Boiled Jackfruit Seeds

So saved jackfruit seeds after eating jackfruit. Removed white skin part.

Just bang something on it and easy to remove white skin.

Boiled in boiling water. Cover the pot and tell Alexa to remind you in 10 mins.

You can sprinkle salt , pepper etc on it but just ate plain.

Strain , let it cool down for a while and try it.

It tasted fine, not much taste and more like chestnut/potatoes probably.

Why would you try it then ? Well, you may like it. It’s good to have open mind and try things . Sometimes as I try different things , they lead me to different things. Sometimes some issues get fixed accidentally and sometimes they cause issues .

If nothing else it all makes life fun . isn’t it ?


Ripe Jackfruit

Have you ever had a ripe jackfruit? It has a unique taste . Friend just gave me some and I ate after probably 25 years and had even forgotten taste .

If you get opportunity to try, grab it.


Hiking Challenge 2021

Mt Mitchell , NC
Hanging Rock NC
Hanging rock NC
Crowders Mountain NC

Not sure if I had shared this but we are doing 21 unique hiking trails this year. We meaning hiking group decided that on 1st hike of 2021. We are having fun with it and we are exploring new mountains. We did around 13 already and I did miss few. So far so good.

Few pictures from our last few hikes . and we have few real good ones planned. Will def share that experience and pictures, videos here or on YouTube .