Fig Sooji Halwa

Fig season is almost ending. Got few figs y’day and a new idea. We make Halwa with sooji and ppl make pineapple or mango flavored. So why not fig? Also sooji absorbs so much liquid so fig with so much water I can just add it all and use up figs. Recipe is very simple.

  • Heat ghee or unsalted bitter
  • Roast sooji in it.
  • Make a purée of fresh figs.
  • Add it to roasted sooji and keep stirring . It will become dry in no time.
  • You can use 1 part sooji to 2 part fresh figs purée.
  • If needed add some sugar.
  • Garnish with cardamom powder and some nuts.
  • Halwa came out well.
  • Enjoy !

Stuffed Figs

First you need fresh figs (and don’t show up at my door 😀)

    Stuff the fig with goat cheese.
    Top it with some finely chopped walnut.
    Bake in oven for few minutes until heated through.
    Pour some honey over it.
    Important step: Make sure they are warm and not so hot . Have patience before you pop that fig in your mouth. Yeah .. speaking from experience. Or you will burn your mouth.

Mithi Sev With Tea

Mithi Sev as called in Gujarati is sweetened roasted Vermicelli. It is generally eaten as dessert with lunch or dinner . Hey, who said can’t have with Tea? It’s not so favorite of mine. But that doesn’t mean I can’t eat it .

Don’t get too stuck up with likes /dislikes and life will become easy. Mainly when we don’t have choice .


Roasted Peach

A friend gave home grown peaches and so tried out this simple dessert. As you know I don’t like to add extra sweetness in neither my food nor speech.

Constructive criticism should always be welcomed . What we do most of the time is I praise you, you praise me and we stay in rut. I have no clue where , how I am coming up with this nonsense too. Ha ha

Coming to recipe, Just roast cut peaches in oven. Sprinkle some cinnamon and eat with vanilla ice cream. You can also grill your peach.


Chocolate Covered Figs

One of My coworker likes everything with chocolate and cheese and always gives me ideas to put them into everything and I dismiss them most of the times. He has been enjoying figs from my tree. Few days back, he told me he saw chocolate covered figs at Trader’s joe and was tempted to buy them. I thought I would try since it’s easy and may be some of you will like them too.

  • Since I am just trying it out , I used chocolate chips I had . Melted in microwave with little coconut oil. Check every 30 seconds and mix .
  • Let it cool down for few mins. Dip fresh figs in it and put it in refrigerator to set. You can also cover in some nuts .
  • This will make a good , innovative dessert for the party. Easy to make and you can make day before.
  • Use dark chocolate if possible.
  • Enjoy!