Chaitra Navratri Recipe

This is the first time am doing Chaitra Navratri fasting. Chaitra Navratri comes in spring time and good time to fast as we all know. If you look at what we can eat, same recommendations which didn’t make sense to me. We are coming out of cold winter days and getting ready for summer . I was thinking food needs to be different. If you read this space , you know spring time is when we see lots of greens , sprouts . Earth is warming up and so good to eat those tender greens and sprouts. Fast or no fast.

Finally realization happens that We should eat greens instead of root vegetables that we eat during fall navratri. So I made samo rice with spinach and it tasted so good. Even if you are not fasting, you can make this. Good to pack in lunch. Easy breezy to make . Here’s the recipe:

  • Heat coconut oil. Crack cumin seeds and add few whole peppercorns. Add raw peanuts and sauté for a min so peanuts turn crunchy.
  • Add samo rice with water. Add sindhov salt. Cover and cook until half done.
  • Add chopped spinach. Cover and cook again until done .
  • Yummy. Don’t believe me . Try yourself.
  • You can also add green peas which are also in season during spring.
  • Enjoy!

Moringo Adai

Yes yes am on moringo band vegan. I had bought huge bunch and so trying out different recipes. I also bought seeds from amazon so I will even plant them. Again recipe is from vahrevah and it’s very simple. I made some changes. Here’s what I did.

  • Soak brown rice with tuvar dal and Chana dal adding few whole red chilies. I used same quantity of rice and 2 dals. You should be able to use any dal you like. I soaked for 3-4 hrs.
  • Before blending, add few curry leaves and I added few small pieces of coconuts. Blend everything with little water. Keep it thick and coarse.
  • Add salt , little hing and lots of chopped moringa leaves.
  • Now cook on tava. First time cover with lid and second time cook uncovered. It takes time to cook.
  • Enjoy with chutney and sambhar. I had with y’day’s left over moringa dal.
  • You can make batter previous night and make in the morning for breakfast to eat with chutney.
  • I think you should be able to make methi puda replacing methi with moringo.
  • Moringo/drumstick leaves are very nutritious if you don’t know yet.

Here’s the link:

Enjoy !

Ragi Dosa (Rice free)

Made Ragi dosa from the same batter of Ragi Idli I posted earlier today and they turned out pretty good. When you make something new like this Ragi Idli , Dosa don’t compare with rice Idli, Dosa. Ragi Idli , Dosa will taste different. Comparison is what get us in trouble many times . Everyone and everything is unique and don’t try to be like something else or someone else . Find your uniqness and see how life unfolds. 

Made sambhar with drumstick and radish. Then at the end added some cauliflower florets and it made fiber rich , filling sambhar.

Enjoy Ragi Idli, Dosa !

Ragi Idli (Rice Free)

Most of the variation Idli recipes I have seen are just adding millet or some other flour little bit. I wanted to make totally rice free. And I am happy with this one. 

I soaked 1 cup Urad dal with few Methi seeds for 4 -5 hrs. Grind it and then added Ragi flour little by little and keep mixing so no lumps are formed. Added around 1.5 cup of Ragi flour. Let it ferment as usual and make idlis.

It will taste good with sambhar and tomato chutney . Since Ragi has very earthy flavor, you need sour, spicy to go with it.

Ragi is rich in calcium and minerals . 


Bulgar Wheat With Chana Masala – Fusion Food

Are you surprised with this unique combination? This is good when you don’t want to eat rice and too lazy to roll roti. 

  • Cook bulgur wheat according to pkg instructions. Basically boil with water just like rice.
  • Cook your Chana masala or any of your fav bean curry.
  • Eat the way you eat rice.
  • Have some roasted vegetables or salad on side. I had roasted asparagus since they are in season right now.
  • This will make a good lunch option to take to work too. Pack a side of salad too. 
  • Wholesome filling lunch and quick, fuss free.
  • If you have left over bean curry then you can cook some bulgar in the morning too while tea, coffee is getting ready.
  • Enjoy!