Gluten Free Halwa

Rajgira or Amranth flour is gluten free and rich in calcium. We use it during fasting days . It’s very quick to make. If you like to include different grain , seeds in diet then try this . If you are Indian , this is a good sweet to break the wheat , rice routine .

Recipe is simple. You can use coconut oil or ghee or unsalted butter . Traditionally we make it using ghee.

For 1 cup flour , use 1/3 cup ghee and 1/2 cup sugar. I use raw sugar. And 2 cup warm or boiling water .

Heat ghee , roast flour for few minutes until you smell it or color is changed little bit.

Add water and it will be quickly absorbed,

Add sugar and cook for a minute or two.

Garnish with cardamom powder, nuts if you like.

Eat warm. So make, eat and be done . No storing. Make just enough. You can just have this as a meal lunch or dinner.


Roasted Chestnuts

Hot from oven, chestnuts taste so good. If you have never tried , try at least once. It’s hard to put that cross before roasting but so worth it at least once .

Roast for 15-20 minutes at 400-425 degree Fahrenheit after putting cross on it. Make sure cut is deep enough.


Apple Almond Flour

Saw this recipe on you tube y’day and I had to make it. It was from Nisha Madhulika. Changed recipe little bit with what I had.

Shredded 1 gala apple . Heat ghee or coconut oil and roast apple for few minutes. Add raw sugar.

Add almond flour and after a minute or 2 , frozen shredded coconut that was thawed . You can use any shredded coconut you have . It makes it nice chewy . Cook until it forms like mass . It will be done in few minutes.

Spread some ghee , coconut oil on a dish and spread mixture. Let it cool down and keep it in fridge .

Came out very tasty. You can garnish with more nuts , add cardamom powder.


Fasting or Feasting

Navratri has started and so am fasting. Fasting from regular food since it’s not a water fast. Anytime there’s a mention of fast, first question is what do you eat. Funny, it’s it ? Should be Less focus on food.

As weather changes, transition time brings more sicknesses and so fasting helps to cleanse , change energy and get ready for summer or winter.

Any change you make is good Of course if you want to. Skip a meal or 2, skip wheat and rice, become vegetarian for a weak , no alcohol for a week are some of the things you can try. You know what you want to change.

Last night meal of barnyard millet khichadi with some plain yogurt.


Boiled Edamame

First time I made it at home. Every time I think of making at home and go to store, I forget to buy or if I remember that store won’t have it.

Last weekend my friend brought on hike and it got my attention again. Today I made special visit to Walmart just to buy this. It’s available frozen here .

Added to instant pot with some water and Himalayan pink salt. Boiled for 4 mins and I let pressure release naturally. They came out nice soft . Adjust boiling time as per your liking .

Drain. Sprinkle some salt , fresh lemon or lime juice . Lemon juice is for my Indian taste bud.

Tasted so good and creamy.

Makes a good snack , appetizer.