Persian Rice

Persian rice is dill and lime beans combination according google and YouTube. Combination taste good and you can use the dill bunch you bought for whatever reason. Dill is good to eat any way .

If you like to try different flavored rice , try this combination. I cooked in instant pot. Basmati rice with frozen Lima beans and fresh chopped dill. Add salt and little ghee or butter.

You can try same combination with millet , quinoa too.


Clean Fridge Meal

How often you clean fridge ? Once a week or once in 2 weeks or like me whenever I feel the need. It’s hard to pass fresh vegetables when I see them and so buy them if I don’t need them. and sometimes little bit of many left over.

Get all those vegetables out. And you can make mix vegetables from it .

I had millets that needed to be used so I cooked all vegetables with it . Season whatever way you like . And here don’t worry abt what goes with what. Everything goes. Period.

You can use any millet and even can cook millet separate and then sauté vegetables and add.

You can use rice or noodles too.

Spoiled vegetables go in garden . Minimize waste .


Snow Again


Snowed here again last night. Made Poha and sprinkled pumpkin seeds for zinc. You can sprinkle some pumpkin or sunflower seeds on rice dishes too. Hot water with lemon so good. Skip sweetener.

Give good food to growing kids. And some playtime outside in nature goes a long way. Remember we all are kids and so what is good for kids is good for us too.


IndoChinese LoMein

Indo Chinese is very popular in india. We love spices so added some spices to Chinese to suit our taste. Simple.

I love lot of veggies in my noodles. Less noodles and more vegetables . Added chopped ginger , garlic , soya sauce , home made chili oil and little vinegar gives good taste .

Add some tofu for protein and it makes fun meal.

Now a days so many different kind of noodles available, Brown rice noodles, buckwheat , sweet potato etc etc.



Parboiled Rice

Have you ever tried parboiled rice? If not, may be give it a try with small pkg. I had bought at Walmart. And it is long grain Parboiled rice. They seem to be better than white rice in some nutrition and tasted good.

Cook it according to pkg. I cooked in instant pot. And had with black eye peas Indian curry and I liked it. It was wholesome combination. You can have it with any beans curry and it will taste good.