Tasty Bean Water

In india, when someone is sick and digestion becomes weak, they are given Dal water with rice. Easy to digest , simple and provides nutrition.

Dal water is water in which dal was boiled . It’s even given to kids.

You can use water from any bean , lentil you boiled and you don’t need to be sick to enjoy it .

I used water from pinto beans boiled . Add salt , lemon juice and that’s it. Very tasty. You can add ginger , Cumin powder if you like.

Use water from home boiled beans . Not canned one .


White Bean Soup With Bruschetta

Fun lunch , isn’t it ? And so yummy, smells so good too. Fresh basil plucked from pot, home grown has very nice smell.

Have you tried this combination? At home ? By the way, I don’t add any pasta to soup since I have bread on the side .

Break the routine .


Time To Eat Sprouts

Mung Sprouts
Yummy Spring Meal

Spring is a good time to eat sprouts. You can Sprouts at home and it’s very cheap and easy.

Made mung Sprouts . I kept them 36 hrs to sprout and they sprouted nice and big. Made Indian dry curry which is also so easy. One of my American colleague also have learned to sprout mung and makes this mung curry perfect.

Do you sprout?


Save The Turkey

During thanksgiving we see sweet potatoes, cranberries, green beans etc everywhere on sale and plenty. Made Black bean sweet potato burrito. Simple and tasty.

Steamed sweet potatoes in insta pot. Sweet potato taste great plain steamed or roasted . There’s absolutely no need to add thousand different things to sweet potato and ruining it.

Keep things simple and thanks your stomach for taking all abuse .

Happy Thanksgiving!