Tasty Bean Water

In india, when someone is sick and digestion becomes weak, they are given Dal water with rice. Easy to digest , simple and provides nutrition.

Dal water is water in which dal was boiled . It’s even given to kids.

You can use water from any bean , lentil you boiled and you don’t need to be sick to enjoy it .

I used water from pinto beans boiled . Add salt , lemon juice and that’s it. Very tasty. You can add ginger , Cumin powder if you like.

Use water from home boiled beans . Not canned one .


Cantaloupe Juice

Cantaloupe turned out little hard and not so juicy so no fun eating it . But not good enough to throw away either .

Added some water and blended it . Strain and juice is ready. Turned out good and I actually liked it .

You can add little honey if you like.

Try it if you have fruit like this before throwing away.

Happy Easter !

Celery Juice

Celery juice is good for inflammation, high blood pressure according to research. Natural therapy , eastern medicine takes time to heal. Ppl will try for few days and will declare didn’t work. You need to think how long it took to be messed up ? It didn’t happen over night .

When you try natural therapies , observe what , how you feel and you will know if it’s working or not. Give it time and be consistent.

Celery powder is also available I think. If you are trying to heal something, powder is easy to take . Mix it in warm water and drink it up.


Bitter gourd Juice

Bitter gourd or Karela is available in Asian stores . Chinese variety is less bitter . Indian variety is nice good bitter .

Remove the seeds if they are hard and leave them if tender. Chop and blend with some water . Strain and juice is ready.

Bitter is opposite to sweet. kind of , right ? We eat too much sweet and no bitter. If it appeals to you and want to know benefits, try for a month everyday and you will know what it does to you.

Anything that we get curious abt , we have to try and do our own experiment and have our own experience.

Remember all 6 flavors everyday says Ayurveda.


Thyme Tea

When we buy herbs for recipes, there’s always left over so just make tea out of it. I had bought sage and thyme for pumpkin pasta and so drinking tea to use up left over.

I didn’t like thyme tea. Didn’t add anything else to it. But At least I know what it taste like now. It was more like “Ajmo” that we use in Indian cooking sometimes.