Black Bean Enchiladas

If you like Mexican food , then cook black beans or pinto beans. And then you can make different things for 2-3 days.

I make quesadillas, burrito , taco salad , enchiladas etc . So many options if I have cooked beans handy.

If you are a planner , then very good . Get all ingredients including avocado and you can make at least 2 meals out if it .

I have avocado but it’s not ripe yet. Bummer .


9 Mixed Bean Sprouts – Nori Nem Special

In India , there are lot of festivals , fasting days and you eat something special on that day for 1 time . Nori nem is 1 of those days and it was 2 days back I think.

This dish is specially made on that day and you eat for lunch and no food after that .

Sprout 9 different beans and it’s cooked only with chopped ginger , green chilies. So little bland for Indian taste buds . Drizzle little oil before eating. This is ancient way and now we have those 9 grain breads. May be 9 is special.

I used whatever beans I had mung, mooth, masoor, dry peas, black Chana and sprouted them.

I added chopped onion, ginger , red chili powder , turmeric and salt. Also added little oil while cooking.

Turned out very yummy.

I don’t know the reason behind nori nem but it’s a healthy , nutritious, filling dish and i will eat any day , any day of the year.

Recipe , ideas were given by my “kaki” who is a wonderful cook . She is 1 of those who cooked from magazine recipes in those times and baked a cake in cooker .


Burrito Bowl

Easy quick tasty yummy lunch while working from home .

  • Cooked pinto beans in instant pot. Start early with your tea , coffee since it takes 45 minutes no soaking and natural release . Lunch time open it.
  • Mash pinto beans , add salt and seasoning .
    Now top it with your favorite toppings . Tomatoes , cucumber, olives, lettuce , cheese , green onion, cilantro , salsa , onion , sour cream , avocado.
    Trick is having toppings you like.
    Will keep you full for a while since it has protein and fiber from all veggies.

Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are easy to grow at home and that too in hot summer , they grow rapidly. I made Indian curry with mung sprouts and left some to grow more . In 3 days , they grew so big.

Sauté with few other veggies and tofu and added it to noodles . Some soya sauce , hot sauce and tasted good.

You can add to soup or just make a side dish with it or add to salad. So many uses. It’s easy to eat cheap and healthy. Isn’t it ?