Good Luck New Year Meal

Corn bread

Black eye peas with collard greens and corn bread is considered to bring good luck , health and wealth in upcoming year in southern USA. So decided I try too. Meal is fun anyways.

Made corn bread from scratch and finally got to use my iron pan. It’s very simple. And You can use less sugar or skip it too. Corn bread turned out very good.

Soup I made little Indian style .

Don’t feel you missed out. You can make this any day.

Happy 2022 !

Garlic Bread with Dry Peas curry

If we wait for perfect time to be happy, it’s never gonna happen . Isn’t it ? Mine happens with food. I many times miss something in my meal plan. Thought will make white bean soup but forgot to soak and then was so busy with work meetings until lunch time . Oh well, I had Indian dry peas curry which is like soup.

Made garlic butter at home . Use grass fed cow butter of good quality and mixed some fresh chopped garlic, Italian seasoning. Spread on bread , add some mozzarella cheese and bake , broil.

Top with some red chili flakes . 15 minute and lunch was ready.


Cauliflower Rice Paratha

Cauliflower rice has become very popular now a days and cauliflower Paratha has been loved by Indians for so long. It involves shredding cauliflower but now this cauliflower rice is perfect for Paratha too. When you don’t have cauliflower or less time or let’s be honest lazy like me then this is very handy.

If you never heard of cauliflower Paratha but would like to use cauliflower rice, have something for you too.

Cook cauliflower rice according to pkg instructions and make sure it’s dry and no water left .

Add spices like turmeric, chilli , roasted cumin powder , ginger garlic powder or curry powder and salt . You can add some chopped cilantro. Gives a nice flavor.

Take tortillas you like , wheat or white , Keto whatever . Make like quesadilla filling this spicy cauliflower mixture . You can add cheese too if you like . Use ghee if you have for paratha flavor or butter. Be creative.

We eat with plain yogurt on the side.


Sub Sandwich

If you get good sub roll, home made sandwich will taste so good. You can make it the way you like and can add lot of treasures in it . I know Sub picture is upside down.

Veg pho is restaurant left over . Soup and sandwich made a good lunch on foggy day and after yoga quick lunch.

Recently I learned that lot of ppl learned music during quarantine. Some ppl taught themselves new music instruments , or started playing /learning instrument they had for years. Good use of time. I also got back to my music last year and still continuing.


Brown Rice Dosa

Dosa is easy , quick lunch. You can make instant batter or if you planned ahead , fermented batter. Instant batter can be made with Ragi , oat , quinoa what not. So many varieties of chutney.

After yoga lunch today with brown rice Dosa. Y’day before going for hike I soaked brown rice, dal with few methi seeds. After coming back, blended it. Takes only few minutes in the morning, after hike.

Had left over potato Subji, made chutney with coconut, cilantro while skillet was getting hot. Voila, good fun lunch in 10-15 minutes.

In summary, plan ahead. By planning ahead , you can avoid last minute junk food .