Steamed Orange

Steamed orange is a Chinese remedy for cough google says. It tasted so good that you can eat any day. Try if it appeals to you. Here’s how you do it.

  • Soak orange in salted water for 15 mins and then rinse.
  • Cut the top little bit.
  • Scrape surface little bit and sprinkle salt. Try to push salt in. Be careful with salt else it will become to salty.
  • Put the top back and steam for 15-20 mins.
  • Let it cool little bit and remove skin. Take the pulp and mix that water from the bowl.
  • Nice hot bowl of orange and it looks to pretty.
  • I think adding little ginger before steaming and some honey after it’s steamed will make it very tasty dessert.
  • Try it out with that orange sitting on the counter.
  • Enjoy !

Sweet Potato Halwa

Sweet potatoes are on sale everywhere and they looked like new fresh crop. So obviously I bought them. You can always figure out recipe later. They are rich in vitamin A also. During holidays here , mashed sweet potatoes are popular and halwa is little Indian way of making it. Try it this new way to impress your holiday guests or just something new to try.

Recipe is pretty simple.

  • Boil sweet potatoes and peel, mash it.
  • Heat unsalted butter or coconut oil and sauté mashed sweet potatoes for few minutes to make it little dry.
  • Add little milk and cook again to make it little dry. Add little sugar. Since potatoes are already sweet, you just need sugar for milk portion.
  • Let it all come together like a mass.
  • Add some cardamom powder.
  • On the side , roast some cashew in butter. And garnish halwa with it.
  • It’s still sweet so portion control. What I like is that it will have some fiber and vitamins too.
  • Make sure you go for a walk before , after eating holiday meals.
  • Merry Christmas!!!

Fig Coconut Bar

Easy breezy fig bars. Remember my fig tree and how I dehydrated figs. Fresh figs will start again in few months so trying to use up last year’s stock.

This bars are so so easy. Blend your dry figs with just enough coconut milk to make a paste. Add honey if needed. Pour in your popsicle bars. Fill it all the way unlike me. Freeze for few hrs.

And Slurp slurp. 😛


Navratri 2017 – Fasting Experience 

Navratri ended and so thought of sharing this year’s experience. On I think 7th day of fast, in the afternoon my tummy was rumbling, grumbling and I felt something will come out. But nothing happened all day. At night , after spending good 15-20 mins in loo, things came out which was dark in color. You just know that it’s some old junk. Things most ppl don’t want to talk abt. Next day afternoon , I felt truely hungry and it was wise to break the fast that evening. I made some mung soup , and steamed broccoli. And food tasted so divine . Taste buds opens up. So that was the end of fast and my digestion has improved and am still reaping benefits of fast. Until it’s all messed up again…

So today is dusserah celebration. And if you have read my earlier post, you know how I was caught off guard on starting of navratri. Today morning I was surprised again when bunch of my yoga friends showed up in the morning at my door. I really enjoyed their unexpected visit and it was so much fun. 

Enjoy all turn and twist life sends our way !

PS: By the way, picture is of rava halwa I made last night. 

Rajgira Halwa in Coconut Oil

It’s important to rationalize age old traditions and see what works in today’s life. We benefit more when we make some positive changes into old if that agrees with you. If not , that’s ok too. So one of the change I made this navratri is use coconut oil. I made samo rice , rajgira roti with coconut oil. I have seen many rajgira shira recipe and wanted to taste so I decided to try it out. I eat only 1 thing in dinner but today i excused myself.

Recipe is everywhere on net and so I don’t want to repeat it. Only change I made was use coconut oil. Oh and I use organic raw sugar. Good quality coconut oil. Rajgira(Amranth) is alkaline and has good nutrition, high in protein. If you make shira, halwa for kids then use rajgira, singora like  vrat flours since they are nutritious and try to find good quality.

As you fast, observe.