Eliminating Wheat  Experiment

Hearing , reading lot abt how wheat had been genetically modified over the years and causing problems to lot of ppl. The only way to discover anything out is put into practice and see. Everyone is different and ppl with strong digestion should not have any problem with wheat. But most of our digestion due to our life style , age is compromised.

Let me confess that I didn’t eliminate wheat totally but I reduced consumption like 80-90%. I am used to having Indian roti made of wheat for dinner or lunch many days. It’s been few weeks and I don’t remember when I made it last. Have been making roti using pearl Millet Flour (Bajra), Buckwheat, corn flour. In picture, made Bajra rotla spread with little coconut oil, black eye peas curry and some salad. Kind of village food. Very earthen. Isn’t it?

Alright so did I see any difference? Tummy feels lighter most imp. And got little flatter tummy. I won’t go into weight loss because that’s relative.

If your diet is heavy on wheat and wheat products, all purpose flour, pasta , bread then try to give up for a month and see what it does to you.

I am planning to continue with my new diet for now. And eat wheat products just now and then and not everyday.



Ayurvedic Ginger Tea

Have been under weather after travel. Season changing often brings sickness and I was worn out after travel. First I had  dry cough which I cured with seaweed tea. But may be I overdid and then got producing cough which wasn’t going away. Finally it dawned to me to drink ginger tea. And I felt so much better and coughing reduced. 

Ginger is widely used in home remedies. Ayurveda uses it too. Ginger is warming and helps with digestion, disperses heat in the body. If you have poor digestion, after meal drink this ginger tea. Little goes a long way when it comes to ginger so use it little. 

Boil a cup of water and add few pieces of chopped ginger. Simmer 10 mins. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy ginger tea. If your throat is hurting , add good quality honey. 


Inspiring Travel Blogs from Indian women


I have been going through these 10 blogs from few days and enjoying reading them. It was nice to see these Indian women traveling solo and having fun. Have you travelled solo? Or have done anything that just opened more doors in your life ? Have read that life happens outside comfort zone but I do believe you have to be comfortable in doing what you are doing. I have done lot of things outside my comfort zone because I wanted to do them and then I work towards it 1 step at a time. Whatever we want to do , we have to work towards it by taking simple steps first.

Enough of my rant, just wanted to share these amazing travel blogs and may be you will get inspired to travel or to take a solo trip.

Enjoy !

Ottawa, Canada Travel

Bonus picture: My Ottawa friend , host showing how to get fall picture. 

Traveling seems to have become new interest. It opens you to so many new things, experiences. I am more of a comfort person and traveling meaning let go of all those comforts. You might get at some places and have to let go at other places. 

Ottawa is very pretty and I enjoyed my short stay there . Friend and I took a train from Toronto to Ottawa. Train was good and since it was fall time , we got to see some nice fall colors and small towns along the way.

Lot of things there in Ottawa to do. Mountains for hikers , many museums, Parliament House that you can go inside but it’s closing next year so I made just in time, ByWard market. Since I had a friend  in Ottawa , got to see real Ottawa. Whenever there’s a local person to show you around , grab the opportunity. That way you see , experience more than just touristy things.

Few pictures of Ottawa for you all to enjoy!