Nepali Buckwheat Roti

If you are regular readers of this space then you know I like to take a break from wheat and rice which is so heavily used in Indian cooking . That doesn’t mean use all purpose flour or other wheat and rice products .  Recently I purchased kuttu or Buckwheat flour. Never had it before but it seems some places in India uses it during navratri.

I made roti one day just the way we make wheat roti. You can roll it and not as hard as amaranth/rajgira. But you will have to keep little thick. Oh and it’s gluten free if you are trying to go gluten free.

I liked Nepali way of making it. Had no clue Nepal use Buckwheat to make roti and Buckwheat is grown there in cold climate. And it’s warming , heating in nature so it’s good to eat in cold winter here too.

Roti is so easy to make it. Mix Buckwheat flour with water while stirring continuously. Should be like pancake batter. Heat non stick pan, spread a little oil and pour batter. Turn your skillet around so that batter spread. You won’t be able to spread with spoon.  Cook both side. 

You can add some spices , cilantro if you like in batter. Eat with some nice spicy curry. 

What does it taste like? It taste like Buckwheat. Don’t try to compare and save yourself from some troubles. Anything new we need to try at least 4-5 times before we start liking it.

If you never had Buckwheat before , try it out at least as an experiment. May be it will lead you to Nepal travel. Now that sounds exciting, isn’t it?



Mix Dal Dosa

Had this dosa at my friend’s place who is from south India and i really liked it. I had never seen this kind of dosa before so I took a picture and got recipe from her. Basically it’s mix of rice and different dals. Here’s my version with the picture:oops I already took a bite .

  • Soak rice and mix dals together for few 5-6 hrs. Ratio is half rice and half mix dals. I used brown rice and mix of mung , Chana and Tuver dal. I  added more of mung dal than other 2 dals. You can use any mix of dals you like but every combo will taste different.
  • Grind mixture and keep it little thicker than dosa . This dosa needs to spread little thicker. Add salt.
  • Keep finely chopped red onion ,shredded carrots , chopped green chilies handy.
  • Heat tava, spread batter and then sprinkle veggies.
  • Let it cook well and then carefully turn.
  • To remove from tava, take a plate and cover tava with plate and then quickly invert. Be careful.
  • Fold like dosa and server with peanut chutney.
  • If you want to put cheese, do at the end. I did 1 with cheese and it tasted good though am not much into cheese.
  • Enjoy!

PS: I deleted fb page just lunch ideas but fb will delete after 14 days. 

Pizza Using Indian Rotla

Am not sure if I have posted this idea before that I had seen on master chef India. Contestants were asked to make pizza with Indian flavor or something like that . I make Mexican style pizza using Indian rotla. What I like is rotla we make fresh which taste really good and then you top with your favorite ingredients. 

  • I made rotla using corn flour and the reason I am using rotla is because they are thick and so makes a good solid base. You can also use jowar/sorghum rotla. Make rotla little small in size.
  • Put lettuce leaves on top of rotla.
  • Now put black beans seasoned with salt and cumin powder. Or you can use kidney beans but mash them little.
  • Top with salsa or chopped tomatoe , onion, cucumber, cilantro.
  • Add chopped avocado and cheddar cheese.
  • Take a bite. It’s really good.
  • It makes good filling wholesome meal.
  • Enjoy!

Pupusas From El Salvador

One of my colleague had told me abt pupusas a while back and  since then I have been thinking to make them. It’s just like Indian stuff rotla and so I knew I will be able to make it. It is made with corn flour maseca and stuffed with mozzarella cheese. It’s eaten with special cabbage salad called curtido.Here’s How i made it.

  • First make cabbage salad and I changed it little to keep nutrition intact.Mix shredded cabbage, carrot and thinly slice onion in a pot. Add tbsp of water, cover and let it come to boil. Switch it off right away. You want to cook it slightly only. It’s mainly cabbage and carrot,onion is only little bit.
  • Now add salt, apple cider vinegar according to taste. And pinch of oregano. Make it in glass bowl and let it marinate on side. Result should be crunchy.
  • For pupusas, take maseca and follow the pkg instruction to make dough. Basically add pinch of baking soda , salt and warm water.
  • I mixed shredded mozzarella with some chopped cilantro leaves.
  • Now make like stuff paratha and roast with little oil on a griddle . Cook well at medium heat.
  • I had pupusas with cabbage salad and some chopped avocado. Yummy !
  • You can stuff with beans and cheese mix too. Be creative. Green onion will go well too.
  • If corn flour is not available , try jowar/sorghum flour. We need to learn to make things work when we want to do something. 
  • We learn things from ppl we meet and all our surroundings if we keep our mind open. 
  • Enjoy!

Spelt Flour Roti

Spelt flour roti has been on my mind for so many years. I never found flour in stores and then will forget abt it. Finally I ordered from amazon. Health food store also will have it. I don’t have any health food store near by. Had to make roti right away.And roti turned out so good. Loved it. 

You make dough same way as wheat flour. Add little salt , oil and then water. I made from spelt flour only. No mixing with any other flour. There’s no need. Roti was easy to roll since it has less gluten than wheat.

Taste wise , I loved it. Was filling  and felt wholesome . Must try, I would say.