Green Tomato Chutney With Nuts

Have lot of end of season green tomatoes from garden? Make chutney. That’s how I used my green tomatoes. There’s still some more .

Sauté and cook chopped green tomatoes in coconut or olive oil.

Add ginger , garlic , green chili whatever spices you like . Wonder how Italian seasoning will taste. You can add cilantro leaves , curry leaves too.

Add roasted or soaked in water nuts of your choice and grind to a smooth paste adding little water .

I used peanuts and toasted in some oil before adding tomatoes to cook.

You can do Indian seasoning using cumin seeds, mustard seeds , urad dal . It’s optional .

Found chutney little spicy after all done. So added little coconut flour and that fixed it. Adjust salt.

You can also add almond flour to chutney. Be creative. You might come up with billion dollar idea.

Chutney tasted good with quinoa , oat dosa.


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