Sprinkle Pomegranate

Pomegranate season is here. Am sure everyone knows how good rich in antioxidants pomegranate is.

You can remove seeds and store in fridge for a week. That way easy to sprinkle whenever you want .

On salad , oatmeal , pav bhaji, poha , Upma etc etc so many options . Find your way. They make dish look pretty and taste good too .


Happy Diwali

Eco friendly Diwali decoration. Everything from backyard . Turned out pretty .

We live in a global world now and so we can celebrate all festivals , learn so much from each other and enjoy life .

I arrange Diwali lunch with my colleagues who like Indian food at Indian restaurant and they seem to enjoy it too.

Happy Diwali !!!

Kiwi for Sleep?

Kiwi has many health benefits just like any other fruits, veggies. 1 of them is promote sleep according to research . Recently I bought whole pack of kiwi and have been eating 1 a day. Well , they were so good and have to finish them.

I did notice difference in sleep. Not that I had issue sleeping but still I did notice and thought may be due to kiwi .

Well, something you can try without harm and experiment. If this appeals to you , try it out. I let kiwi sit for few days on counter to ripen.


Catalyze Experiment

Research says grey hair is due to build up of h2o2. And Enzyme catalyze breaks down h2o2. As we age of course body produces less enzyme . But there are some fruits , vegetables rich in catalyze. And it’s an easy to experiment with and find out if it’s really rich in catalyze.

Buy H2O2 from drug store and take a little in glass bowl or if you have test tube and throw a piece of vegetable. Wait for 5 minute and if bubbles show up then it has catalyze. All good so far.

This Indian vegetable called Turai also known as ridge gourd is advertised for grey hair. And so I wanted to test if it’s rich in catalyze .

Experimented with onion, broccolis, cilantro, pineapple and last ridge gourd . Guess what ? Ridge gourd made bubbles so fast and most .

After heating and cooking though, I don’t know how much enzyme it will still have. I was just curious to know if it actually had any catalyze and so did this little experiment. For now, I will just keep enjoying Turai as vegetable. Next I will share few dishes with Turai.

Here are the pictures of experiment.


Pineapple and broccoli
Onion and cilantro
Ridge gourd – see the bubbles

Cleansing Yellow Dragon Fruit

Browsed through new grocery store few days back and found yellow dragon fruit first time. Obviously I bought it .

It was small medium size and sweeter than red version of it. Ate whole thing and cleaned up like a dog .

Few hrs later I had to go and everything was fine . 10 mins later gotta go again …I got really cleansed . Did I get something or it’s dragon fruit ? Google confirmed it’s yellow dragon fruit . It’s like laxative. Went 3 times and that was it .

When you need a good cleansing, eat it. It was perfect timing for me since I am starting Navratri fast from tomorrow and was thinking to take something before starting .

Universe has perfect time for everything. Everything has a use. It’s just knowing when to use it . You learn by experiment .

Do you buy , try new fruits ?