About Me !

Namaste !

I am Sonal. Working in IT industry but have varied interests and natural healing is 1 of them. I have done Ayurvedic correspondence course  from The Ayurvedic Institute, designed by Dr Robert Svoboda. Also  have been learning, practicing yoga and meditation since 2003 with my teacher Pradip . I enjoy making healthy, quick ,yummy meals and sharing with friends and family. Hope you will also enjoy some of my creative, fun ideas !

I also conduct Ayurveda Sessions in Charlotte, NC and “Ayurveda In A Daily Life” Seminars around the country. If you are interested in arranging for your company, community centers, email me at tailor.ayurveda@gmail.com for more details.

You tube channel :https://youtube.com/channel/UCt57rnhF892rkOobhaiAb3Q

7 thoughts on “About Me !

  1. Thankyou! Sonal. Learning to be in better control of my mind and body with relaxing yoga seesions.
    I know much more about what suits me after the ayurveda dinner with you, would love to attend another session.

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