Purple Yam Puri

Purple yam also known as ratalu, kand and it’s not sweet potato. Considering it’s purple color , rich in antioxidants. It has bland but creamy taste . You will need fresh one to make this puri or Bhajiya .

Slice fresh yam and dip in chickpea flour batter. What is unique here now is add some crushed black pepper and coriander seeds. Then deep fry.

If you make zucchini or any other kind of fritters then just use that batter and most of the ppl will have black peppers.


IndoChinese LoMein

Indo Chinese is very popular in india. We love spices so added some spices to Chinese to suit our taste. Simple.

I love lot of veggies in my noodles. Less noodles and more vegetables . Added chopped ginger , garlic , soya sauce , home made chili oil and little vinegar gives good taste .

Add some tofu for protein and it makes fun meal.

Now a days so many different kind of noodles available, Brown rice noodles, buckwheat , sweet potato etc etc.



Zinc Rich Food

Pumpkin Seeds

Are you getting enough zinc from your food ? Pumpkin seeds are very good source . Sesame seeds, nuts , beans , oatmeal also good source . Our body need zinc to fight infection. I like to get from my food for everyday need. Right now is a good time to include zinc rich food.

Enjoy zinc rich pumpkin seeds !!!

Almond Flour Pumpkin Bread

As usual I made using 1 cup almond flour . And in my dollar tree baking pan. Topped with pumpkin seeds . Turned out good .

Most of the recipes called for 3 or 4 eggs which seemed too much to me and then only little pumpkin.

So I added 1 egg for 1 cup flour , some flax meal and added more pumpkin purée. It turned out fine and I was able to make nice piece from it .


Sage For Sage

Sage Tea

Want to be sage ? Drink sage tea. Did you understand ? If not, you definitely need sage tea.

Sage meaning wise, learned person. If you look at sage benefits, one of them is improve brain function. Makes sense, doesn’t it ? Sage is calm, composed and wise. Isn’t it ? Other benefit of sage is for anxiety to calm one down.

It has a very good smell too. Loved it. If you have never tried sage , do try. Worth spending little money . Buy fresh first to try out . And you can just grow it by putting one in water or just plant it like mint. I am gonna try it.