Navratri 2017 – Fasting Experience 

Navratri ended and so thought of sharing this year’s experience. On I think 7th day of fast, in the afternoon my tummy was rumbling, grumbling and I felt something will come out. But nothing happened all day. At night , after spending good 15-20 mins in loo, things came out which was dark in color. You just know that it’s some old junk. Things most ppl don’t want to talk abt. Next day afternoon , I felt truely hungry and it was wise to break the fast that evening. I made some mung soup , and steamed broccoli. And food tasted so divine . Taste buds opens up. So that was the end of fast and my digestion has improved and am still reaping benefits of fast. Until it’s all messed up again…

So today is dusserah celebration. And if you have read my earlier post, you know how I was caught off guard on starting of navratri. Today morning I was surprised again when bunch of my yoga friends showed up in the morning at my door. I really enjoyed their unexpected visit and it was so much fun. 

Enjoy all turn and twist life sends our way !

PS: By the way, picture is of rava halwa I made last night. 


Rajgira Halwa in Coconut Oil

It’s important to rationalize age old traditions and see what works in today’s life. We benefit more when we make some positive changes into old if that agrees with you. If not , that’s ok too. So one of the change I made this navratri is use coconut oil. I made samo rice , rajgira roti with coconut oil. I have seen many rajgira shira recipe and wanted to taste so I decided to try it out. I eat only 1 thing in dinner but today i excused myself.

Recipe is everywhere on net and so I don’t want to repeat it. Only change I made was use coconut oil. Oh and I use organic raw sugar. Good quality coconut oil. Rajgira(Amranth) is alkaline and has good nutrition, high in protein. If you make shira, halwa for kids then use rajgira, singora like  vrat flours since they are nutritious and try to find good quality.

As you fast, observe.


Samo Kheer With Turbinado Sugar

Does everyone know turbinado sugar also known as raw sugar? Turbinado sugar is less processed.I use mostly turbinado sugar only and like that it’s expensive because that way I use as needed and just don’t waste it. Made kheer also using it and tasted great, more wholesome. Am sure everyone knows how to make kheer.

I used samo rice and added my good quality saffron and pistachios that I got from Dubai. I keep bragging abt it but it’s really good.Also used good quality full fat milk. 

Enjoy in moderation!

Saffron Chia Milk

Last night while watching master chef India, I got this idea and was excited to try it out. I knew it will taste good and I have brought saffron from Dubai which I have been wanting to try and see if it is good . When I googled , I saw people have already tried this combination.Well, it’s still was new for me. Here’s how I made it.

  • Warm or boil milk. Add few strands of saffron. I also added some crushed cardamom seeds.
  • Once milk cools down or just warm, add Chia seeds. And keep it aside for an hr or some. I just kept it in fridge overnight.
  • Eat for  breakfast.Yum !
  • It tasted really good and saffron I got from Dubai is really good. Seems high quality. Saffron dissolved in a milk quickly and gave milk nice golden color and saffron flavor.
  • If you still haven’t tried Chia seeds , then I have no words. Kick yourself and buy some .:)
  • Indian Tukmariya that’s used in falooda is different from Chia seeds.
  • Enjoy!

Fig Ice Cream

How is everyone doing ? It’s been a while since I posted here. I have signed up for so many things and then felt overwhelmed just thinking abt all the things. And then unexpected things…I had to sit back and breathe. One of the thing I signed up for is yoga demo at work event and had no clue what I will do. But everything is falling in place and my coworkers agreed to join me which I was amazed. We all are looking forward to it now. This will be the first time I will be leading yoga demo in front of large crowd. It’s an opportunity for me and my coworker to grow. When opportunity knocks the door, you got to grab it.Isn’t it? It might look small but you never know where it will lead. At work, we had done yoga sessions as part of diversity event few years back and so most of the ppl are aware of yoga and had fun. And now we all will go and demo it to others. Isn’t that amazing ? Complete experience from learning to sharing.

Fig season is almost ending and am having a fig festival. What’s the festival without ice cream ? Followed  Tarla Dalal’s recipe since it looked very simple and first batch which was experiment is all gone and everyone who tried loved it . One friend said she never had this good ice cream in her life. I used home dried figs. And so ice cream has strong fig flavor.

Here’s the link to recipe :

There’s one little typo in the recipe I think. Total milk is 3.5 cup but recipe uses only 3. I added 3.5 cup . Also I used everything full fat. You can eat little and be satisfied. No reason to eat whole container thinking it’s fat free.

Try it before summer is over.

Enjoy !