam but I like it this way and no extra sugar . Natural flavor of fig with hint of cinnamon and clove .

To make sandwich , spread fig jam, goat cheese and put some arugula.

Toast it . Simple yummy sandwich.

Use a good bread .


Spinach Corn Sandwich

Easy , quick sandwich you can make for any meal. I think kids will love it.

  • Just sauté onion , spinach , corn in butter. I added garlic and green chili too for kick. Add salt. You can add mushroom too.
    Cool the mix and add cheese.
    Spread some mashed avocado if you have on bread and then spread spinach corn mix.
    Toast in butter .
    Isnt it simple and quick?
    You can use tortillas if you don’t have bread.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Do you know alfalfa sprouts are called father of all food? It takes 4-5 days to sprout but it’s easy. They are expensive at store and other issues so better sprout at home and it’s so cheap if you sprout at home.

You can use them in sandwich,wrap, salad. They go well with avocado.

Now a days everyone has plenty of time so why not do some experiments? Cost nothing and it’s fun. I bought seeds on amazon.