Just an idea. When in doubt , wear your birthstone . You will see lot of discussions over which gem stone to wear . Simplest thing is wear your birthstone . You will find that information so easily depending on your birth month. Like September is Sapphire.

Save money of going to astrologers and just buy , gift birthstone jewelry.


Flavors Of Planets – Vedic Astrology 

Astrology posts are very popular here so here’s another one with flavours with the blessings of Bhrigu rishi.

· Sun: Bitter. Bitter has drying and firming effect. You know in Gujarat, India during monsoon season, ppl used to eat bitter gourd. You need that drying effect within body too when it’s raining many days together. Food example: Bitter gourd, methi, aloe vera, arugula. Instead of eating pakodas during rain, eat bitter gourd subji.

· Moon: Salty. Salty has softening and cooling effect. That’s why moon is considered mother since mothers are soft and showers cooling effect. If your earthy mother doesn’t have that quality, look up to divine mother. Food example: Seaweed.

· Mars: Pungent/Spicy. Pungent has moistening and dispersing effect. Food example: Ginger, garlic, raw onion.

· Mercury: Mixed flavours.

· Jupiter: Sweet. Sweet has relaxing effect that’s why when ppl are stressed, they end up eating sweet. Most of the food is sweet like rice, wheat, peas,milk is all sweet. Cooked onion is sweet too.

· Venus: Sour. Sour has gathering effect. It brings everything together. Food example: lemon, yogurt, orange. Anything you taste sour.

· Saturn : Astringent. Astringent has contracting effect. In astrology, Saturn is the planet which contracts everything. Suppose one had a very big house, luxury life style and suddenly loses all that. Now one needs to learn with everything less. So you just learn to cut down, adapt and that’s it. You won’t have to run around the earth to please Saturn. Food example: Pomegranate peel.


We need to learn to have all 6 flavours in our food, experience it and not just gulp that food. Bitter gourd is something most of the ppl don’t like much or they remove all bitterness from it first and then eat it. Eat little but experience the flavor.

Enjoy !


Yoga For Planets  – Vedic Astrology 


  • Moon: Moon salutations. Another one worshipped in most of cultures.
  • Mars: Warrior pose.
  • Mercury: Tree pose(shown in picture),Mountain Pose.
  • Jupiter – Gyan mudra 
  • Venus – Shoulder stand(servangasan), Plough(Halasan), Fish(Matsyasan), Wheel (Chakrasan). 
  • Saturn – Crow

Join local yoga class to learn. I have observed lot of resistance in people when it comes to joining yoga class. Why? Because one is not ready to change. 

Enjoy yoga with astrology !

Food According To The Planets – Vedic Astrology 

One of the popular post here is

Let’s do food too for each planet of the week.

  • Sunday: planet Sun- food associated is wheat. Taste – bitter (like bitter gourd). Don’t eat wheat if you are allergic to it.
  • Monday: planet Moon – food associated is white rice which is cooling just like moon light. Taste – salty. Don’t start dumping salt on food. Instead you can include sea vegetables.
  • Tuesday: planet Mars – food is red lentils / masoor. Taste – pungent. If you are told that your “mangal” is too strong, then eat/drink some aloe vera juice which is cooling.
  • Wednesday : planet Mercury – food is mung beans. Taste – mixed. You can eat mung dal and other green color vegetables too.
  • Thursday: planet Jupiter – food is chick peas. Taste – sweet. sweet doesn’t mean sugar and cakes. But lot of foods are naturally sweet like both rice and wheat is sweet. If you chew properly, you will know. Chick peas are sweet too.
  • Friday – planet Venus – food is lima beans (we call val in gujarati). Taste – sour. Do you know that santoshi ma vrat where sour is prohibited for 16 fridays? It’s all related.
  • Saturday – planet Saturn – food is sesame seeds , urad dal (black lentils). You can eat any black color food like black beans, black sesame seeds, black rice. And also blue color food. Taste – astringent.

If you are trying to work with planets, astrology and fasting then you can include food for that planet. Before you start any good diet or new plan it’s a good idea to cleanse yourself first by taking laxative, drinking water. It’s like starting with a clean state. Also you can do mantras for the planets. Do it for 16 weeks and observer changes. Have an open mind.

Do you know abt rainbow diet? It basically says include all colors in your diet. Planet based diet is same. Include all taste and colors. And have a balanced meal.

Enjoy !

Dry Lima Bean Curry

Have you seen these big dry Lima beans in regular American grocery stores? This is the first time I bought them. They have 3-4 kind of dry Lima beans variety. I bought big white ones because they have highest Amt of iron. 30% according to pkg. Lima beans have distinct taste but this one turned out mild not like Indian ones. Here’s how I cooked.

  • Soak them in water for 7-8 hrs and pressure cook for 3 whistles. They cooked pretty quick for their size.
  • Heat oil, crack few mustard seeds and add chopped tomatoes and cook.
  • Add usual spices, salt. I added little sambhar powder too.
  • Pour cooked beans with its water and simmer on medium for few mins.
  • Garnish with cilantro or like me add some spinach leaves at the end.
  • Yum ! Try it out whatever way you like.
  • If you have been following this space, you know Lima beans are associated with planet Venus so what better day than cooking on Friday? Please planet Venus / shukra dev while pleasing your palate.
  • Enjoy !