Pineapple Peel Drink

When you cut the fresh pineapple, there’s lot of pulp attached to skin is wasted and I always felt bad throwing it away. Google came to rescue as always and learned in tropical places ppl make drinks from pineapple skin. Just want I needed. Pineapple was not organic and since I was just trying it out and not really trying to cure anything, I felt it was ok. I washed pineapple well before cutting it.

  • Take skin in a pot , immerse it in water.
  • Boil it for 30 mins and let it cool down.
  • Strain the liquid and as you know I avoid extra sweetener.
  • I did add some chia seeds.
  • Drink it . It taste little different than pineapple. More like mild vinegar.
  • It is different and flavor is new to me.
  • Try it out and see if you like it next time when you cut fresh pineapple.
  • Am sure it is good for digestion since it will have bromelian enzyme. But then again, heating may reduce bromelain.



Pineapple Ginger Juice

Pineapple at near buy store keeps coming on sale and I have to buy them when am tired of apples, oranges , grapes etc. yes, it’s little hard to cut but it’s totally worth it and we can do now and then. You can cut it up and store in fridge and you can make so many exotic dishes all week. Store in glass container. Like pineapple quinoa, fried rice , pineapple oat or just have a slice after meal and will help digest food. I do not add yogurt or dairy milk to pineapple.

I had one big slice left and for a change made juice . It’s easy and delicious.

Chop pineapple and take a small piece of ginger. Remove the skin from ginger . Blend it all together with little water. Strain and drink it. Try not to gulp it all in 1 sip like me.

No need to add extra sugar , honey or anything. If not ginger, you can add cardamom too.

Pineapple is acidic and rich in enzymes. I eat with or after meal only. And eat , drink in moderation like 1 slice or small glass of juice. Pregnant women in India are advised not to eat pineapple and papaya since they are considered heating food. If women eat pineapple, papaya on empty stomach, good chance your cycle will start. Yep, speaking from experience.


Flavored Water For Summer

Don’t we go Gaga over when we see herbed water , flavored water outside at hotels , restaurants or may be your company provides like mine? And you hardly taste any flavor in that water. If you do like them, it’s so easy to make it at home. In summer , it will be soo good and if you are having ppl over , they would love it too. You may get some vitamins also from it too. Do you really need recipe?

  • Take filtered water in a glass jar.
  • Throw some mint leaves. You can also add some citrus rings of lemon, orange , grapefruit whatever you have. Wash it well though and use organic if possible.
  • I used mint leaves and Lemon grass both growing at home in pot. 
  • Let it sit for 30 mins and you can start drinking .
  • Simple , calorie free and mint gave a good , refreshing flavor.
  • You can also take some leaves at work and throw in water bottle or you can make tea by adding hot water at work.
  • Mint is cooling and so good in summer . 
  • Enjoy !

Neem Tea

On my recent visit to India, my friend mentioned neem, something I was looking for here in USA. There was a tree near her house and they use leaves from it and so her mother in law dried some for me to bring. Growing up in India most of us know that  neem has health benefits and it’s very bitter so kids stay away from it. Now as a grown up it’s a different story. Neem is bitter so it has anti bacterial , anti-viral properties. Neem paste is used for skin infection. It’s so bitter no wonder bacteria , virus will not survive.

  • To make tea is very easy . Boil few leaves with clean water.
  • Strain and drink. I added some lemon juice too.
  • Bitter is 1 of the flavor we don’t get much in diet and overdose of sugar everyday makes things worse. If you had lot of sweets during thanksgiving, then try neem tea. 
  • I think neem tea is also available in market.
  • When we come from India, we bring sweets to share with friends and family. I think it’s time we bring something healthy like this neem leaves.
  • In India, kids are given bitter things to drink now and then since they eat lot of sweets. But now adults are same too so we better start including bitter flavor in our diet.
  • Enjoy!

Natural Rose Milk With Tukmariya 

Have you ever used real rose petals in cooking? Rose petals are laxative in nature and considered cooling in Ayurveda. I have tried rose firani before and had turned out real good. Since I like to use natural ingredients and whatever is available around me , when I saw rose… Hmmm yum. 

Tukmariya is another cooling ingredient and it looks almost like chia seeds. Am not very sure abt other nutrients in it but I love them in rose milk and falooda is my favorite drink.

  • Boil milk with fresh rose petals . Make sure rose petals are not sprayed. If you keep milk with rose petals in fridge overnight , flavor will intensify. Else you will hardly get flavor. Rose also needs to be with nice smell meaning flavor will be there. And you don’t get color this way but I don’t care .
  • Soak Tukmariya in milk for an hr so they become like gel just like chia seeds.
  • I had falooda sev so I boiled that too.It’s optional.
  • To assemble, add Tukmariya and sev first in a glass. Pour rose milk and add sugar.
  • You can top with vanilla ice team and it will become falooda but I didn’t . 
  • Tukmariya taste little different than chia and I love them. Try it out.
  • If you are fond of rose flavor like me, then try this real rose flavor. 
  • Enjoy !