Mexican For Kids

If one looks around Indian Vegetarian lunch box recipes for kids around net, it’s mostly this and that rice dishes. Rice doesn’t provide enough nutrients to growing kids. And roti and little curry sadly doesn’t either . I like Mexican dishes littler better. Why? Let’s break it down .

  • First pinto beans , black beans provide good protein and so good for vegetarians. Easy to cook them home. No cans plz.
  • You can sauté veggies like mushrooms, spinach , colored peppers and add them to it.
  • Some fresh chopped lettuce , tomatoes, cilantro , green onion ,corn , pineapple are good to top with.
  • Fresh Avocado is another good addition which will provide more nutrition and healthy fat. Make sure you use fresh. Aldi store has good avocados and they come very cheap often.
  • You can add any extra like cheese and wrap it in a burrito or few chips on side or just have it like a salad.
  • It’s easy and you can customize.

You want to give good foundation to kids, don’t you?

Adults can also enjoy this healthy, nutritious food. Start with yourself .

Today I made enchiladas with pinto beans and veggies. Left over will be tomorrow’s lunch to take to work. I had lettuce , avocado on the side and will do same for work. Pack a septum container with salad.



Ayurvedic Veggie Soup

What does Ayurveda mean ? Veda meaning science and Ayu meaning life span / life . Any food that gives life is Ayurvedic. We make everything so complicated and end up going away from truth. Keep things simple. Simple recipes that takes little time in kitchen are most of the time much life giver . Today’s soup turned out so good that I had to share the recipe. I had 3 big bowls.

Soup doesn’t mean open this and that can and boil.

Soup meaning for me is add all the fresh vegetables , simmer with lots of water and mash little bit. Here’s how I made today.

  • Heat very little olive oil, add chopped garlic . Fresh by the way not from bottle.
  • Add chopped red onion. Sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add bay leaf.
  • Add chopped fresh tomatoes and sauté few minutes while you cut all vegetables.
  • I added chopped Bok Choy stalk , carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, cauliflower.
  • Add lots of water. Add a piece of fresh ginger , salt and pepper.
  • Boil and then simmer on medium/low for an hr while you vacuum or finish other chores.
  • Take a potato masher and mash some veggies inside. Yum !
  • I love cilantro and so threw few leaves in it.
  • Drink it up. It’s so good. It has little kick because of spices which I loved.
  • It’s winter time so soup is always a good idea to start the meal with. Or sometimes it’s good to just have some soup and give stomach a break.
  • Let me know when you try it .
  • Enjoy!

Cauliflower Paratha

There are lots of recipes for cauliflower paratha. My basic version is like this :

  • Shred cauliflower and add chopped cilantro leaves, dry spice powders and salt.I added pav bhaji masala. Yay. I saw this trick on vah re vah to add butter to the mixture . So I added little softened butter.
  • Make paratha as usual.
  • Tip for Raita: add some chia seeds to yogurt and let it sit for a while . Will make yogurt thick and some more nutritious. Sprinkle some pomegranate seeds on top.
  • Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Halwa

Sweet potatoes are on sale everywhere and they looked like new fresh crop. So obviously I bought them. You can always figure out recipe later. They are rich in vitamin A also. During holidays here , mashed sweet potatoes are popular and halwa is little Indian way of making it. Try it this new way to impress your holiday guests or just something new to try.

Recipe is pretty simple.

  • Boil sweet potatoes and peel, mash it.
  • Heat unsalted butter or coconut oil and sauté mashed sweet potatoes for few minutes to make it little dry.
  • Add little milk and cook again to make it little dry. Add little sugar. Since potatoes are already sweet, you just need sugar for milk portion.
  • Let it all come together like a mass.
  • Add some cardamom powder.
  • On the side , roast some cashew in butter. And garnish halwa with it.
  • It’s still sweet so portion control. What I like is that it will have some fiber and vitamins too.
  • Make sure you go for a walk before , after eating holiday meals.
  • Merry Christmas!!!

Instant Corn Rava Dhokla

In today’s instant world, we need instant breakfast recipes too. This corn rava dhokl is instant , tasty and hmmm not too nutritious. There’s some corn and cilantro in it. Add some chutney with it to add some nutrition and sprinkle some pomegranate on it , Recipe here:

I used frozen corn and microwaved it . Also added some frozen corn in batter to add little something to chew in it.