Insta Pot Quinoa

If you want to make good lunch to take it to work , school in the morning this will be a good option. Made this in the morning while tea was boiling.

  • Sauté onion , garlic in insta pot and throw all veggies in. If you have saved some cooked black beans then throw that too.
  • Add rinsed quinoa , water, salt and spice you like. You can do Mexican quinoa too using taco seasoning, cumin powder.
  • Manual cook for 1 min on high pressure.
  • Now enjoy your tea, take shower and get ready.
  • Pressure in insta pot should have been naturally released now and everything will be cooked .
  • Add some cashew nuts, flax meal, cilantro and squeeze lemon juice .
  • Pack it. Isn’t that simple ?
  • Enjoy!

Barnyard Millet Pilaf

Barnyard Millet Also Known as Bhaggar , Samo rice in India. It’s generally eaten during fast since it’s easy to digest. Even if you are not fasting , you can eat this and it taste good. Good to take to work for lunch.

I just sauté vegetables , add spices , cashews and added cooked Millet to it . Millet cooks just like rice. Very simple. You can make it like Chinese fried rice too. It’s gluten free, vegan .


Buckwheat Pilaf

It’s a good idea to give up on rice and wheat, all purpose flour or whatever you eat every single day a miss for a day or week. Buckwheat is easily available.

It cooks like rice. Before a meeting when you are working from home. I started my electric pressure cooker with buckwheat in. Meeting done and chop , chop some veggies , throw some pav bhaji masala and voila done in no time . I sautéd tofu using pav bhaji masala.

Pav bhaji masala is very versatile. If you like spices , invest/waste $2 or $3 to try this masala .

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice, garnish with cilantro.


Raw Jackfruit Biryani

As I mentioned y’day , tried biryani today and it turned out good. I would say must try. There are lots of videos Of recipes so I won’t bother. Jackfruit pieces are just like chicken here . Give someone who likes chicken Biryani.

You can also use jackfruit in any fried rice you make . Use your favorite recipe.


Rava Idli

Rava Idli With coconut chutney and some soaked chia seeds. Chia seeds will go in last spoon of chutney or you can add before hand too. Your choice or kid’s choice.

I love coconut chutney I make . Goodness of fresh coconut, cilantro leaves , curry leaves . Yum. I can finish a bowl of chutney.

Just some lunch idea.