Oat Salsa Pancake

Never heard of oat salsa pancake ? Same here until today. What a find ! It tasted really good . I am making it again .

Here’s how it happened: First I got hungry early morning and then wanted to eat something made of oatmeal and hot but not sweet meaning spicy.

Few options came to mind and then thought I will make pancake with veggies , spices.

  • Grind Some oatmeal and added some chickpea flour. Add water and make batter.
  • Add veggies of your choice . I looked into fridge and found green onion, green pepper , cilantro.
  • Add salt, cumin seeds.
  • Now I checked fridge again for tomato and found some left Over salsa from y’day’s Mexican restaurant pick up. Voila, let’s just add that instead of tomato.

Pancake came out so tasty that I myself was surprised . If you don’t have salsa just add tomato, onion etc.

Be creative. God is creative!


Brown Rice Uttapam

Brown rice Uttapam came out so soft and fluffy that I was highly impressed . I think it’s because batter was fermented well. I hardly get impressed so when I get impressed or something grabs my attention, it has to be special.

Here’s how I made batter.

3 part brown rice ( I use mahatma brand)

1 part urad dal

1 tsp fenugreek seeds

  • Soak everything together for 5-6 hrs. Yes, wash it .
    Grind it and then leave it 24 hrs to ferment.
    Make uttapam with onion, cilantro, tomatoes topping .
    Good easy lunch if you started batter process day before .
    Remember to make your favorite chutney.

Sautéed Vegetables – Maangchi Inspired

Do you know abt Maangchi ? She has YouTube channel and shares Korean recipes . Her videos are so much fun. There are few vegetarian recipes there.

Most of the recipes I watched has onion, green onion , garlic, soy sauce, Korean chili powder, roasted sesame oil. Besides Korean chili powder I went and bought other things and sautéed vegetables. Simple recipe and takes few minutes only. No left over.