Coconut Water With Meat

If you keep eyes, ears open you find treasures. Today while driving saw Mexican kind of farmer market and so I stopped.

Saw a guy with fresh green coconuts and he was removing meat and giving it too . Was all clean and he had process set up very well. Bought 1 and it was only $5. Water was very good and so much meat . I froze some and will use in coconut chutney.

I do stop by road side market or fresh vegetables, fruits stand whenever possible. Have found many good extra ordinary produce over the years.

Do you stop by to check local stuff ?


Roasted Cauliflower

Have you ever had Roasted Cauliflower ? Other day I had roasted cauliflower burrito but it just was full of only roasted cauliflower. I like to have it as side dish and eat something fun with it. It’s so easy to make and now during fall , you will find good cauliflower in store everywhere.

I had with Upma on the side . Cauliflower will help eat other things less.


Turtle Head , Slot Canyon

Just wanted to share few more places , hikes we did on our trip. May be you will get ideas and might like to do. I did research abt places around Zion, Vegas before leaving and if it helps anyone , wonderful.

Turtle head hike – Near Vegas. There’s a red rock canyon park and it’s very pretty too. You can do scenic drive or hike some trail. It gets hot so go early and check weather if you are hiking.

Red rock canyon, Las Vegas

Near Zion east entrance , we went to belly of dragon. Small little kind of cave.

Belly of dragon , Utah

Red hollow slot canyon – this is also near east entrance and close to belly of dragon . 10-15 mins drive between two. This place was hard to find and we would have never found on our own. We saw a car and asked lady. She just said follow me and we did.

It was 1 mile walk and then we walked inside which was little adventure. Big rocks and hardly any space to squeeze through. I had to be pushed , pulled up but it was fun.

Red hollow slot canyon trail, Utah
Red hollow slot canyon, Utah

Sand caves – We got late so skipped it but it is around slot canyon.

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Thank you for reading.


Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

Recently some of us from our hiking group went to Zion National park and we did Angel’s landing hike. It is considered scariest hike of USA. Remember scary and dangerous is different. I was not scared but you do need to watch where you are putting your foot . If you have fear of heights then this is not for you.

Scenic drive from east entrance to south entrance we did was very pretty too.

Zion is very pretty.

I will let pictures speak.