Happy Halloween

Halloween is all abt creativity , isn’t it ? In today’s world you find plenty of ideas on net easily.

Stuffed orange bell pepper with quinoa , black bean , corn etc mixture and baked for few minutes . Tongue made with carrot and put some ketchup on it.

Happy Halloween!

French Baguette Pizza

After Bruschetta, had some French bread left so made this pizza and turned out very tasty. Made twice already. With homemade soup on the side , makes fun lunch .

Cut bread half and add some pizza sauce . Top with mozzarella cheese. Add your toppings and some herb like Italian seasoning or oregano

Sprinkle little more cheese .

Bake at 350-400 for 10 minutes or depending on your liking and oven.

Should have added some fresh basil but next time .

If you make a big pot of soup and freeze in ndividual containers, it’s easy to make fun and still somewhat healthy meal when you are busy or lazy.


Gluten Free Kodo Millet

In india , we use lot of wheat flour and eat roti, Paratha everyday. Growing up, always heard old ppl wanting to eat jowar millet roti since it’s easy to digest and they tried to get away from wheat. This was before we all learn abt gluten.

Kodo millet is available in india , Indian stores easily. Made with vegetables and added some biryani powder . Instant pot cooked in 7 minutes.

Are you including millet in your diet ? Or waiting for doctor to tell you ?


Kiwi for Sleep?

Kiwi has many health benefits just like any other fruits, veggies. 1 of them is promote sleep according to research . Recently I bought whole pack of kiwi and have been eating 1 a day. Well , they were so good and have to finish them.

I did notice difference in sleep. Not that I had issue sleeping but still I did notice and thought may be due to kiwi .

Well, something you can try without harm and experiment. If this appeals to you , try it out. I let kiwi sit for few days on counter to ripen.


Sharad Purnima 2021

Purnima meaning full moon. October full moon in india is celebrated and we make fritters with potato, onion , eggplant , chili etc and poha with milk . Poha is like rice flakes . I made it with A2 milk .

I am not in india but I love full moon and bhajiya, Kheer so I end up making it. Also a break from everyday dinner.