Coconut Cauliflower Soup

Made Tom Yam kind of soup with homemade coconut milk. That gave me idea that cauliflower in coconut taste very good.

So ppl doing keto can make keto soup with cauliflower. I made paste first with lemon grass. Garlic , ginger , little red onion , cilantro stalks and red chili. To give it nice red color I added Korean chili powder .

Fry paste in coconut oil for a minute and then add water. Let it boil , add salt.

Add fresh cauliflower florets , mushroom , broccoli, squash whatever veggies you like and let veggies cook. If you can find long mushrooms, they r good for soup.

Add coconut milk , simmer for few minutes.

I added bean sprouts and noodles to it .

Garnish with cilantro , green onion. Squeeze some lemon /lime juice.

Just play with what you have and coconut milk make soup tasty.


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