Almond Flour Upma

Do you like to use Almond flour ? This upma turned our pretty tasty. Make it just the way you make rava upma.

From my last almond Halwa experiment I learned this flour can give little too smooth texture. So what I did was , added 1 tsp of rava to get grainy texture . Even if you skip rava it will be ok if you add urad dal in tadka. It will give crunch.

Try it out. Like me try small quantity first time and see how you like it . Gets done in no time . Roast almond flour for like 2 mins .


Fermented Ragi Idli

Ragi Idli can be made so many different ways but sometimes Ragi taste is very overpowering and not everyone will enjoy. This combination I tried turned out really good. Don’t remember where I read.

0.5 cup long grain white rice

0.5 cup urad dal

1 tsp methi seeds

Soak everything together for 5-6 hrs and grind it. I just use my magic bullet .

Now add 1 cup of Ragi flour and mix . Add water if needed.

Let it ferment for 12 -24 hrs.

Make Idli or Dosa as usual.

Taste nice wholesome and rich in calcium , iron.

Happy Valentine’s Day !


Gluten Free Cabbage Pancake

Did you like my new orange spatula ? It makes cooking fun and vibrant.

Take whatever plain oat you have and grind it in coffee grinder .

Take same amt of chick pea flour.

Add finely chopped cabbage , cilantro leaves You can add chopped spinach, grated carrot too.

Add ginger , garlic , green chilie paste or dry spices you have. Add turmeric powder , cumin seeds and salt .

Add water and make pancake consistency batter.

Cook it and that’s it .