Rajgira Vada

Rajgira or also called Amranth is very nutritious and I feel we should include in our diet more often. Lot of people are ending up with wheat allergy now a days. Why wait until then ? If your diet is so heavy on wheat , rice then it’s a good idea to start trying other things . You don’t need to fast to eat rajgira goodies. 

I had hardly anything today and was really hungry so I decided to make this few vadas to eat with samo khichadi. It’s very easy to make. 

  • Grate bottle gourd and remove water and keep it aside.
  • Add rajgira flour , cumin seeds, cilantro and sindhov salt.
  • Knead and if u need water , add that bottle gourd water you kept aside . Use remaining water to cook samo rice.
  • Fry in peanut or coconut oil.
  • They were tasty and made my dinner bearable. Eat in moderation. I just made few so no question of eating too many.
  • Enjoy!

Navratri 2017  – Day 2

First let me tell you what happened on Day 1 of navratri. I had no clue navratri was starting on Thursday. For whatever reason I was thinking it was starting Monday. So Thursday morning when I saw happy navratri everywhere on fb , I thought people just can’t wait. My day went as usual at work and then we went out from work to celebrate coworker’s upcoming wedding and I had crab dip thinking it’s cheese dip. Friend saw me eating and she came running , hey what r u eating ? Oops. I had only 1 chip. But it’s ok. Then come home and at night I was watching KBC 9 on tv and there too Amitabh talked abt women , mother etc . Then in 1 long shot, I saw big decorations which looked like navratri decor. I suspected myself and googled. Oh no… it started today. 

Now late at night , I had to come up with my plan of action immediately. There’s good food I had cooked in fridge. Do I have any fruits ? Anything I can eat next day? I quickly freezed what I could and threw away some. I gobbled some sweet. Ha.. ha. 

But next morning which was yday I started my fast and today I felt my skin looking radiant so I am posting my picture. You won’t know what it looked before but it’s  what I see , how I feel.

Life sometimes catches you off guard and you have to come up with action plan in no time. There’s a saying in my language which means “whenever you wake up, it’s morning.” So no excuses and start your life whenever you realize . First sutra  of Patanjali’s yoga is “and now the systamatic study of yoga starts.” Now is imp here . Not old age , not young age , not tomorrow, not yday it’s “NOW”.

Happy fasting , feasting, garba !!!

And Time To Feast

So fast is done and yes, I follow my own guidance to know when to end. Let’s talk abt elimination first . Do you know how long is our colon? It’s around 5 feet long. Amazing what all comes out when you are fasting. All that stored gunk. After fast digestion is better, taste buds are sharp and so food taste so good. My stomach muscles feel little tighter.

Let’s talk abt salt. Do you know recommended salt amount? 1500 mg which is probably around 1 tsp. While fasting, I had sindhov salt at dinner time probably 1/4th tsp and I did fine . If you are working out , sweating then salt need will change. Sugar is another overdose we  do everyday .

I follow my own wisdom again on what to break fast with. I was in need of iron and protein so made kidney beans with spinach thrown in. Little lemon to help digest beans and absorb iron. Ate less and still was satisfied and full. No obsession with food and no cravings . 

Enjoy feast if you are fasting !

Dandi , Gandhi & Fast

When it comes to fasting, Gandhi seems synonym to fast as most of us are aware how he used fast as a tool in his nonviolent movement to free India. Am not sure if I ever shared the pictures from my trip to “Dandi” , place where Gandhi walked and broke salt rule.

House where Gandhi was confined , some pictures from inside the house and dandi beach.

Being from Gujarat, I learned abt Gandhi as a kid and his life stories were part of school curriculum. I was very impressed with him even at that early age and had even tried to practice some of the things from his life. No stealing , speak truth always, Ramnam to be fearless, how he studied all religions , fasting …. etc.Not that I succeeded all the time. 

My very 1st fast was at the age of 8 for 5 days and that became everyear for next 6- 7years. Then fasting almost became impossible until few years back when it all started again.When you get impressed with something , you have to try it yourself. Isn’t it?

Gandhi still inspires me and always like to share the things I learned from him.

Will end with his quote “There’s no prayer without fasting “.

Enjoy !

3 Ingredient Peanut Balls/Laddus

Let’s not go into how I ended up having laddu while fasting but this Laddus ppl do eat during fast. And kids love them. It’s like Indian peanut butter. Easy to make and very tasty.

  • Roast raw unshelled peanuts and de-skin as much as you can.
  • Grind in coffee grinder so that some chunks are left in.
  • Grind raw sugar(turbinado) in coffee grinder. 
  • Mix peanut powder with powdered sugar . Add ghee(clarified butter).
  • It needs good amt of ghee else you won’t be able to make balls. Add little by little until you can make balls.
  • Enjoy with a cup of milk on the side. Fasting turning into feast. 🙂
  • Enjoy !