French Bread Pizza

Price is not right now a days. Isn’t it ? There’s nothing most of us can do abt it so keep going .

Made pizza using French bread.

Spread some pizza sauce, cheese , toppings and more cheese.

Add some goat cheese if you have it.

Sprinkle crushed red pepper .

Star ingredient is fresh basil that I plucked from pot.



Raita is yogurt side dish that goes with spicy Indian dishes . This is a variation of it. It’s nice cooling side dish for summer

Finely chopped cucumber, grape tomato and red onion. You can add green chili if you like spicy.

Add some boondi for crunchiness.

Add plain yogurt and mix well.

Add salt , roasted cumin powder . Again use red crushed pepper if you want spicy .

Garnish with cilantro or mint or dill leaves. Traditionally we use cilantro.

To make keto friendly, use Greek yogurt and add some crushed keto chips that is salty or plain flavor.

It taste really good and so simple and easy to make. You can eat as snack too.


Boiled Potato Curry

When I boil potato for something, always boil extra. Potato can be used in jiffy to make a good meal.

Extra morning boiled potato turned into curry. Like any Indian curry, it’s onion , tomato and spices. Everyone can make it .

If you love potato, do try this kind of Indian potato curry. It has only little oil and very tasty.