What To Exercise

Do we ever think what to exercise ? Of course if you exercise . We all use only certain muscles , movement through out the day. It’s like in a home certain part never gets used and eventually will rot or gather dirt. We need to tickle the Muscles , circuits that doesn’t get used.

For example , Most of us sit in front of computer or TV most of the day. So all forward , backward , side bending are good . Then eye exercise since we are always staring at some screen.

If you are on the go all time , then need to ground yourself . Do yoga where you stay in pose for few seconds . Like that.. just giving examples to think abt .

Picture is of split where inner leg muscles get stretched and works on liver channel. In our day to day life , these muscles never get stretched.

Same for brain , if you are all logic then add some creativity . If your work is all creativity , add some logic exercise .

Let me go do some exercise now .


Cleansing Yellow Dragon Fruit

Browsed through new grocery store few days back and found yellow dragon fruit first time. Obviously I bought it .

It was small medium size and sweeter than red version of it. Ate whole thing and cleaned up like a dog .

Few hrs later I had to go and everything was fine . 10 mins later gotta go again …I got really cleansed . Did I get something or it’s dragon fruit ? Google confirmed it’s yellow dragon fruit . It’s like laxative. Went 3 times and that was it .

When you need a good cleansing, eat it. It was perfect timing for me since I am starting Navratri fast from tomorrow and was thinking to take something before starting .

Universe has perfect time for everything. Everything has a use. It’s just knowing when to use it . You learn by experiment .

Do you buy , try new fruits ?


Malay Potato Curry

Have you been to Malaysian restaurant and tried Roti Canai ? It comes with delicious curry. Tried to recreate at home easy way.

Got Kawan Paratha from Indian store which are kind of roti canai.

Made potato curry from scratch . Even made coconut milk at home .

There are few recipes for it on you tube . I took some inspiration from them and did my own way. Just an idea if you are roti canai lover .


Fresh Grape Juice

Sometimes I end up with too many grapes. Or grapes turn out too sour to eat. Then I just make juice and it’s so good .

Blend grapes with little water and strain.

Add little salt. It will cut the sourness when grapes are too sour .


Time To Eat Sprouts

Mung Sprouts
Yummy Spring Meal

Spring is a good time to eat sprouts. You can Sprouts at home and it’s very cheap and easy.

Made mung Sprouts . I kept them 36 hrs to sprout and they sprouted nice and big. Made Indian dry curry which is also so easy. One of my American colleague also have learned to sprout mung and makes this mung curry perfect.

Do you sprout?