Buckwheat Groat Pilaf

Buckwheat groat is available at Indian store and on Amazon too. Buckwheat is allowed to eat when Indians fast where grains are prohibited. Buckwheat is a seed and nutritious. Buckwheat pilaf makes a good lunch to carry it to work, school. It’s so easy to make and am sure you don’t need recipe. But some ideas:

  • Buckwheat groats from Indian store are not roasted so I first roasted for few minutes. And then cook it like rice.
  • I cracked some cumin seeds and sauté veggies. Add salt and crushed pepper .
  • I had some boiled kala Chana which I threw in .
  • Add cooked buckwheat groats and mix.
  • Done . Healthy meals are easy to make.
  • You can top with lettuce, cucumber , tomatoes, lemon juice too.
  • Enjoy!

Dragon Boat Race

Have you ever participated in dragon boat race? Here lot of companies sponsor boats and employees can participate. This is the first time I participated. And it was fun. If you have never tried and your company sponsors it , take advantage or go check it out on race day. You will learn new things , meet new ppl and racing … oh boy you get all pumped up.

Life should be rich with experiences is what I believe. One stays in student mode and life stays fun.

I saw bamboo music instrument 1st time . So sharing picture.


Homegrown Potato

Gardening is such a joy . I had a potato that had eye growing so I planted it in garden. That was I think end of February. Today finally I lost patience and digged around to see if anything is growing or not . And what do I find ? I can’t describe the feeling when I saw potato . I was overjoyed. You see in the first picture? I found 2 and thought may be I should wait for some more time .

Can’t wait to eat them and dig more . I will have potato for breakfast. And potato dreams too. All this for free. Isn’t that awesome ?


Watermelon Drink

Over the weekend , I hosted a photography workshop. One of the friend is a good photographer and so some of us tried to learn. It was very very hot that day and so I had made watermelon drink and everyone liked it very much. They all were like this is so refreshing. It’s very simple and easy to make it . Here’s what I did .

  • Buy seedless watermelon for this drink. Remove rind and chop into chunks.
  • Blend in blender. No water needed.
  • Add salt, fresh lemon or lime juice and roasted cumin powder. And few mint leaves. I didn’t had any.
  • You can try Indian chat masala instead of Cumin powder if you like. Try a small portion first and see if you like it.
  • Add few ice cubes and it’s ready to be served. Remember to stir.
  • One melon will make lot of drink. So perfect for summer gatherings.
  • Enjoy!

Drumstick Soup

You know it’s all abt moringa now a days. I keep a bag of moringa seeds at work and offering every one who wants to try. Today 1 of the colleague came back to take more seeds. I remembered morninga again and so decided to make for dinner. I made kind of Indian curry but I realized you can throw them in any soup you make . And I think it will taste great in minestrone soup.

Moringa pod or drumstick looks like bone , don’t they? No wonder they are rich in calcium. Try it out.