Golden Ghee

What kind of butter do you use ? How do you know butter is good ? Well, use your own senses. Ha.. Ha

I use grass fed butter and when you make ghee from it , smells good, has nice golden hue and taste great. Just a little and food taste good.

In case you don’t know how to use ghee. Spread on bread , tortilla, roti etc. Add little on your rice meal or dal , lentils . Add little in your hot milk if you drink milk. We use in sweets too. Basically wherever you use butter , you can use ghee .

Start with little and get used of flavor. It’s good in winter when weather is dry and helps with constipation too.


Snow Again


Snowed here again last night. Made Poha and sprinkled pumpkin seeds for zinc. You can sprinkle some pumpkin or sunflower seeds on rice dishes too. Hot water with lemon so good. Skip sweetener.

Give good food to growing kids. And some playtime outside in nature goes a long way. Remember we all are kids and so what is good for kids is good for us too.


Methi Gota & Lemon Tea

Methi Gota is a deep fried snack enjoyed with Indian masala tea generally. You can make a meal out of it . Can do for any of your favorite snack. Instead of snacking on them on top of lunch , dinner .

Cut up some fruits or salad on side and make your tea that you like. It’s a very cold day here so made good lunch. Well, inside heater is running so not really cold . Just an excuse I gave to myself .


Soup on Snow Day

As you can see it’s snowing here. It hardly snows here so when it snows , we stay inside. That doesn’t mean Netflix/tv day to me .

Did some cleaning in the house and will do more . Things I can do without using electricity since I don’t want to put unnecessary burden on already burden electricity this time.

Made some nice hot soup for lunch in instant pot. You can make soup using whatever you have.