Fun Calendar

Now a days we all use calendar to keep up with all meeting , appointments etc right ? Check your calendar and see if you have something fun on calendar. Nothing ? Bummer. Go ahead and plan something fun. It can be something small like coffee break with friend or a walk with colleagues or lunch, breakfast with friends , colleagues .

I like to have fun things planned and actually I enjoy planning fun things too since my head is always full of ideas . For example this week is so warm so I planned y’day a trail walk at work with colleagues and we all enjoyed walking today. We all were tired afterwards b/c since it’s winter ppl are not walking. It was a good wake up call. Then I plan Indian or new restaurant lunches , pot lucks . I am part of diversity team so there are always events there too. We are celebrating Chinese New Year this week.

Point is have fun in weekdays too and try new things . You will stay active mentally, physically and will do better in whatever you do. Life will be fun and you will worry less abt those wrinkles, age that we all are so worked up now a days. If you feel good , then that’s all matters.

Enjoy !


Gavar Bajri Dhokli

Indian diet is high on rice and wheat so I like to break it and use other things regularly. That doesn’t mean white bread though. This dhokli is made of bajra/millet. There’s little wheat flour but that’s ok. It tasted pretty good and with a salad or some steamed/roasted vegetables on the side , will make a good meal. I wasn’t too hungry after having a big “prasad” god sent me today for lunch.:-)

Here’s the recipe. It’s very simple to make. I skipped sugar.


How Life Works

Today I had not packed lunch to work. Lunch time I went for a walk and was contemplating going home early and eat. Didn’t feel like eating in cafeteria where lines are so long and it’s sandwich or pizza.

As I finished taking one round , I checked steps and decided to walk just little more and come back. As I walked few more steps, I heard someone saying “kaise ho” meaning how are you ? I look back. It’s our local Hindu center’s priest delivering lunch. You have to order early morning and they deliver . I stop to say hi to him and he says “take lunch”. I am like I don’t have money right now and he is like it’s ok. Give tomorrow. The only reason we know each other is because I go for Sunday yoga class at our Hindu center and so we see each other . As he gets me lunch , I find $10 in my cell phone wallet tucked in so I pay him.

And lunch box has 1 of my favorite sweet rava sheero.

Amazing how life works . If we just go with the flow. It’s a small incident but still it gives a picture of how life , universe works .


Super Nacho Bowl

Saw this nacho idea on recipe blog but not able to find where. Will update with link if I find it. Always give credit to where it belongs.

Key point here was to melt cheese in oven and so it tastes so good, nice warm . Here’s how I made it:

  • Used blue corn organic chips. Line a tray with parchment paper and spread chips.
  • Top it with home cooked , seasoned black beans.
  • Sprinkle Mexican or cheddar cheese and put in oven. I just did quick broil until cheese melted.
  • Now fun part of topping. I added chopped tomatoes, red onion, jalapeños, green onion , cucumber , avocado,cilantro.
  • Eat while still hot.
  • It will be gone in no time. You might will have to make another batch.
  • Again use good quality , fresh ingredients.
  • Tip: I grow green onion since they are super easy. When you buy at grocery store , plant one bottom . They will grow new shoots. They are so useful to garnish here and there. I just pick from garden when needed.
  • Enjoy!

Frozen Pizza ?

At Harris Teeter , I saw a woman and a little girl checking out pizza and curious me also checked .Pizza looked good to me. It was veggie , no artificial flavor and only 7 ingredients. It came home. Another one was beet and goat cheese that I will buy next time . Pizza turned out good. I added crushed pepper on top.

Ok so this post is not abt how good the pizza was . We all want to eat pizza and everything else that we desire. Sometime we don’t want to cook or hungry and no time to cook. Whatever the reason is … I like to be realistic and try , eat everything I like .

So how do you turn frozen pizza to a good , balanced dinner ? Simple , add some soup on the side . I had left over Ayurvedic veggie soup so while pizza is warming up in oven , start with soup appetizer. Make sure it’s soup and has plenty of vegetables. Then you can eat your pizza slices and you got best of both world.

Isn’t it so simple ?