Dhebra Hummus Sandwich

Dhebra is gujarati bread made with pearl millet and wheat flour adding some methi leaves , curd and spices. Instead of deep frying I just roast them on skillet. From the left over I made hummus sandwich. Very simple. No need of recipe. Spread hummus , put some tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, mango , lettuce whatever you have . Sprinkle salt and pepper . Yum !

You can make baby ones too if you make small dhebra. Looks cute and easy to eat. Or make big dhebra which will be hard because millet doesn’t have gluten so hard to roll big. Let’s stick with baby ones.😀

Be creative . You can use thepla too. I prefer dhebra over breads , tortillas. You can also cut dhebras in triangle to eat with hummus instead of pita. Enough ideas with dhebra. How are you gonna eat them ?



Fig Jam Goat Cheese Sandwich 

Made this sandwich as I was hurrying up to go to work so picture is not good. I saw fig goat cheese rolls at Walmart recently and I was tempted to buy then realized I have both at home and should make my own. I never got around making roll but ended up making sandwich .

Name tells it all. Spread my home made sugarless fig jam and threw some goat cheese on top. Yum. Quick snack to take it to work.

I did YouTube channel Tailor Ayurved yday and there’s 1 video now on navratri fast.I will have to learn how to do good videos. Here’s the link:


Beetroot Goat Cheese Sandwich

Let me confess first that I don’t know how to take good sandwich picture. And I probably don’t know how to make good sandwich either . Reason I feel bread needs too much butter and cheese which I could never do. But put goat cheese and I feel everything taste good . Beetroot is something I tell everyone to eat since it’s liver cleansing , little kinda lexative effect and helps women who needs iron. 

Here’s how I made sandwich. 

  • Boiled fresh beetroot. You can roast or steam it too. Roasted red bell pepper.
  • Take bread slice of your choice , spread goat cheese.  Arrange thin beetroot slices and sprinkle some salt, pepper.
  • Arrange thin slices of roasted pepper, little onion and arugula.Sprinkle salt, pepper again.
  • Close with another slice.
  • Toast in butter on both sides.
  • Cut in half and enjoy with few chips on the side.
  • Makes a good sandwich to take to work or pack for school kids.
  • You can also just make this as salad. Throw some nuts in it. 
  • Enjoy!

Bean Burger In Lettus Wrap

People who are trying to avoid breads, using lettuce to wrap is a good idea and taste good too. I made a black bean burger and had one with bread but then I was still hungry and didn’t want to eat another roll so wrapped it in lettuce and liked it .Use 3-4 lettuce leaves to wrap it. I used only one and it was hard to hold it . If lettuce is not a available then you can use cabbage leaves too. May be you can put them in boiling water for a min if they are too hard for your taste. Here’s how easy it was to make black bean burger.

  • Mash cooked black beans after draining water . Or you can use kidney beans too.
  • Add chopped white onion, cumin powder, garlic powder , red chili powder or chili flakes. 
  • Add break crumbs and 1 tsp of flax seed powder . Adjust salt.
  • Here’s the star ingredient at least for me. Add some chopped cilantro leaves. Or you can use green onions too.
  • Make burger and shallow fry in olive oil or coconut oil.
  • To assemble burger , take lettuce leaves and arrange burger , cheese, avocado, onion , tomatoe , ketchup on it. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Close with  lettuce leaves.
  • You can also eat burger with just ketchup. Black beans are good source of protein and remember you got your dose of flax seeds too.
  • Yum !

Mung Sprouts Pita Sandwich 

Sprouts are very nutritious and tasty too. Mung sprouts curry I make is very popular among lot of my friends and some of them even learned to make it. If you have some left over and want to eat some new way , this turned out good. Everyone should learn how to sprout I believe. It’s so easy and fun.

There’s really no recipe for this.Spread hummus inside pita.  Fill it with mung sprout curry(should be dry), add chopped salad. And you can pour some salad dressing, yogurt sauce or raita. 

You can also make a salad with sprouts and vegetables and have it with pita chips. I always recommend cooked sprouts. Raw sprouts might cause digestion problems and gas. 

Makes a nice filling , nutritious, easy breezy summer lunch.

If you like justlunchideas’s ideas, share with friends and family. Good things are to be shared, not to keep hidden. That way we know if it’s good , bad or needs improvement. If I keep saying am a good cook, but no one ever tasted my food, then  what’s the point? 

Share your food, recipes unless  you are  a chef and your signature recipes make your living. There’s a phrase in my mother tongue Gujarati ” Bataku rotlo khava karta khavravyo meetho lage” meaning “Piece of bread is sweeter when fed to someone than just eating yourself.”

Enjoy !