Fresh Grape Juice

Sometimes I end up with too many grapes. Or grapes turn out too sour to eat. Then I just make juice and it’s so good .

Blend grapes with little water and strain.

Add little salt. It will cut the sourness when grapes are too sour .


Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Easy breezy tasty juice. Chop 1 carrot and half green apple . Take small piece of ginger.

Add water and blend everything together. I like to add more water so it’s less sweet and I can sip while working like flavored water.

Strain and enjoy !

You got vitamin A and ginger will help stomach .


Almond Fig Shake

Figs are coming on world famous fig tree that I have . Today made this simple , vegan and nutritious shake .

  • Soak Raw almonds over night .
  • Morning peel skin and add water , blend.
  • Add few fresh figs from garden and blend again.
  • Keep consistency the way you like . I ate with spoon. It had right amount of natural sweetness.
  • Everyone wants everything more now a days , isn’t it ? More sweet , more spicy , more money , more work , more travel, more food , more nutrition….. never ending list.
  • Learn to be happy.
  • Enjoy!