Paneer Sandwich

Did you buy too much milk and now it’s gonna expire ? You can make Paneer and then sandwich. It’s very easy to make Paneer at home. You just need fresh lemon or vinegar. Check some video if you have never done before.

  • Add some chopped color peppers , corn, shredded carrot , cilantro in crumbled paneer.
  • You can sauté onion and add that too.
  • Add some spices and salt.
  • Spread ketchup on bread , fill some paneer mixture and toast applying butter .
  • Yummy !

Follow the guidelines your region has and stop wasting.

There’s enough for everyone’s need but not for greed. – Gandhi had said . Buy what you need and leave rest for others.


Alfalfa Sprouts @Home

Alfalfa sprouts has been on my to do list for a long time. Recently yoga friend brought them for 1 of our outing and I had to try too. Bought seeds on amazon. Soak and let it sprout . So easy and as simple as it can get. It does take 4-5 days and I will leave mine until tomorrow so it can grow little more greens.

You can add them to hummus sandwich (yum), top on soup or salad. They taste good.

They cost so much at store and top of it , you will have to worry abt mold. Why bother when you can make at home so easily and eat it fresh without any worry?

Have you tried them yet? Give it a shot .


Roasted Cauliflower Pita

At Middle Eastern restaurants I always noticed roasted cauliflower pitas but I never order. I decided to make it at home after seeing it’s recipe here:

I used spring mix, reddish, beetroot and tomatoes to fill in along with roasted cauliflower and potatoes. Roast more cauliflower and potatoes because you will end up eating them on the side since it taste so good by itself . I love roasted cauliflower.


Kid’s Exotic Sandwich

Few days back, neighbor’s kid came home after school . After school kids are hungry so i said let’s see what i have in the fridge and we came up with a sandwich. His mom pinged me y’day that he praised sandwich so much and wanted recipe. That got me thinking what was special in it? I made again for myself and it was really good and am not even a sandwich person.

Most of the ppl I assume make boring sandwich at home. All cheap, same old things go into it. Here’s how I made it.

  • Start with good bread. I had some sprouted grain bread from traders joe.
  • Toast and spread butter. Again good quality butter. Mine is organic butter.
  • Put some good tomatoes and sprinkle salt, pepper.
  • Put cucumber and season again.
  • Now I added spring mix which has different flavor greens and that makes a big difference I think. Spinach has no taste and actually taste bad raw in sandwich.
  • Topped with goat cheese or spread on other slice of bread. Again same boring cheese slices ppl put on sandwich is put off.
  • Add some fresh avocado slices and season with salt, pepper again. It’s imp to season each layer as you build sandwich.
  • That’s it. Give kids few chips to go with it and I had homemade blueberry muffin that I gave him.
  • He left my home happy and that made me happy too.
  • To sum up, buy quality ingredients to make sandwich and try som new exotic toppings to fill in.
  • Enjoy!