Mini Idlis

Mini idlis are popular from a while and I may be late in the game . Well, found mini Idli stand in Indian grocery store and so finally I tried . Until now I only ate when friends made them.

Mini Idli makes fun appetizer for a party too.

You can have plain with chutney or season it . So many options .

Do you make mini Idli ? Do you spend money on getting some fun kitchen stuff ?


Navratan Korma

When you get cauliflower, save few florets and voila you can make navratan korma. It is mixed vegetables and generally cauliflower,potatoes,carrots,green beans , peas , paneer is used. Besides cauliflower, generally everything else you will have. If you don’t have or don’t like paneer like me, then skip it.

Add some roasted cashews, raisins and if you have fresh pineapple add it. Or I think apple will go well too. Will make it more restaurant like.

Just an idea as usual.


Instant Pot – Fried Rice

Vegetable fried rice made in biryani. Good work from home lunch idea and you can feed crowd, generally everyone loves rice.

  • Use vegetables like carrot , potato, green beans , mushrooms since they will retain shape.
  • I used biryani masala but you can use your spices.
  • Added mint leaves on top.
  • Raita or yogurt dip with onion and little beetroot which gives it nice pink color .
  • Enjoy!
  • Minestrone Soup

    Minestrone soup made in Instant pot. Add everything to instant pot when you have 5-10 minutes and then go back to work. Few tips:

    • Freeze some beans when you cook them for other recipes.
    • Use small pasta so it gets cooked in instant pot with everything.
    • I like to add a piece of ginger.
    • Had trader’s joe’s bread to go with soup.
    • Simple , quick meal that you can feed to crowd if you have hungry crowd at home .
    • Nice cold, cloudy day here that called for some hot soup.
    • Now I better I get back to work.
    • Enjoy!

    Almond Flour Banana Bread

    Almond flour is easily available now and wonderful , talented chefs around the world have figured out good recipes . Made banana bread with it since overripe bananas were on the counter and I think it came out well. Tried a small piece .

    There are plenty of recipes so check it out . It has some flax meal and chocolate chips also in it.

    Happy 2021 to Gregorian calendar.

    FYI: Number 21 is a very suspicious number in Indian culture.


    Update: Took it to hike and Hikers loved it.