Palak Lima Beans – Vegan 

Are you the kind of adult who has to drink milk every day? Do you know what all kind of dairy products you eat everyday not realizing it’s after all dairy? All that butter , cheese , ghee ladden sweets, paneer etc etc. Hope you got the idea. Then try to go vegan for a week and see how you feel just for an experiment. Be your own judge and don’t cheat yourself. Be honest to self. Well, I thought of doing it myself but I hardly eat dairy. Only half cup milk as part of tea. 

Am not paneer or dairy fan so my palak paneer always is without paneer. Everyone knows to throw chickpeas in it but Lima beans tasted really good. Here’s my simple vegan recipe.

  • Heat peanut , coconut or olive oil and crack few cumin seeds.
  • Add chopped tomatoes and cook it well.
  • Add your spices and sauté for few seconds.
  • Add fresh cooked spinach purée. I used fresh spinach bunch . 
  • Add cooked Lima beans and simmer on medium heat for few minutes.
  • Simple , isn’t it? Tasted really good.
  • If you are trying to diet, add more water and make it more soupy.
  • Enjoy!

7 Layer Dip

One should never start with “I” when you are writing is what I had read long back. But today I was tempted to start with “I absolutely love 7 layer dip”. If you have read anything around spirituality, then you probably know one of the question “who am I?” We always say I did , I like , I love so who is that I?  We don’t know  but it’s always abt “I”. My teacher says : When “I” takes back seat, god comes fore front.

Here’s the recipe I used. I have yet to taste it but gotta wait. I will serve with organic blue corn chips to make it more exotic.


Bean Burger In Lettus Wrap

People who are trying to avoid breads, using lettuce to wrap is a good idea and taste good too. I made a black bean burger and had one with bread but then I was still hungry and didn’t want to eat another roll so wrapped it in lettuce and liked it .Use 3-4 lettuce leaves to wrap it. I used only one and it was hard to hold it . If lettuce is not a available then you can use cabbage leaves too. May be you can put them in boiling water for a min if they are too hard for your taste. Here’s how easy it was to make black bean burger.

  • Mash cooked black beans after draining water . Or you can use kidney beans too.
  • Add chopped white onion, cumin powder, garlic powder , red chili powder or chili flakes. 
  • Add break crumbs and 1 tsp of flax seed powder . Adjust salt.
  • Here’s the star ingredient at least for me. Add some chopped cilantro leaves. Or you can use green onions too.
  • Make burger and shallow fry in olive oil or coconut oil.
  • To assemble burger , take lettuce leaves and arrange burger , cheese, avocado, onion , tomatoe , ketchup on it. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Close with  lettuce leaves.
  • You can also eat burger with just ketchup. Black beans are good source of protein and remember you got your dose of flax seeds too.
  • Yum !

My bowl of goodness

Are you all on quinoa wagon or not yet? Better get onto it.I made this quickly today to eat after yoga class and turned out good so thought of sharing here.

Had some home cooked Black beans with water in it and wanted to eat them somehow.Here’s what I did.

  • Cook some quinoa.
  • Sauté tomatoes on other side. Add chopped veggies like peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, Broccoli etc.
  • Add paste of ginger garlic and any other spice you like.
  • Add black beans with water. 
  • Add salt and let it boil. Basically it’s like chilli or any bean curry u make but with veggies.
  • Add cooked quinoa and done.Keep it thick like stew.
  • Rich in protein and you get all veggies too.
  • Makes a good lunch to take to work too. Easy to eat.
  • Enjoy !

Fava Bean Curry

Have you ever had middle eastern Foul Mudammas? I never had even fava beans before but today I went to middle eastern store and got a can of fava beans. There are lot of simple foul recipes online. Since I wanted to eat with roti, paratha I made it little more on gravy side and calling it curry. Here’s how I did:

  • Heat olive oil, add chopped garlic and sauté. Add chopped onion and then tomatoes. Cook the mixture until tomatoes are mushy.
  • Add red chili powder, cumin powder and fava beans. Add little water and let it cook for some time.
  • Mash beans with potato masher. Now you will have only few beans here and there.
  • Add black pepper powder. And some fresh lemon juice.
  • Boil it depending on how thick you want .
  • Drizzle little olive oil when serving.
  • You can thicken mixture and serve like hummus too with pita chips. Top with tahini, olives, tomatoes whatever you have and like.It’s yummy and so easy to make.
  • Try and expand your horizon little more. 
  • Enjoy !