Pizza In Cast Iron

We all know by now cast iron is good to cook in and we don’t have to worry abt this and that chemical. Also it cooks things nicely.

Made pizza in it and turned out so good. Look at the nice golden brown crust. Fresh basil leaves plucked from home grown plant is like cherry on the top .

Have you started using or at least bought cast iron pots or skillets ?


French Baguette Pizza

After Bruschetta, had some French bread left so made this pizza and turned out very tasty. Made twice already. With homemade soup on the side , makes fun lunch .

Cut bread half and add some pizza sauce . Top with mozzarella cheese. Add your toppings and some herb like Italian seasoning or oregano

Sprinkle little more cheese .

Bake at 350-400 for 10 minutes or depending on your liking and oven.

Should have added some fresh basil but next time .

If you make a big pot of soup and freeze in ndividual containers, it’s easy to make fun and still somewhat healthy meal when you are busy or lazy.


Garlic Topping On Pizza

Home made pizza with lots of veggie toppings.

Star here is garlic. Have you ever tried garlic cloves as topping on pizza ? Garlic gets roasted and taste very good . You don’t see in picture but it’s there like hidden treasure .

Try it out . Use fresh garlic and just add whole clove after peeling.


Bread Pizza

Pizza for breakfast. You can make bread pizza with whatever bread , whatever topping you have .

No pizza sauce ? Use ketchup.

No toppings ? Go through fridge and you will find things.