Korean Sandwich

Korean sandwich is very simple and made with easily available ingredients.

Cabbage , shredded carrot and green onion. Just add salt.

Now add 1 egg or make chickpea flour batter thick same quantity as egg.

Mix in cabbage and make a square thick pancake . Cook both side. Use butter or oil.

Same pan toast your bread .

Put cabbage pancake on bread, sprinkle sugar, ketchup, mustard,

You can add cheese slice too.

That’s it . Some different variation of usual sandwich.


Coconut Cauliflower Soup

Made Tom Yam kind of soup with homemade coconut milk. That gave me idea that cauliflower in coconut taste very good.

So ppl doing keto can make keto soup with cauliflower. I made paste first with lemon grass. Garlic , ginger , little red onion , cilantro stalks and red chili. To give it nice red color I added Korean chili powder .

Fry paste in coconut oil for a minute and then add water. Let it boil , add salt.

Add fresh cauliflower florets , mushroom , broccoli, squash whatever veggies you like and let veggies cook. If you can find long mushrooms, they r good for soup.

Add coconut milk , simmer for few minutes.

I added bean sprouts and noodles to it .

Garnish with cilantro , green onion. Squeeze some lemon /lime juice.

Just play with what you have and coconut milk make soup tasty.


Korean Night

Recently I watched Korean series crash landing on you on Netflix and loved it .

Learned later it has been a hit series all over the world .

There’s a Korean store that sometimes I go after yoga class and today I went. Bought some new type of mushrooms, bean sprouts etc . That give me this idea that you can do a Korean night where make Korean meal and watch Korean show . Good way to try something new and make it fun.

Korean pear, Korean cabbage , black sesame seeds are some of the things I buy.

We did 2 trails y’day as a Valentine’s Day special and it was fun .

Happy Valentine’s Day. As my yoga teacher says fall in love with yourself again .


Rainbow Salad

You probably have seen salad recipe. Seems keep showing up on my YouTube.

It has purple cabbage, lettuce, carrot, apple, tomatoes, green onion and red onion.

My question is why do you need dressing on this? It taste so good by itself. Just sprinkle some salt if you need. I never eat just salad. It’s a side dish and that way it’s more fun.


Banana Pepper Fry

Have extra banana pepper ? Or like me they look so nice and green so brought them home not knowing what to do. This quick dish taste very good.

Heat oil and crackle some mustard and/or cumin seeds.

Add chopped banana peppers. Remove seeds.

Add salt, turmeric powder and cumin powder. sauté for a minute .

If you have raw peanuts, crush and add powder so it gets cooked .

It will take 3-4 mins for banana pepper to soften. Sprinkle chickpea flour or any flour you have. I think it should be fine. Oat or coconut or almond flour .

Sprinkle some water , cover and cook for 2 – minutes depending on flour you used.

If you have roasted peanut, crush and add them now. Or any roasted nut powder of your choice .

Add pinch of sugar. That’s it.

Good little side dish.

Enjoy !