Price is High

Starting with gas, price for everything is high. There are things we can do.

Stop driving around unnecessarily. Finish all your work in 1 trip.

Car pool is big time help. Most of the ppl driving alone and consuming so much gas . Go together and it will be more fun too.

Stop wasting food . Look in your pantry , fridge and you will find so much food. Only buy fresh vegetables, fruits as much as needed or buy little less than needed.

Buy dry beans instead of can . You get more for your bucks and better for us.

Buy local if possible.

Be creative and find ways to save. And even if you can afford , stop wasting food , gas right now. Bring demand down and price will be right again hopefully.

Peace !


Pink Himalayan Salt

Do you use pink Himalayan salt ? For what ? It’s available everywhere now a days. I get mine from Costco.

It’s good for muscle cramp. If you get muscle cramp, add a pinch in a glass of warm water and drink it.

It helps to relax. You can use in your regular cooking too. I still use idolized salt too when I need fine salt .

Try it out and observe changes .


Golden Ghee

What kind of butter do you use ? How do you know butter is good ? Well, use your own senses. Ha.. Ha

I use grass fed butter and when you make ghee from it , smells good, has nice golden hue and taste great. Just a little and food taste good.

In case you don’t know how to use ghee. Spread on bread , tortilla, roti etc. Add little on your rice meal or dal , lentils . Add little in your hot milk if you drink milk. We use in sweets too. Basically wherever you use butter , you can use ghee .

Start with little and get used of flavor. It’s good in winter when weather is dry and helps with constipation too.


Sprinkle Pomegranate

Pomegranate season is here. Am sure everyone knows how good rich in antioxidants pomegranate is.

You can remove seeds and store in fridge for a week. That way easy to sprinkle whenever you want .

On salad , oatmeal , pav bhaji, poha , Upma etc etc so many options . Find your way. They make dish look pretty and taste good too .


Happy Diwali

Eco friendly Diwali decoration. Everything from backyard . Turned out pretty .

We live in a global world now and so we can celebrate all festivals , learn so much from each other and enjoy life .

I arrange Diwali lunch with my colleagues who like Indian food at Indian restaurant and they seem to enjoy it too.

Happy Diwali !!!