Korean Sandwich

Korean sandwich is very simple and made with easily available ingredients.

Cabbage , shredded carrot and green onion. Just add salt.

Now add 1 egg or make chickpea flour batter thick same quantity as egg.

Mix in cabbage and make a square thick pancake . Cook both side. Use butter or oil.

Same pan toast your bread .

Put cabbage pancake on bread, sprinkle sugar, ketchup, mustard,

You can add cheese slice too.

That’s it . Some different variation of usual sandwich.


Arugula Walnut Pesto

Fresh nice looking green arugula is hard to find and I came across a package so now I have to use it . Made pesto and turned out good.

In a food processor , process arugula with garlic ,olive oil, little bit lemon juice . Yes salt too.

Pound lightly roasted walnut or roll it using rolling pin and make powder. You can use almond , cashew , pine nut too.

Mix walnut powder with arugula and add some Parmesan cheese. That’s it.

If you like smooth pesto, blend more.

Pesto is just like our Indian chutney.

Use pesto in sandwich as a spread . Use keto bread if you are on keto. I think this pesto is keto.


Instant Fig Jam

Got few figs y’day. It was a surprise and few were more than few I could eat. For breakfast, made instant fig jam. Few still left.

Chop figs roughly. Start cooking and add little fresh lemon juice. Throw 1-2 cloves and small stick of cinnamon.

Now if you have orange , add little zest of it . Gives a very good flavor.

When water is almost gone from figs, remove from heat. Add some chia seeds to thicken jam.

Voila , jam ready. I am having it on a toast with goat cheese .


Avocado With Sprouts

Avocado and sprouts together taste very good . If you are like me , then when you have avocado, sprouts are not ready and by the time sprouts are ready , avocado is eaten up. This time I had half avocado and alfalfa sprouts.

When you are busy, this is a good filling combination. Use on toast or Indian thepla or Paratha. Simple yet delicious, nutritious.


Ridge Gourd

Ridge gourd Masoor Dal
Ridge gourd Peel Chutney

Ridge gourd is rich in enzyme catalyse so here’s few way of using it . Ridge gourd dal is easy to make in instant pot. I used Masoor dal but you can use any dal. You can also use yellow split pea. But if you are at Indian store trying to buy ridge gourd then might as well buy dal.

Ridge gourd peel yes peel also is edible. Generally ppl seem to remove some hard peel and then make curry out of it separately or make chutney. So I made chutney . And used it as a spread on sandwich .

Chutneys are good to eat in stead of all those sugar, salt rich sauces , ketchup.