Kimchi Pancake

In South Korea, Seems ppl eat pancake on rainy day. Today it is raining here and I had kimchi . So made kimchi pancake.

You just add chopped kimchi , little Brine from kimchi , little chopped onion and green onion.

For flour I added wheat flour and besan(chickpea flour) . Add some water and make pancake.

You can use all purpose flour too or any pancake mix you have.

Kimchi has to be sour here. Or just add vinegar to give pancake some sourness.

Tasted good and so easy to make it .


Celery Juice

Celery juice is good for inflammation, high blood pressure according to research. Natural therapy , eastern medicine takes time to heal. Ppl will try for few days and will declare didn’t work. You need to think how long it took to be messed up ? It didn’t happen over night .

When you try natural therapies , observe what , how you feel and you will know if it’s working or not. Give it time and be consistent.

Celery powder is also available I think. If you are trying to heal something, powder is easy to take . Mix it in warm water and drink it up.


Rice Cucumber Cake

Ready to be steamed . Nice light green hue.

YouTube showed me rice cucumber cake and I liked the idea. Went through couple of recipes and had almost everything except 1 of the main ingredient Idli rice or par boiled Indian rice. ha.. ha .

Creativity came to rescue . What is the reason to use par boiled rice ? No one explained. I assume to make it soft. Let’s just make with regular long grain white rice. Oops have only 1/2 cup. There’s par boiled rice from Walmart that is little left. Finally got my 1 cup of rice . Let’s try it out . Bottom line Use whatever white long grain rice you have .

Soak rice for 2-3 hrs.

1 cup chopped any cucumber with skin is fine . If skin is too hard then remove I guess.

1 cup shredded fresh or frozen coconut . If coconut has sugar already , cut sugar in next step.

3/4 cup jaggery is traditionally used . Feel free to use light brown sugar or mix of dark brown and white sugar or coconut sugar.

Blend all above in blender. Remove water from soaked rice and add little to blend if needed . Cucumber has lot of water.

Add pinch of salt , tsp of cardamom powder.

Grease a plate with ghee or coconut oil or unsalted butter.

Pour mixture and top with cashews .

Steam for 40 minutes or more or less depending on your plate.

Let it cool down little bit and cut in squares.

It does have cucumber taste so if you like cucumber, you will like it.

It’s gluten free.


Price is High

Starting with gas, price for everything is high. There are things we can do.

Stop driving around unnecessarily. Finish all your work in 1 trip.

Car pool is big time help. Most of the ppl driving alone and consuming so much gas . Go together and it will be more fun too.

Stop wasting food . Look in your pantry , fridge and you will find so much food. Only buy fresh vegetables, fruits as much as needed or buy little less than needed.

Buy dry beans instead of can . You get more for your bucks and better for us.

Buy local if possible.

Be creative and find ways to save. And even if you can afford , stop wasting food , gas right now. Bring demand down and price will be right again hopefully.

Peace !


Pink Himalayan Salt

Do you use pink Himalayan salt ? For what ? It’s available everywhere now a days. I get mine from Costco.

It’s good for muscle cramp. If you get muscle cramp, add a pinch in a glass of warm water and drink it.

It helps to relax. You can use in your regular cooking too. I still use idolized salt too when I need fine salt .

Try it out and observe changes .