IndoChinese LoMein

Indo Chinese is very popular in india. We love spices so added some spices to Chinese to suit our taste. Simple.

I love lot of veggies in my noodles. Less noodles and more vegetables . Added chopped ginger , garlic , soya sauce , home made chili oil and little vinegar gives good taste .

Add some tofu for protein and it makes fun meal.

Now a days so many different kind of noodles available, Brown rice noodles, buckwheat , sweet potato etc etc.



Parboiled Rice

Have you ever tried parboiled rice? If not, may be give it a try with small pkg. I had bought at Walmart. And it is long grain Parboiled rice. They seem to be better than white rice in some nutrition and tasted good.

Cook it according to pkg. I cooked in instant pot. And had with black eye peas Indian curry and I liked it. It was wholesome combination. You can have it with any beans curry and it will taste good.


Gluten Free Kodo Millet

In india , we use lot of wheat flour and eat roti, Paratha everyday. Growing up, always heard old ppl wanting to eat jowar millet roti since it’s easy to digest and they tried to get away from wheat. This was before we all learn abt gluten.

Kodo millet is available in india , Indian stores easily. Made with vegetables and added some biryani powder . Instant pot cooked in 7 minutes.

Are you including millet in your diet ? Or waiting for doctor to tell you ?


Quinoa Oat Uttapam

Indian kind of pancake. Taste good . Soak quinoa , steel cut oat and 1 tsp of yellow split peas or lentil. Indian ppl can add Chana dal and urad dal. This will give a good flavour . Quinoa and oat can be half half cup or adjust whatever you have , like. Soak for 2 -3 hrs.

Blend it with little water and keep consistency like pancake batter. Not too thick and not too thin.

Add finely chopped red onion, cilantro, salt. You can also also add grated carrot , chopped green chili.

Use olive oil to coat skillet and drop few drops around as it cooks .

Try it out if it appeals to you.


Quinoa Oat Idli

Idlis came out very soft and with coconut chutney and sambhar , very tasty.

Grind 0.5 cup tricolor quinoa.

Grind 0.5 cup oat.

1 tbsp rava.

Add yogurt , salt and make batter .

Add soda and steam Idli. Simple usual process.

One can eat same thing everyday until doctor tells you otherwise . Or start eating good new stuff. Balanced life . Our choice.

As we make change in diet or any life style , observe how you feel. Sometimes ppl keep eating thinking it’s good for but doesn’t agree with them. Everyone is different. Experiment and see what works for you.