Kathiyawadi Sev Turiya

Turiya known as ridge gourd in English is kind of summer squash. It’s little sweet in taste. In india , it is used in making hair oil with coconut oil. Supposed to be good for grey hair. I have not tried it.

If it’s good to apply on hair , scalp then why not eat. Made this curry in coconut oil.

Will check grey hair tomorrow to see if color changed overnight . Just kidding .


Goat Cheese Pasta

If you like goat cheese, or like me bought from Costco and now find a way to use it . Pasta turned out good with goat cheese. And recipe is very simple .

Take colorful cherry tomatoes. I had none so used Roma.

In a baking pan arrange goat cheese and tomatoes .Throw some garlic .

Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt , pepper and crushed red pepper. And Italian seasoning too.

Roast at 400 degree Fahrenheit for 25-30 minutes.

While it’s baking cook pasta of your choice and I added spinach at the end to boiling pasta .

Mix all together and that’s it .


Persian Rice

Persian rice is dill and lime beans combination according google and YouTube. Combination taste good and you can use the dill bunch you bought for whatever reason. Dill is good to eat any way .

If you like to try different flavored rice , try this combination. I cooked in instant pot. Basmati rice with frozen Lima beans and fresh chopped dill. Add salt and little ghee or butter.

You can try same combination with millet , quinoa too.


Cantaloupe Juice

Cantaloupe turned out little hard and not so juicy so no fun eating it . But not good enough to throw away either .

Added some water and blended it . Strain and juice is ready. Turned out good and I actually liked it .

You can add little honey if you like.

Try it if you have fruit like this before throwing away.

Happy Easter !