Sambhar With Quinoa

Do you love rice and sambhar but trying to cut back on rice ? This combination taste really good. It’s full of protein, filling and add veggies to sambhar.

You can also eat it like soup. Or take this to work and easy to eat .



Masoor Dal With Spinach

Recipe from Tarla Dalal here:

It’s simple and quick since masoor dal quick so quickly. I liked that spinach was added at the end . I just boil masoor dal in a pot since it cooks so fast. Other than that followed recipe and turned out pretty good. Not too many spices too.
Enjoy !

Drumstick Dal

Many of us don’t like ppl who keep throwing all kind of advices and call themselves well wishers. As an adult everyone makes their own choices and how the hell anyone else will know what is good for other and what other’s life karmas are when they don’t know their own karmas. When am asked abt something, I would suggest but  will never force my thoughts on someone else. Everyone needs to develop their own   Intuition and do what appeals , clicks to them. Give yourself space to grow. 

As I write here , first of all I am listening , reading and learning. As I learned abt Drumstick, am incorporating it in my diet and made this simple Dal with pigeon peas. Eat Dal, roti and praise god .

Enjoy !

Bengali Style Chana Dal

Have you ever experienced that you go for lunch/dinner at someone’s house and find something that you always make but taste so awesome? Because same old lentil ,  grain , vegetable or whatever it is cooked different way. Well, we can create same experience at home too. We don’t need to be so stuck with our traditional ways of cooking everything. Did I encourage you enough? 🙂

Here’s how I made Chana Dal Bengali way. It’s lightly spiced. Recipe source :

  • Pressure cook Chana Dal so that it retains little shape and not mushy . It’s ok if you ended up with all mushy too.
  • Heat ghee (need very little)and sauté whole spices cardamom, clove, cinnamon, bay leaf and red chilies. 
  • Add Dal , salt, turmeric powder. I also added ginger paste. For any beans , lentil I always add ginger to avoid gas. Boil for few mins.
  • Add thinly sliced coconut pieces. You can also add raisin but I didn’t . 
  • Tada..  Bengali Dal ready.
  • Enjoy!

Chana Dal Quesadilla 

Do you like to be creative with left overs and serve it in a new way? Then you will like this idea. I always make Chana dal bottle gourd Subji extra since I can always make sandwiches from it. Other thing i make it quesadilla. They taste really good and so easy to make when you have left over Subji. Last minute lunch or breakfast.

  • Make Subji dry . No extra water should be there else it will make quesadilla soggy.
  • Spread Subji on tortilla , sprinkle Mexican cheese blend or cheddar cheese.
  • Cook regular way you make quesadilla. Done .
  • Yum .

As am watching show “chef on the wheels”, thinking how he is traveling across India and connecting with farmers, ppl through food. Whatever we do, we can include everything into it and give it a life. On the singing show, contestants are asked to sing in a new language. Isn’t that amazing? A great singer will be able to sing in any language and listener won’t even know that it’s not singer’s mother tongue. All part of learning and growing and of course having fun with it. Never stop learning .

Enjoy !