Dalma From Odisha

Basically Dalma is dal with vegetables is what I learned from watching few you tube videos. Good 1 pot meal and Dalma is little mild on spices .

I did make fresh spice mixture for it.

  • Used tuvar dal plus little mung dal. Boil dal with little turmeric powder , ginger .
  • Vegetables what I had – eggplant , potato , carrot, drumstick, tomatoes. Pumpkin will taste good if you have it.
  • Vegetables are cut in big chunks to retain shape .
  • I cooked dal first in instant pot and then added vegetables and cooked 5 more minutes.
  • Season with ghee, cumin seeds, red chili.
  • Dry Roasted red chilies, cinnamon, black pepper and cumin seeds. Make a powder and use this like garam masala .
  • Remember to add salt.
  • Since I never had Dalma , don’t know what it taste like but am sure one day I will have opportunity to taste authentic Dalma.
  • With all vegetables, it’s a very filling meal.
  • If you are fond of different kind of dals , try it.
  • Enjoy!

Rajasthani Dal Bati

Do you know Indian “makhaniya” biscuit that we dunk in tea? Bati reminded me of it. Here you dunk it in dal. I have never tasted dal bati and this is the first time I made it so I don’t have anything to compare which is good.

Here’s the recipe I followed:


Dal РI liked it since I love dal anyways and this dal was very simple to make. No saut̩ of onion , tomatoes which is a big plus . You can make in insta pot. Also this dal can be enjoyed with roti or any crusty wholesome bread like focaccia bread.

Bati- I used coconut oil instead of ghee. It’s made of whole wheat flour and really simple to make.

Overall, it’s an easy meal to make.


Insta Pot Mung Dal With Cauliflower

Cooking beans , lentils , dals is so easy and mess free with insta pot. Cooked mung dal for 15 minutes and then seasoned with spices on sauté mode.

Add big chunks of cauliflower, turn off insta pot and put lid on. Cauliflower will cook in steam, residual heat.

After 10 minutes garnish with cilantro leaves, add some lemon juice.

Have with quinoa, brown rice , jasmine rice. You can use your rice cooker for it and dinner will be ready in no time.


Insta Pot Rajasthani Dal Dhokli

Dal dhokli is another good candidate for Insta pot. You can make in just 1 pot and it’s easy. There are many videos and recipes for this online. I used 1 cup mung dal with skin , 1 tbsp Chana dal. Both soaked for 15 minutes. And it cooked in 12 minutes with natural release. Looks like you can use any dal combination but if your dal is gonna take longer to cook then first cook dal and then add dhokli. Dhokli will cook just in few minutes. Here’s few ideas for open minded ppl.

  • If you are not Indian, and want to try this recipe but don’t want to make dhokli…take lasagna sheet, break it in 1 inch pieces and cook it in dal. Very innovative, isn’t it?
    You can use any other pasta but not cheese filled. You can but I don’t know how that would taste.
    Dals are rich in protein , fiber and with insta pot they are so easy to cook. You don’t need to be Indian or have to follow Indian recipes, come up with your own.
    Generally we add ginger ,garlic , tomatoes or lemon juice in dals to make it easy to digest.
    Also this will be good for ppl with sugar problem since no extra sugar and more fiber.