Indian Tea & Pakora Party

When we went to chardham , day before our 1st Yamunotri Hike , I asked ppl at camp , what will we have to eat when we come back from hike ? They said they can make tea and onion pakora. Since than Tea and Pakora has stayed with me. I did last minute Tea Pakora party at Diwali. Since than I wanted to do for my colleagues too since they like Indian food.

What’s the better time than Christmas? I made variety of pakoras starting with potato. Then onion, chili, okra , egg plant . Everyone enjoyed it with Indian tea with cardamom. I kept spice level low so everyone can enjoy. Expect chili Pakora of course. Had green chutney , ketchup to go with pakoras.

It’s very easy to throw this simple party. Needs little or no advanced preparations .

Most beautiful part , it rained. Tea and pakoras are enjoyed in India when it rains . So it turned perfect and we thanked Jesus for rain.

Do you throw simple, fun parties?


Eid Celebration

Looking for new party ideas ? Here’s one . I need to create new category for party ideas since I always have ideas . Check my previous Diwali Dhamaka, Arabic Mehfil too. There are so many Festivals around the world so you can pick one that speaks to you. And you don’t have to be from that part of the world.

Hosted Eid Celebration at my home. As always kept it a potluck so everyone can research and get a chance to cook something new. We had few veg kababs, veg biryani, savaiyaa , corn basket, dates , hummus etc etc. I forgot to take pictures that day of all food.

we also played a game passing the pillow. I made few Chits with some fun tasks before hand . And then asked everyone to write one that they won’t mind doing. Some ppl wrote play a dead , sleep , head stand , swim.:-) People are very creative. Everyone enjoyed including kids.

What’s your next party ?