Sugarless Spiced Fig Jam

If you have a fig tree and don’t know what to do with them and you don’t want to make sugary jams then you will love this idea. My fig tree is in full bloom and I was running out of ideas. I don’t like to make things with so much sugar so I made jam once and that was all. 

One fine day which is today, I realized figs are naturally so sweet and once all water is gone, they are more sweet and then why the hell am I adding more sugar? Duh…and no, I don’t want to preserve jam for years. I dehydrated figs to eat in winter. Ok so visited fig tree and it gave me so many nice ripe figs. I also saw some animal poop and wonder who is visiting and eating figs. May be deer. I don’t mind them eating figs. There’s plenty for everyone and no reason to be greedy. So this is what I did and result I liked.

  • Chop figs roughly after washing.
  • Put it in a pot. Throw few cloves, a piece of cinnamon stick and 1 torn red chili. Teaspoon of fresh lime juice.
  • Stir now and then .
  • Cook until Most of the water is gone on medium heat.
  • Taste it. Mine is little sweet, sour and hint of spice. 
  • You can add a teaspoon of chia seeds after it cools down and you want it to be thicker.
  • You can eat this fig jam or whatever you want to call it with thepla, bread, cracker , vanilla icecream, or throw some on yogurt .
  • How long will it stay good? I don’t know. I will eat it up and will share with friends.
  • Enjoy!

Mexican Dhokla

Why is it called Mexican dhokla? I don’t know. May be because it has corn. Basically it’s mung dal dhokla with corn . Combination sounds yummy , isn’t it? Seems like new it dhokla in gujarat. I saw on tv channel too.

It has no rice, doesn’t need fermentation and mung dal is easy to digest. Taste is good. Remember it will taste different so it’s not an alternative to other dhokla. No comparison. Comparison create all kinda problems for no reason. We have tendency to compare talents, wealth , health what not. Work on bringing out your own talent , get what you need not what other people got. And see if you can be little bit more happier. 

Here’s the recipe I followed.

Enjoy !

Oatmeal With Saffron 

Variety is the spice of life. But when it comes to breakfast, many ppl stick to same thing everyday. It’s a good idea to eat different things in my opinion. You don’t need to be stuck with dairy, wheat so much that end up with allergy.

So made this oatmeal which took 2 mins.

  • Cook plain oatmeal according to pkg instructions. I use only water to cook.
  • Once cooked , add pinch of crushed saffron. Let it sit for a min and oatmeal will turn orange hue.
  • Add chopped dates, pistachios.
  • Warm hearty breakfast ready.
  • Enjoy!

Pupusas From El Salvador

One of my colleague had told me abt pupusas a while back and  since then I have been thinking to make them. It’s just like Indian stuff rotla and so I knew I will be able to make it. It is made with corn flour maseca and stuffed with mozzarella cheese. It’s eaten with special cabbage salad called curtido.Here’s How i made it.

  • First make cabbage salad and I changed it little to keep nutrition intact.Mix shredded cabbage, carrot and thinly slice onion in a pot. Add tbsp of water, cover and let it come to boil. Switch it off right away. You want to cook it slightly only. It’s mainly cabbage and carrot,onion is only little bit.
  • Now add salt, apple cider vinegar according to taste. And pinch of oregano. Make it in glass bowl and let it marinate on side. Result should be crunchy.
  • For pupusas, take maseca and follow the pkg instruction to make dough. Basically add pinch of baking soda , salt and warm water.
  • I mixed shredded mozzarella with some chopped cilantro leaves.
  • Now make like stuff paratha and roast with little oil on a griddle . Cook well at medium heat.
  • I had pupusas with cabbage salad and some chopped avocado. Yummy !
  • You can stuff with beans and cheese mix too. Be creative. Green onion will go well too.
  • If corn flour is not available , try jowar/sorghum flour. We need to learn to make things work when we want to do something. 
  • We learn things from ppl we meet and all our surroundings if we keep our mind open. 
  • Enjoy!

Soft Idly With Flax Seeds Meal

Is everyone using flax seeds or chia seeds for omega 3? Here’s another way to use flax seeds powder. Throw it in idly…and to my surprise it made idly very soft. I don’t know the reason. Here’s how I did it.

  • Made idly batter as usual using brown rice. 
  • Added tsp of flax seeds powder into batter just before steaming them.
  • For the uninitiated in flax seeds, they need to be powdered for body to absorb nutrients. 
  • Chutney was made using cilantro leaves, curry leaves, fresh coconut , Dalia, green chili, salt and lemon juice. It was yummy. There’s no need to season. Why add extra calories?
  • Enjoy !