Banana Pepper Fry

Have extra banana pepper ? Or like me they look so nice and green so brought them home not knowing what to do. This quick dish taste very good.

Heat oil and crackle some mustard and/or cumin seeds.

Add chopped banana peppers. Remove seeds.

Add salt, turmeric powder and cumin powder. sauté for a minute .

If you have raw peanuts, crush and add powder so it gets cooked .

It will take 3-4 mins for banana pepper to soften. Sprinkle chickpea flour or any flour you have. I think it should be fine. Oat or coconut or almond flour .

Sprinkle some water , cover and cook for 2 – minutes depending on flour you used.

If you have roasted peanut, crush and add them now. Or any roasted nut powder of your choice .

Add pinch of sugar. That’s it.

Good little side dish.

Enjoy !

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