Square Mung Paratha

What’s in a shape ? You may ask. It makes it more fun to make and eat too. It’s made with left over mung and so high in protein or less wheat flour you can say.

  • Take left over mung , add wheat flour. You can add little more spices , cilantro.
  • You can also add flax powder .
  • Make Dough that’s like paratha dough.
  • Roll and cook.
  • Taste really good. You can use any left over dal.
  • Enjoy!

Potato Stuffed Paratha

Laughter is the best medicine. So I have been watching some good stand up comedy on you tube now a days. Some is just nonsense and I stop In few seconds but some I found hilarious and are really good .

This paratha has very good memory attached with it . When last year we did chardham hike, alu parathas were served for breakfast every day at every place. We actually got tired of it .

Alu meaning potato so mashed potatoes with spices mixture is stuffed in Paratha.


Rajasthani Dal Bati

Do you know Indian “makhaniya” biscuit that we dunk in tea? Bati reminded me of it. Here you dunk it in dal. I have never tasted dal bati and this is the first time I made it so I don’t have anything to compare which is good.

Here’s the recipe I followed:


Dal РI liked it since I love dal anyways and this dal was very simple to make. No saut̩ of onion , tomatoes which is a big plus . You can make in insta pot. Also this dal can be enjoyed with roti or any crusty wholesome bread like focaccia bread.

Bati- I used coconut oil instead of ghee. It’s made of whole wheat flour and really simple to make.

Overall, it’s an easy meal to make.


Home Made Pizza

If you already didn’t know , pizza dough is super super easy to make at home. 2 cup all purpose flour , salt, olive oil and add 3/4th cup of water that you proofed yeast in. Cover with plastic wrap and leave on the counter for 2 hrs and it will rise . Question is why would you do at home ?

  • Because it is super easy.
  • You can add flavors in crust like Italian seasoning, crushed pepper , garlic powder etc.
  • Everyone now a days is trying to lose weight so this home made pizza might be little lighter.
  • Kids will have fun putting , choosing their toppings.
  • And it taste good and you will be happy that you made it at home.

If you have never tried to make pizza dough tat home, then at least try once for experiment. You will enjoy.


Pizza Paratha

If you love everything pizza , then this is must try. Hot from oven oops Tava here tasted so good and am not even pizza person or cheese person. Whatever that means…

I added garlic powder and Italian seasoning in dough. And for stuffing I had colored pepper , olives and not so hot green chili with mozzarella cheese. Recipe here:

It will make a good diner with a Side of soup on Weekend. Minestrone soup will go well with it. And it’s winter too now . So pizza paratha + soup will make night warm. I made dough before going out and it was easy and very quick to make paratha when came home hungry. Plan , think your meals little in advance and it will save lot of energy.