Favorite Herb In Garden

Cilantro is my favorite and my gujju dishes are incomplete without it.

Cilantro is so easy to grow . If you keep designated area for it, it will produce seeds that will fall in the ground and will produce more cilantro. I love to pick it fresh from garden.

Garlic is also so easy. Store bought garlic , just plant in garden and it will also help keeping pest out.

Used fresh cilantro and green garlic in mung soup.

What’s your favorite herb that you use regularly? Try to play in garden or pot.

Spend time with Mother Nature .

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

Pinecone Craft

Pinecone tree turned out good I think. What do you think ? Am getting better. Got bead necklace at dollar tree . And plenty of beads.

Realized natural pinecone are not straight . Tip is always bending on 1 side. May be due to gravity ? All big cones I collected are same .

Are you crafting this Christmas?

Happy Thanksgiving. Save the Turkey !!!

Fusion Pine Cone Tree

It turned out pretty good considering doing this 1st time and with limited tools found at home . Isn’t it ? I am very impressed with the idea of topping tree with Aum symbol. What do you readers think ? It was hard to cut aum symbol with scissors.

It’s the pine cone I picked up on walk, painted green , added some pom poms.

Crafting is fun. Instead of watching tv , spend some time on creativity.


Pine cone craft

Cleaned and dried

Have you done crafting, decorating with pine cones ? While walking on a trail, saw nice big pine cones so brought few home . Searched you tube for ideas and voila too many. Picked more pine cones .

Cleaned, dried and started painting and they are so much fun. Amazed at nature how beautiful they are. In india , outside temples we have kind of pillars which are used to put lamp on and I think the design is just like pine cone .

If this interests you, start by collecting pine cones. I will share pictures as I do more with it . This is just starting.

Look around house and see what you have that you can use and be creative. I found colors, brushes etc at home only.