Boycott Sweets

Holiday season has started and with it so many sweets and flu season. My 2 cents here is boycott sweets this year.

And include some bitter. Got this neem powder from amazon and it’s pretty good bitter .

Share bitter with friends, family you care abt. Give sweets to your enemies.


Recipe Feedback

Apparently I had written few recipes for my coworker in 2011 and he had kept them. Now since he is eating just home and so started making few dishes from those recipes. He orders everything online and he is finding ingredients like beans , legumes on amazon.

Very few ppl bother to give feedback and that too honest, unbiased. Isn’t it? Coworker even gave me a tip to take these dishes to 1 notch up and that is throw some Parmesan cheese on the top. Ha .. Ha

What’s the new fun thing you are doing?


Think Smart

Made this tomato soup from 1 tomato . Why? Soup from 1 tomato will last for 2 meals. Will keep me full and anyways working from home we tend to eat more so soup is a better choice. Don’t believe me ? Get on scale.

Soup you can freeze too if you are worried what to eat if you get sick.

Make your favorite soup , make it extra watery and eat some , freeze some.

Stay home if possible.