Fresh Grape Juice

Sometimes I end up with too many grapes. Or grapes turn out too sour to eat. Then I just make juice and it’s so good .

Blend grapes with little water and strain.

Add little salt. It will cut the sourness when grapes are too sour .


Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Easy breezy tasty juice. Chop 1 carrot and half green apple . Take small piece of ginger.

Add water and blend everything together. I like to add more water so it’s less sweet and I can sip while working like flavored water.

Strain and enjoy !

You got vitamin A and ginger will help stomach .


Almond Fig Shake

Figs are coming on world famous fig tree that I have . Today made this simple , vegan and nutritious shake .

  • Soak Raw almonds over night .
  • Morning peel skin and add water , blend.
  • Add few fresh figs from garden and blend again.
  • Keep consistency the way you like . I ate with spoon. It had right amount of natural sweetness.
  • Everyone wants everything more now a days , isn’t it ? More sweet , more spicy , more money , more work , more travel, more food , more nutrition….. never ending list.
  • Learn to be happy.
  • Enjoy!

Tea With Candied Ginger

Have you had candied ginger ? It taste good and you get some of the ginger benefit. I buy for trips. On my recent trip, I knew roads will be curvy, going through mountains. Sometimes I end up getting motion sickness so I just ate 1-2 ginger candies after breakfast and I was fine sitting in tempo all day.

I bought mine at Trader’s Joe. Even amazon has it and Asian market also have it. Some of my colleagues also got hooked onto this ginger candies. One of the Colleague said she makes tea from it and I thought that was a good idea.

I just boiled water and threw 2-3 candied ginger and a small piece of lemon. At the end , you can eat ginger. Will help with digestion I think. Try it out after your dinner and see if you like it .